Developing a Core of Steel: The key attributes

Developing a Core of Steel: The key attributes

Developing a Core of Steel: The key attributes of effective practice assessors Dr Lou Hunt [email protected] Failure to Fail What we know Nurse mentors are reluctant to fail

students who are not up to the required standard. Duffy 2003 & 2006 Students are five times less likely to fail in practice than in theory. Hunt, 2012 Anne Trotter Assistant Director for Education and Standards, NMC 24th September 2018

The business of the new NMC Standards is to ensure that no-one gets onto the register who shouldnt be there. Practice Assessor Role Practice assessors assess and confirm the

students achievement of practice learning... NMC 2018 What does it take for a mentor to fail a student? You have to have a core of steel.

The Core of Steel Hunt, 2014 Im failing you because I dont think youre up to joining my profession. Its not because I dont like you and its not because I dont have time to spend with you and its not because of this, that or the other. Theres only that reason and weve tried and we cant put it right. MA012

Loyalty to their professional standards; Allegiance with patients interests; Willingness to uphold shared values; Strong commitment to high quality care; Buy in to the gatekeeping role.

Tenacity The official line [from the University] is that we all should be working collaboratively to fail students. But then when youre actually faced with the reality, the response that you get, unless you are particularly tenacious and confident, is dont fail people. MA07 Focussed persistence; Perseverance in difficult circumstances; Would not relinquish their principles when

put under pressure; Prepared to fight to fail. Audacity they said Will you change your mind Sister? And I said No, I will not! I will not change my mind. MA12

Bold and courageous; Willing to speak up to authority figures; Prepared to challenge convention; Handled opposition assertively; Undaunted when threatened. Integrity Youve got to have strong values to fail

someone and say these are your issues. (MA03) Worked to a clear, strong set of principles; Remained focussed on what was right; Expectations did not fluctuate;

Consistent in their decision making. Dependability Interviewer: So your previous experiences MA04: have bolstered me I think for this so Ive got no hesitation in doing it again if I have to.

Composed and committed; Acknowledged their obligations; Made their meaning clear & unambiguous; Followed processes & procedures reliably; Resilient. Self Assessment: Will you be a robust practical assessor?

Question? Should all current mentors become practice assessors when we know that many of them are reluctant to fail underperforming students? OR Should we be selecting practice assessors who have a core of steel? The finest steel has to go through the hottest

flames. Thank You for Listening Hunt,L. (2014) Failing Securely: Enabling Mentors to Fail Underperforming Student Nurses in Practical Assessments. PhD Thesis. [Online] Birmingham City University. Available at: http:// [Accessed 7.3.2019] Hunt,L.A., McGee,P., Gutteridge,R., Hughes,M. (2016) Failing Securely: The processes and support which underpin English nurse mentors' assessment decisions regarding underperforming students. Nurse Education Today, April 2016 (39) p 79-86.

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