Reason for using/trading drugs People wake up feeling

Reason for using/trading drugs  People wake up feeling

Reason for using/trading drugs People wake up feeling depressed, defeated, in need of some substance to make them feel good As transportation improved, drugs were on the move Passion for money, associated with drug trading Youth Alive Training 253

Impact of drugs Alcohol and other drugs (AOD) are major contributors to: Rising medical costs

Transmission of AIDS virus Violence in school and home Child abuse Automobile fatalities Sexually transmitted infections Unemployment Reduced work productivity Antisocial behavior Youth Alive Training 254 Focus of drug prevention

Law enforcement to get drugs off the streets is not successful Efforts to stop drug distribution should be terminated Focus of drug prevention should be on the underlying cause of drug use Youth Alive Training 255

Promising information in preventing dangerous behaviors The global society and educators implementing programs to inform the danger of drug usage is not effective! Recent drug research revealed that prevention programs need the values component Students who had a religious affiliation and who embraced spiritual values were much less likely to use drugs Youth Alive Training 256 Underlying causes of

drug use Hopelessness Depression Worthlessness Feeling of separation Youth Alive Training

257 Coming into the arms of the Lord and promoting Christian values are great places to start! Youth Alive Training 258 Resiliency Definition: Resiliency is the capacity to maintain competent functioning in spite of adversity or life stressors

Youth Alive Training 259 Behavioral research findings on resiliency It is developed over time with environmental support Despite hardships, resilient individuals develop coping skills that enable them to succeed in life They have strong commitment to self

and/or their God, willing to deal with problems Youth Alive Training 260 They have a positive attitude, strong sense of purpose & internal focus of controlseeing obstacles as challenges that can be overcome They have strong ability using religious faith to maintain a positive vision of life Its about hope. They have a sense that adversity can be overcome

These individuals focus on factors that account for success Youth Alive Training 261 I Individual Attributes Easygoing temperament or disposition Intellectual capabilities Realistic appraisal of the environment Self-efficacy

Youth Alive Training 262 Social skills Sense of direction or mission Capacity to understand and respond to others feelings Humor Adaptive distancing Youth Alive Training

263 II Family protective factors Consistent, warm, positive relationship with caring adult Positive family environment and bonding High but realistic parental expectations Youth Alive Training 264

Family responsibilities and household tasks Positive parental modeling of resilience and coping skills Extended support networks, including family and friends Youth Alive Training 265 III School Protective Factors: Opportunities for

involvement in school decision making High but realistic expectations for students performance Caring, supportive school atmosphere Youth Alive Training 266 IV Community protective factors:

Positive community norms Opportunity for involvement in community resources for children and families Youth Alive Training 267

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