Open Access Projects 02/06/2020 Balviar Notay Finch Report

Open Access Projects 02/06/2020 Balviar Notay Finch Report

Open Access Projects 02/06/2020 Balviar Notay Finch Report 02/06/202 Scholarly Communications 0 Policy context 2 Open Access /1 When in lifecycle

Services for researchers Services for librarians and research managers On submitting an article to a journal On acceptance of the article by the journal On payment of the APC Information on journal OA policies, and how they enable you to comply with

your funder policy Automatic notification to (and perhaps deposit of the article into) your institutional repository Information on journal OA Sherpa RoMEO, Juliet, policies, and how they enable FACT your researchers to comply with their funder policy Automatic notification to (and Publications Router perhaps deposit of the article into) your institutional repository Offset arrangements to save costs for institutions Services and Projects

Jisc Collections Total Cost of Ownership Jisc APC + Jisc Monitor Hybrid Journal negotiations Publications Router On Raising the visibility, reach Automatic deposit of the article publication and impact of the article into institutional repositories CORE of the on the internet Rendering the article effectively 02/06/202 Scholarly Communications Jisc Monitor article 0

3 When in lifecycle On monitoring / reporting compliance with funder policies On someone downloading the article On providing institutional OA implementat ion support Services for researchers

Usage reports for the authors 02/06/202 Scholarly Communications 0 Open Access /2 Services for librarians and research managers Collation of data allowing librarians and research managers to monitor publication output, expenditure and compliance Services and Projects Usage reports for articles authored from the institution

IRUS-UK Developing and sharing new and effective ways to meet funders OA policies OA Good Practice inc Pathfinder projects Technical support for institutional repositories adopting Jisc and other shared Also PASTEUR4OA services / standards Repository Technical Support Package Europe

Jisc Monitor RIOXX CASRAI Jisc Orcid pilot policy alignment in 4 Sherpa Services Sherpa RoMEO: Analysis of publisher policies for authors' rights when using Open Access repositories. Sherpa Juliet: Registry of Open Access policies from research funders worldwide. Sherpa FACT: Advice to UK authors on compliance with funder's policies in their journal of choice. 02/06/202 Scholarly Communications 0 5

OR2014 - Helsinki - 10 June 2014 [email protected] 6 Total Cost of Ownership Total Cost of Ownership (Publication?) originally started as a strategy to include both subscription and APC expenditure in negotiations with publishers. APC data is available in raw, anonymised form through two spreadsheets available on figshare: Jisc Collections aggregated APC data 2014 and Jisc Collections aggregated APC data by publisher. A brief analysis of this data and on the data collection methodology are also available. Future outputs are: Research article by Stephen Pinfield (Sheffield) APC data collection template spreadsheet

Aggregation of all data made available in a standard format on a regular basis 17/06/14 Jisc OA Good Practice Workshop Doug 8888 CC BY NC 7 Jisc Monitor Explore how a Jisc managed shared service might support institutions in meeting HEFCE policy. - Scope and build proof of concept prototypes to respond to specific use cases by May 15 Recommendatio ns for further development of components

Will build on RIOXX and use other pieces of the infrastructure Sherpa Services, GtR, etc 8 CORE Integrated into various library systems including Open Research Online, Glasgow Research, ULCC and the system of the European Library, which uses CORE for both content recommendation and as a default remote search engine. In this way CORE works as a proxy for all UK institutional repositories to the European Library. The service offers a way of providing business intelligence for institutions for quality assurance and management reporting. Developing more efficient way of supplying robust UK metadata to other initiatives and services such as the European Library

(mentioned above), Google Scholar and OpenAIRE. CORE supplies item download data to IRUS. IRUS then provides an aggregate view of download items from both institutional repositories and CORE. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 9 Standards Implementation RIOXX Application Profile and Guidelines UK focused metadata initiative for research papers. Working with UK research funders (RCUK and HEFCE) to align key metadata requirements to support OA policy compliance Requires the collection of a few additional metadata fields (licencing, embargos, funder name, project ID, OA identifier, version) Benefit:

Enables reporting to funders in the required format Will support consistency for key metadata fields to facilitate the tracking of research outputs across scholarly systems. Will facilitate interoperability Title of presentation 00/00/2013 11 Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI) UK CASRAI national network pilot Jisc and CARAI are piloting three National Working Groups in the UK Data Management Plans Organisational (Authoritative ) Lists Open Access and Research Reporting Title of presentation 00/00/2013

12 Jisc-ARMA Orcid Pilot Project streamline the ORCID implementation develop the best value approach for a potential UK wide adoption of ORCID in higher education. produce case studies, guidance and recommendations to be shared with the sector. It will also develop a business case to clarify the cost and benefits of ORCID adoption and the different models which might prove most effective. Title of presentation 00/00/2013 13 Does anyone use the material in your repository?

Institutional Repository Usage Statistics (IRUS) UK IRUS-UK 65 institutional repositories included in IRUS-UK. Working to increase the number of repositories included in IRUS Total downloads for August 2014 were 1.4 million. (This includes all item types). There were 0.5 million articles (approx). Based on internationally accepted standards (COUNTER PIRUS Code of Practice), the article-level usage reports from repositories will be comparable with reports from publishers. User requirements and feedback supports functionality and

usability improvements. In a recent survey 65% of users reported that IRUS-UK enables reporting previously unable to do. Improve accuracy of data/ robust data. IRUS-UK is highly Title of presentationin 00/00/2013 influential current COUNTER initiative to filter data to 15 Repository Package Support for awareness and technical integration Number of patches, scripts, plug-ins that repositories need to participate in shared services and standards. Developing a layer of support with EPrints, DSpace and RSP to support institutions in uptake.

Have started to map out landscape of repositories and CRISs (spread sheet) Will begin in Nov after early adopters for RIOXX Title of presentation 00/00/2013 16 OA Pathfinder Projects Implement workflows, tools, policies to implement OA Work with associate partners. Create best practice and share knowledge widely Compliance with funders and institutional mandates. Monitor manage publication activity, publication charges, block grants. Identify, facilitate, manage interoperability. Improve awareness and clarity of research funders OA Policy.

Title of presentation 00/00/2013 17 associates) Coventry University Associates: University of Northampton; DeMontfort University Northumbria University Associate: Sunderland University Oxford Brookes University Associates: Nottingham Trent University; University of Portsmouth UCL (University College London) Associates: Newcastle University; University of Nottingham University of Bath Associates: University of Bristol; University of Exeter; University of Cardiff University of Hull Associates: University of Huddersfield; University of Lincoln University of Edinburgh Associates: Heriot Watt University, University of St

Andrews University of Glasgow Associates: University of Southampton; Lancaster 02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0 University; University of Kent 18 OA Infrastructure 02/06/202 Scholarly Communications 0 19 Open Access /3 OAPEN-UK: research project on models for OA monographs monographs

OAPEN centralised service: pilot set of services for publishing OA monographs National Monograph Strategy; next steps: including support for OA publishing platforms Knowledge Unlatched pilot: exploring a library consortia model for sustainable OA monographs NHS Pilot SME Pilot 02/06/202 Scholarly Communications 0 Extended licences 20 Research data 1. Digital Curation Centre advice & guidance; data management

planning tool; institutional engagements, training 2. Training materials for researchers & support staff in Jorum 3. Sherpa Juliet funders policies 4. UK Research data discovery service 5. Journal research data policy bank 6. Shared software service for medical research data management and sharing BRISSKit 7. Preservation & storage Arkivum framework agreement 8. Cloud services guidance, shared purchasing & due diligence 9. National data centre -Infinity, has secured a five year framework agreement with Janet. 10.Access & identity management 11.Standards & protocols Sword; Cerif; metadata for discovery; citation 12.Data deposit & re-use experiments & prototypes our Research Data 02/06/202 Scholarly Communications 0 21 Find out more

Balviar Notay Senior Manager for Repository Shared Services [email protected] 02/06/202 Scholarly Communications 0 Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 22

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