Make and Take Books To Use with Your

Make and Take Books To Use with Your

Make and Take Books To Use with Your Students! DR. TISHA SHIPLEY

Some of the books you can make today!

You will need: 1. Construction Paper 2. Stapler/Staples

3. Scissors 4. plastic baggies 5. Hole punch

6. String 7. Decorative Napkins 8. Decorative placemats

9. Greeting Cards 10.Holiday Sacks 11. Environmental Print 12. Lunch Sacks (small)

Easy Book Marks!

Click for directions File Folder Books

You can make so many different books out of file folders.

This file folder is about Classroom Friends! Interactive Books (you can make these on your own!)

Interactive books! Be creative! Notepad books

Baggie Books

Books to Make with your students! Graduated Book

Snip Snap book

Necklace Book FOUR BOOKS-

Click for directions People Book

Deck of Cards Book

Paper Plate Books Napkin Books

Greeting Card Books

Calendar Books Environmental Print Books

More Environmental Print (Get Creative)

Gift Bag Sacks All About My Teacher Books

Placemat Books

Classroom Dcor Books Dr. Shipleys Social Media Sites

Dr. Shipleys Personal Website Dr. Shipleys Personal Blog Dr. Shipleys Early Childhood Twitter

Dr. Shipleys Early Childhood Pinterest Dr. Shipleys Early Childhood YouTube Channel

Thank you so much for your time. If you have questions feel free to email me. [email protected]

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