A cloth used to cover the Guru Gran

A cloth used to cover the Guru Gran

A cloth used to cover the Guru Gran Sahib What is Rumala? What is the Khanda? What is a disciple? a two edged sword Part of the symbol of Sikhism A follower of a religious teacher What does eternal mean? Lasting forever What is a Guru? What is the Guru Granth Sahib? What is Punjabi? A religious teacher for Sikhs The holy book for Sikhs The Guru after Guru Gobind Singh The original language of Sikhism What does the term Raheguru mean? This the sikh word for God What does Granth mean? Large book What is the Kara? A steel bangle worn on the right wrist. This was historically worn to protect their arm in battle. This is now worn as a symbol that God is eternal. What is the Kangha? A small comb sometimes worn in the hair to keep it in place. Combing their hair reminds Sikhs that they need to stay organised and clean. What is a Turban? A piece of cloth worn by Sikh men and women to protect their hair. It is not one of the 5ks. What is a Kirpan?

A sword It reminds Sikhs it is their duty to fight evil It should not be used to attack people What are Kacheras? Underwear/shorts worn under trousers Historically worn in battles People used to wear long/loose clothing these pants made people show they were different. This means uncut hair. Hair should be allowed to grow naturally and should be kept clean. What is a Kesh? Who was Guru Gobind Singh? 1675-1708 Made 10th Guru aged 9 Began the Khalsa Chose the Guru Granth Sahib to be the next Guru after him What is the Gurdwara? A Sikh place of worship A building What is the Langar? a vegetarian free meal and served at the end of the worship ceremony in the Gurdwara A hall in the Gurdwara What is a Manji? The stool that the Guru Granth Sahib is placed on when it is in use. What is the Nishan Sahib? The flag flown outside the Gurdwara. What is a Takht?

A throne for the Guru Granth Sahib What is the Diwan Hall? The hall of worship in the Gurdwara Tinsel and lights Carpet no chairs Images of the Gurus Has a Takht What does the Diwan Hall look like? What does the Karah Parshad mean? This is the special food given out at the end of the Sikh service of worship What is Ragi? What is a Kirtan? What is a Granthi? A Sikh musician that performs as part of the service of worship in the Gurdwara The practice of singing hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib The person who leads worship in the Gurdwara The prayer at the end of the service in the Gurdwara What are the Ardas? Born in India 1469 Had Hindu parents Married at 19 When he was 30 he disappeared for 3 days During this time he said that he was taken to see God. Give 5 facts about Guru Nanak What is meditation? What does Nanak Das mean? To think deeply usually about God or what you believe in. Nanak is the slave of God.

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