Welcome Kelowna United and JR Heat parent and

Welcome Kelowna United and JR Heat parent and

Welcome Kelowna United and JR Heat parent and player information evening Introductions Tom Flanagan National B License Coach instructor with BC Soccer Assistant with UBC O Mens program

Yann Calmets National B License Coach instructor with BC Soccer Introductions Scott Jacobsen Junior Heat SC General Manager Introductions

Dante Zanatta TD Kelowna United Head mens coach UBC O Master coach instructor with BC Soccer A License certification FIFA 11+ instructor Provide players in our

region the best development opportunities we can as a club where we can effect the coaches and the players As a club we must continue to improve and

grow ourselves so that we can provide our players and parents the opportunities and development that they look for within Kelowna Rumors Dante is buying TOFC

KU is taking over TOFC KU does not support TOFC and Dante is telling parents and players not to go there 60% of TOFC players are from COYSA Numbers 2011 KU had approx. 310 players

2016 KU has 460 players, 67% increase JR Heat had 215 players involved We would like to stay within the KU programming Location, development, overall philosophy


U-11& U-12 Programming with multiple teams at Continue each age group and gender based on standard of player at the evaluations

Balanced teams Follow CSA LTPD standards and Sport for life Movement Preparation program Evaluations and the end of June U-11& U-12

Programming Jr Heat Invite Academy Two phases with project at the end of each 3 months in length Players invited in based on

coaches and staff selections U-11& U-12 Programming Jr Heat open academy Open to any player within COYSA looking for extra training

6 to 8 week training phases U-13 to U-15 Programming Continue will multiple teams Creation of JR Heat team KU team stays as is 2 training

sessions a week TOYSL and tournaments To allow players to further develop their skills in an environment, which includes other like minded players playing

and training in a demanding atmosphere To enhance the technical and tactical components of the players To provide players with access to and be influenced by

experienced and professional certified coaching Jr Heat Program Two phase evaluation July open evaluations- selection of working group approx. 34 to 36 players

Second phase will be in Sept training/ evaluation phase with players selected at the end Players can and move between groups up till January

Jr Heat Program Players grouped together based on ability, commitment -16 to 18 players Will train 4 times a week 3 field and one S & G One of the sessions will be on the

weekend Jr Heat Program Training will be all based in Kelowna UBC O Nonis turf Grass pitches in town

Valley First Indoor facility 2 Indoor Bubble nd Jr Heat Program Group will have 3 showcase projects though out the year USA

based Will play in TOYSL league in their own age group BC Soccer and its Soccer Department do not support the participation of an entire team within an older age group

Jr Heat Program Looking at 5 to 12 training to game ratio (following CSA LTPD) Approx. 30 to 36 games within the program

Jr Heat Program 10 to 12 in projects, 10 to 12 TOYSL and 10 ex against older KU Vancouver based teams or

Jr Heat Program Will compete for BC Soccers Provincial A cup One cost for all travel and hotels to projects, all training cost, apparel

not included would be provincial cup competitions Jr Heat Program Fitness testing twice in the year Player evaluation written

report Players can be recommended for PTP programming. Keeper training Jr Heat Program

Punctuation to all training is essential All players must maintain the highest standard of conduct at training and while traveling Commitment to apparel policy Must communicate with staff of any injuries in writing Players will make the JR Heat a priority during the program

U-16 to 18 Programming Continue will single team unless numbers and player pool increases Jr. heat training projects with events at the end

Jr. Heat open to all players registered within TOYSL UBC Okanagan Junior Heat Soccer Club 2016/2017 Season Plan

July Dec 2016 Jan July 2017 Training is not something you do when you are good It is something you do to become GOOD


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