The NPD Group - Enterprise DC Agenda Business

The NPD Group - Enterprise DC Agenda  Business

The NPD Group - Enterprise DC Agenda Business continuity enabled through geographically dispersed Data Center Access Remote Site Dynamic Multipoint VPN services with geographically dispersed WAN hub access Cloud Aggregation providing hybrid compute services Data Center availability through stretch vlan extension technologiesVxLAN Business continuity through diverse Data Center Access ISP Strategy allowing level-1 peering to drive latency optimization for

SaaS offering and client remote services Global web services/ business continuity through enabling GSS technologies using AnyCast to drive front-end efficiencies- aligning nicely with hybrid deployments supporting physical and cloud infra Diverse BGP Peering enabling coupled with IXPs allowing for flexible/ low latency Internet edge services Leveraging BGP longest match, as path and communities to influence routing rules to enable coupled with BFD to enable highly available DC services

SDWAN/DMVPN global infra VPN SDWAN technologies Highly available BGP Services aligned to Multi-hub DC strategy enabling global deployment- high availability; based on open-standards leveraging simplified cookie-cutter design- plug and play model to simplify remote site onbaording BGP Router Reflectors with multipoint connectivity streamlining remote site to remote site IP Services Enabling transparent firewall layer 2 services while providing a centralizing mgmt / operations

platform while performing various layers of packet inspection Remote office turn-up / simplifying client onboarding leveraging self-deployment to provide configuration template coupled with overlay routing technologies to influence path selection based on application policies Utilizing pro-active monitoring with Thousand Eyes to provide Internet brown-out path visualization to tactically identify soft failures Traffic Engineering enabling higher preference coupled with more flexibility for production/ client facing workloads Data Center Framework

Cloud Services- DC Access Considerations for cloud deployments; Front end web services enabled through global load balancers allowing for geo access while enabling AnyCast routing technologies for longest match rules Leveraging various cloud technologies through cloud exchanges allowing for direct connect to help backhaul large data sets Leveraging full stack automation technologies enabling software driven router enablement Evaulating White-box offering for full range of services; Firewalling-IPS-MW,

Load-Balancing, routing and rich services to enable programmable, flexible client service IXP services to enable high performance feature rich vpn backhaul services to drive cost optimized solution while connecting into the various cloud exchanges DC Availability/ Automation Current technology set drives issues around availability and being able to maintain flying the plane 30,000 feet in the air while be able to provide ultra high availability movement toward spine/ leaf with layer 3 bgp services leveraging EVPN labels for VxLAN Vendor strategy has balance between API Restful infrastructure enabling

programmability requiring closer vendor alignment vs open programmability through puppet/ chef and similar tool-sets Being very data driven more aligned to bare-metal is key to network flexibility. Enablement of vxlan allowing stretch vlan across physical boundaries. Multi-vendor is key to strategy and closed technologies often pose challenge's with stack integrations Restful API has critical role to enable IaaS/ PaaS services. Visibility is key to allow for exposure for traffic flow/ queue utilization where this often results in potential brownouts-

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