Sudduth Elementary School K-2 W H E R

Sudduth Elementary School K-2 W H E R

Sudduth Elementary School K-2 W H E R E T H E B ES T BE E G I N S A N D K I N D N ESS C O UN T S! Sudduth Rules Bee Responsible

Bee Respectful Bee Safe School rules are posted in hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, the cafeteria, and school buses. Sudduth also has a School Rules DVD for students to watch.

Sudduth Kids Sudduth Kids is a Tier 1 program that allows one student from each class to be selected each week. All students are selected at least once during the school year. Selection of students is based upon demonstration of the appropriate character trait each week based on the Second Step program. Sudduth Kids receive a t-shirt and certificate.

Second Step Second Step is a research-based character education program that each classroom teacher uses every day. More info about Second Step: Classroom Guidance

The three school counselors conduct monthly classroom guidance lessons in all classrooms. Too Good For Violence, the research-based curriculum, teaches students how to be peaceful, work with others, and control anger. For more information on Too Good For Violence: ntary

Check-In Check-Out Check-In Check-Out is a Tier 2 intervention that partners students with a faculty check-mate to help increase positive behaviors. These students have daily and weekly goals to achieve, which result in prizes and recognition. Buzz Weeks

During Buzz Weeks, entire classrooms can be buzzed by any faculty or staff member for demonstrating the school rules as a group. Classrooms that meet their goal during Buzz Week receive a reward! Busy Bodies Busy Bodies is a Tier 1 reward for 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. Two students per classroom will be able to participate in the

exercise group each week as a reward for following school rules. Good Bee-havior Behive Two BEE-HAVIOR tickets will be given to randomly selected employees to give out to students following school rules. These students get to sign their name in the good bee-havior book, have their name displayed in the good bee-havior behive, and get to wear the special good bee-havior bee antenna for the day.

Good bee-havior students will also have the chance to receive additional prizes and recognition including a good bee-havior bash. Watch D.O.G.S. Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) enables fathers and positive male role models to participate in the school environment. It also provides an extra set of eyes and ears to prevent bullying.

Watch a video of our D.O.G.S. Launch Night! More information on Watch D.O.G.S.: option=com_content&task=view&id=22&Itemid=61 Red Ribbon Week and Yellow Dino Red Ribbon Week and Yellow Dino are additional guidance units the

school counselors conduct for all classes. Red Ribbon Week is the last week in October, while Yellow Dino takes place in April. Teacher Lunch Breaks/OOF Once a semester, faculty members will take teachers classes to lunch. OOF (Order Out Friday) takes place the first Friday after payday of each month. Faculty members create a take-out menu for a

restaurant, and teachers may place an order for it to be delivered during lunch time. Random Acts of Kindness Faculty and staff write down Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) done for them by other faculty and staff and place them in the RAK urn. These are read during the morning announcements once a week and are then displayed on the RAK board located in the lobby.

Staff of the Week Each week, nine faculty and staff members are recognized for their work and dedication to Sudduth Elementary and its students. Other faculty and staff members are encouraged to post kind thoughts for those recognized. Winners receive a certificate, blue jean pass, and movie ticket.

Morning Announcements Students from different classes are selected to participate and lead the pledge and Sudduth Chant. Faculty and staff birthdays are announced. RAKs, Sudduth Kids, Buzz Week winners, Staff of the Week, and other awards are announced. School and bus rules are reviewed. The three buses with the least number of write-ups are announced

and receive snacks. Sudduth Elementary Thank you for viewing our PBIS presentation. We would love to have you visit our model site. For more information, please contact:

Sudduth PBIS Team Leaders (Angela Boutwell/Quan Boyd) 662-324-4150 [email protected] [email protected]

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