WELCOME TO For Your Convenience Please switch off

WELCOME TO For Your Convenience Please switch off

WELCOME TO For Your Convenience Please switch off mobile phones Write down any questions you have Take great notes! Dont record! The promoter of this business opportunity is Herbalife (SA) Limited Janedal Ave Midrand

While this business opportunity is offered by Herbalife (SA) Limited, all transactions are effected by Independent Distributors as principals Goods sold are nutrition and personal care products AGENDA FOR TONIGHT: Approx. 60 mins 1.Realisation of the Problems around us 2.Our Company- Herbalife International 3.Our Products 4.Our Marketing Plan how we earn our income

5.Your Options 5min BREAK Approx. 30 min Quick Start Training for those who want to get started right away Who is in the Room? Product users with great results Friends / Family of current Members Looking for an opportunity to make an extra

R5000-R15000 a month around your current commitments Looking for a change of Career to run your own Business and have more freedom of time Realisation of the Problems around us HEALTH & FINANCIAL A Nations Health in Decline

As a nation we are less Active Jobs less Labor intensive Car vs Walk We have less Time To prepare Healthy meals Increase in convenient / fast / processed food Our food sources are of lower quality Vitamin & minerals depleting from our food source Prevalence of chemicals in our foods are putting undue

stress on our bodies ability to look after itself Obesity Worldwide obesity rates set to double in the next 28 years Obesity doubles your risk of premature death In South Africa: Half of all women and one in five men between 45 and 64-years-old are obese

A third of women between 25 and 44 are obese Did you know Poor Nutrition is a marker for 70% of all Diseases. AND OVER 70% of all visits to the Doctor are directly linked to bad Nutritional and Lifestyle Habits

Where Is Our Business Today? Herbalife is positioned at the centre of 3 megatrends Coupled With These Mega-Trends Are Other Factors Influencing Business Job Instability

Salaries not increasing (or worse) Pressure and Stress increasing Greater flexibility required from jobs Growing interest in Self Determination Growing interest in Health & Fitness Make A Difference! With Herbalife you can help be part of the solution and make a difference for yourself and others

Learn the basics of better nutrition and achieving a healthy, active lifestyle Share your knowledge with others, and help others help themselves Get results through with our rewarding income plan Our Company

Herbalife International Herbalife International Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes Represented, Tested and Approved in over 90 countries Over 60 Million Customers Worldwide Listed on the NYSE

$7.5 Billion 2013 The Worlds leading Wellness and Nutrition Company Herbalife CEO Michael O Johnson Spent 17years with Walt Disney Corporation Formerly President of Disney International

Joined Herbalife April 2003 Social Responsibility Through Giving We are committed to make our communities better places to live and work Mark Hughes opened the first Casa Herbalife in Rio de Janeiro orphanage in 1998 Now more than 90 Casa Herbalife programs on six continents

Our Products Commitment To Excellence 6 Reasons Why You Can Be Confident Youre Getting The Highest Quality 1. RAW MATERIALS Only the purest ingredients from approved suppliers go into our products

2. SCIENCE AND INNOVATION Continuously working to create new and innovative products in our state of the art laboratories 3. GLOBAL EXPERTISE Over 60 Leading experts in the field of Nutrition and Health from around the World, working for you! Steve Hening, Ph.D.

CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER Louis Ignarro, Ph.D. Nobel Laureate in Medicine MEMBER Herbalife Nutrition Institute Nutrition Advisory Board

Luigi Gratton, M.P.H. VICE PRESIDENT Nutrition Education David Heber, Ph.D. CHAIRMAN Herbalife Nutrition Institute Nutrition Advisory Board Vasilios Frankos, Ph.D

SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Global Product Science, Safety and Compliance. John Heiss, Ph.D. DIRECTOR Sport and Fitness, Worldwide Product Marketing

Garry Small MEMBER Herbalife Nutrition Institute Nutrition Advisory Board Paulo Giacomoni, Ph.D. VICE PRESIDENT Worldwide Outer Nutrition

The Nobel Foundation has no affiliation with Herbalife and does not review, approve or endorse Herbalife products. 4. QUALITY CONTROL From the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product, every care is taken every step of the way to maintain the Highest Standard of Production 5. FORWARD THINKING

By partnering with Universities as part of our mission to advance nutritional science and stay at the forefront of producing the best nutrition and weight management products. 6. CLINICAL STUDIES Herbalife have clinical studies showing that 66.CLINI.CLINI daily usage of meal replacement shakes is proven effective for managing weight along with moderate exercise

6. Herbalife sets the Standard As a leader in the Supplement Industry Herbalife conforms and exceeds the highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in the United States and makes all products worldwide to that Standard Herbalife contains no binders or fillers and as a result the Vitamins and Minerals are absorbed

correctly at a cellular level The Worlds Number One Meal Replacement *28.5% market share of the meal replacement category. Euromonitor 2012. Herbalife Formula 1 - Is A Healthy Meal FILLING Rich in Protein from Soy and Dairy,

Supports your Healthy Active Lifestyle Helps to Increase your Lean Muscle Mass VITAMINS & MINERALS Essential vitamins and minerals to you reach your RDA 220 kcal per serving giving you a delicious healthy meal in a Glass Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry Tropical Fruit

Cookies and Cream Formula 1 - Free From Shake NO Soy, Lactose or Gluten All the goodness of our shake with 17g protein from Rice, Pea and Sesame Formula 1 Express Bar Convenient - Eat anywhere, anytime Same great nutrition as our shake

High in fiber Low Glycemic Index (GI) Suitable for vegetarians 2 Flavors Chocolate & Berry n ly r o r

Fo .57 pe R16 l a me Cutting-Edge Products For The Inner You Weight Management Products For weight control, weight gain and healthy nutrition

Targeted Nutrition Products For wellness and to target specific needs Sport, Energy, Fitness for the 24 hour Athlete For sports and exercise performance Outer Nutrition Cutting-edge productsfor the outer you. Multivitamin

Nutrition for the Skin and Hair Outer Nutrition Products to Nourish & Revitalise How we earn our income Marketing Plan The Trading Scheme Act (1996) requires us to provide you with the following statements which are in line with our way of doing business: It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a

payment by promising benefits from getting others to join the scheme Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved Business In General What is a business designed to do? All successful businesses have products that add value to the market place! All successful businesses therefore, have customers! All successful businesses show a profit!

Herbalife is no different Except it has extra benefits, like low start up costs, excellent training and support systems and a rewarding income potential . Your Herbalife Business Actual earnings will depend on the time and effort spent on the business You take total responsibility for the action and

results you achieve. We are recognised for how many clients we have and how many clients the team we support have. Income Possibilities With Herbalife Retail - Customers Wholesale - Members Royalties - Supervisors Bonuses - Promotion e.g: Holidays & Gifts

Herbalife Profit Levels Supervisor is the maximum Retail profit level Supervisor Qualified Producer Success Builder

Senior Consultant Permanent 42% Temporary Member

25% 35% 42% 50% Our Business Create Passive

Income by growing & training a network of Members who supply & support THEIR clients Create Flexible Income by Supplying & Supporting YOUR clients on their Herbalife Programs

Supported by a High Profile Brand Income Stories The income figures mentioned do not represent any automatic earnings. Actual earnings will depend on the time and effort spent on the business. Welcome to our Special Guest

YOUR OPTIONS A. Customer B. Member A - Customer Build your Product Belief and testimonial Experience being a Herbalife Client Understand the Service we provide

B - Member Part Time / Full Time Be Your own Boss Choose your Hours Design your Life Make a Difference Be Appreciated Less Stress, More Freedom & more Opportunities

Getting Started Step 1.Purchase your International Members Pack (IMP) Distributor Application form Product to consume Training manuals Basic Marketing Materials License to trade in 90+ countries Immediate 25% discount on all Herbalife Products

Step 2. Attend the Next Training Quick Start Training after this meeting. FREE Learn the basics to start making money in your first week. Regional Training Day (RTD) Saturday Monthly Product training Marketing Wellness Evaluation Customer Care Sponsoring

Supervisor Workshop Business Building Seminar (BBS) Members recognition Day certificates & pins for advancing in Marketing plan Senior Consultant & World Team Workshop BOOK ONLINE AT WWW.QUICKET.CO.ZA (SEARCH HERBALIFE) 5 min Break

Quick Start Training

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