Phase 1: Clarify goals, expectations, and policy priorities

Phase 1: Clarify goals, expectations, and policy priorities

Phase 1: Clarify goals, expectations, and policy priorities How are your goals, expectations & policy priorities aligning to deliver on your vision? What research says Over the past decade, many countries have spent significant time, energy, and resources to design e-strategies which often remained blue prints, or white elephants because no systematic set of indicators had been agreed upon and established to monitor and evaluate their implementation World Bank Why have so many ICT initiatives in the past have limited impact?

Not policy initiatives but projects policy in bits and pieces ICT policies are too often based on incorrect assumptions, which create unrealistic expectations for what can be realistically achieved. The policy is organizationally isolated Current policies are replaced by the new government The policy underpinning the initiative focuses only on ICT The policy provides a short-term strategy without a sense of where this will go in the long-term The policy does not specify measurable goals Researchers describe a gap between rhetoric in government policy and reality of education practice

Key question: How will you develop goals that will effectively measure the extent to which you are meeting your objectives and delivering on your vision? Singapore Leadership that focuses on 21st century skills Master Plan #3 1. First, strengthen competencies for selfdirected, collaborative, learning. (SDL & CoL) Singapore 2. Second, tailor learning experiences according to the way that each student learns best. 3. Third, encourage students to go deeper and advance their learning.

4. Fourth, learn anywhere. and, strategies to achieve these goals Dr Ng Eng Hen then Minister for Education ,2008 Singapore Source: The ICT Connection Core focus on 21st century skills Singapore Source: The ICT Connection Core focus on 21st century skills Singapore Source: The ICT Connection 5E model for level of ICT usage CREATING Dee p Learnin

g EMPOWER ANALYSING APPLYING Shallo w Singapore EVALUATING EXTEND Process of learning is UNDERSTANDING Deepen changed ENRICH learning through REMEMBERING Engage through

learners use learners by learners of ICT, EXCHANGE teachers use hands-on use resulting in Swap of richer mix of ICT the traditional of media to possibility of practices make lessons learners with ICT more learning interesting more than and vivid teacher Passive Learner engagement

intended ENHANCE Teacher centred Learners take control of learning through use of ICT, deciding to some extent what and/or how they learn 5E Model: Crescent Girls School, Singapore Active Learner centred Source: Crescent Girls School, Singapore

Critical Conversations Clarify Goals, Expectations, and Policy Priorities How will you develop goals that will effectively measure the extent to which you are meeting your objectives and delivering on your vision? Five questions of deliverology 1. What are you trying to do? Clear priorities, specific, measurable goals. 2. How are you trying to do it? Clear, practical plans which are used regularly and updated. 3. How, at any given moment, will you know whether you on track?

Good, steady, close to real-time data on key indicators. Monitoring routines (such as stocktake meetings with all key involved). 4. If you are not on track, what are you going to do about it? Agreed actions, followed up, tested in practice and refined if necessary. Always try something. Never neglect a problem once identified. 5. Can we help? Constant ambition, refusal to give up. Focus on the goals, no distractions. Maintaining the routines. Analysis and problem-solving where required. Bringing to bear lessons Barber, M. (2008), Instruction to Deliver: Fighting to transform Britains public services; Barber, M. et al (2010), Deliverology from elsewhere. Strategic Planning Discussion What will change look like for us?

Guiding Guiding Questions Questions What What does does an an innovative innovative school school look look like like here? here? What What learning learning outcomes, outcomes, curriculum curriculum requirements requirements need need to to be

be used used /developed? /developed? What What are are the the minimum minimum qualifications/expectations qualifications/expectations for for new new and and existing existing teachers? teachers? What What policies policies exist/need exist/need to to be

be changed, changed, enhanced enhanced or or developed developed to to ensure ensure the the vision vision allows allows for for responsible responsible and and effective effective execution? execution? What What impact impact will will the the vision vision have have on on teacher

teacher requirements requirements and and expectations? expectations? What What impact impact will will the the vision vision have have on on income, income, costs costs and and parents? parents? Is Is there there aa time time requirement requirement for for aa school

school day, day, term, term, or or year year can can it it be be changed? changed? QA FOR IMPROVING EDUCATION OUTCOMES Pakistan: MoE identifies low performing schools & offers training to local officials to deploy school improvement action plans. US: several states have trained teachers

in using annual summative data to inform instructional approaches Denmark: standardised testing has moved high stakes student testing into online environments US: formative student assessment data used during the school year to personalise learning experiences Quality Assurance Planning Discussion What are indicators of sussessful

transformation for our schools? Guiding Guiding Questions Questions How How can can aa school school measure measure its its success success and and with with what what metrics? metrics? Are Are we we settling settling for for incremental incremental improvements improvements when when we we could could be be introducing

introducing innovation innovation that that will will fundamentally fundamentally transform transform learning? learning? Does Does the the vision vision reflect reflect expectations expectations and and philosophies? philosophies? What What personalized personalized training training and and professional professional development development requirements requirements should should be be considered? considered?

What What benchmarking benchmarking needs needs to to be be implemented implemented to to evaluate evaluate pre pre and and post post the the implementation implementation of of the the vision? vision? What What are are the the Key Key Performance Performance Indicators? Indicators? What What process

process will will be be delivered delivered to to ensure ensure Quality Quality Assurance Assurance content, content, professional professional development, development, leadership, leadership, academic academic results? results? What What % % of of the the education education budget budget relates relates to to 21st 21st century century learning? learning?

Are Are we we targeting targeting change change in in too too few few or or too too many many areas? areas? Quality Assurance: Monitoring and Evaluation to Inform Practice and Leadership QA should be an integral component of any planned ICT in education program and should be factored into planning before a project starts. James & Miller World Bank Handbook on monitoring

& evaluation in ICT in education projects What weve learnedor not An analysis of experience to date Schools: How many schools of what type, in what clusters are in the jurisdiction? Governance: How are schools managed, who drives policy? Student/Teacher numbers: Total numbers of students and teachers? Technology Format :What form factor(s) was selected? Platform? Device numbers: How many teachers and students are receiving devices? Date program started: When was the program first implemented? USA: Schools District of Los Angeles, CA Student/teacher numbers: approx 694,000 students,, 45,000 teachers Schools:

763 schools, includes 448 elementary Schools, 85 Middle schools Governance: All policy and hiring is through the LAUSD. Technology format: 100% iPads. Device numbers: proposal is for approx 640,000 laptops across the District. Date program initiated: small pilot run in spring 2013 . Rollout commenced in 2013

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