Dover High School Regional and Career Technical Center

Dover High School Regional and Career Technical Center

Dover High School Regional and Career Technical Center 8th Grade Information Night November 2, 2017 . Dover High School Mission Statement Dover High School is committed to the development of lifelong learners who strive to reach their full potential academically, civically, and socially. We will foster collaboration amongst students, teachers, administration and the greater

community to create a student-centered educational experience in a respectful and safe environment. . Dover High School is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Preparations have already begun for our visiting committee visit during the 2018-2019 school year. .

Comprehensive nature of the school allows us to offer top notch academic, career technical, cocurricular and extracurricular activities. 259 courses, 62 of which are Career Technical Center courses with another 30 CTC courses available because of our CTC regional agreement 104 faculty, 18 counselors, support staff and administrators, 24 aides . Academic programs emphasize rigor and appropriate levels of instruction. Generally

provide three levels of instruction: Honors (in CTC programs as well such as Biotechnology and Engineering) College Preparatory Foundational . Each year 70% to 75% of the graduating class attends a post-secondary school, 5% enter the military, and 25% enter the employment market Average SAT score of 1010 with 88% taking the

assessment (national average is 1010 for all takers and 1055 for college bound takers) 2.16% Drop Out Rate- 97.84% Graduation and Completion Rate . College Board recognized Dover High School as an AP School of Distinction in 2012. Test scores and percentage of students scoring a three or better is above the national average. AP courses are offered in Biology, Calculus AB,

Calculus BC, Chemistry, Language and Composition, Literature and Composition, Statistics, Studio Art, and United States History . Dover High School belongs to the New Hampshire Scholars Program designed to encourage students to take a more rigorous high school course load than the state requires. It has academic, arts, and technology options. Dover High School typically around had 150 New Hampshire Scholars, including an average of 30 who

meet the Art Criteria and 40 who meet the STEM Criteria. . Articulation Agreements- receive college credit at minimal to little cost with two- and four-year colleges (Fire Fighting I and II, Biotechnology) Running Start- college level course taught at Dover High School and the student earns college credit for a small fee (Honors Writing for College, Topics in Applied College

Mathematics). . Core academic programs in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are supplemented by a wide range of electives from Astronomy to Sports and Economics and are complemented by programs in the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Wellness, and World Language. Performing Arts- Theater, Band, Jazz Band, Chorus, Percussion, Guitar, Keyboarding, History, Theory and Production Visual Arts- Drawing, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, Jewelry, Animation and Film, Sculpture

Wellness- Physical Education and Fitness Classes, Health, Athletic Training, Project Adventure World Language- four/five year programs in French, Latin, Spanish . The Career Technical Center offers 18 programs. Agricultural and Natural Resources- Animal and Equine Science, Life Sciences and Aquaculture Business and Marketing- Business, Marketing, Computer Programming and Applications Engineering, Scientific and Industrial Technology- Engineering,

Biotechnology, Building Construction, Electrical, Automotive, Woodworking and Computer Technologies Health and Human Services- Firefighting/EMS, Naval Science/JNROTC, Health Science, Culinary, Cosmetology, Family and Consumer Science . Dover High School offers many other opportunities to earn credits. Independent Studies-currently have 41 taking place Extended Learning Opportunities and Internships

Virtual Learning Academy (VLAC) Credit Recovery through Odysseyware . The Student Services Department offers Special Education services based on an inclusion model with specific support sections in reading/language arts, mathematics and organizational studies. Unified classes are offered in art, science, theater and wellness. Unified events including road races, game nights and prom.

Unified Sports Program includes basketball, soccer and volleyball as well as participation in Special Olympics. .

Students academic pursuits are supported by: Comprehensive library with 36 computer stations Five hardwired computer labs Four mobile laptop carts Two Chrome Book carts An I-pad Cart Classroom based technology tools including smart boards and desk top units .

Dover High School has six counselors who provide college and career preparation. The process begins with the development of a four year plan with all freshmen and continues through the college application and financial aid processes. Other support services include: Behavioral Specialist Access to Community Partners Career Services Coordinator Career Technical Center Student Services Coordinator Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor Transitions Coordinator

. Other performing and music opportunities outside of the school day include: Marching Band and Color Guard- Gold Medalists Winter Guard- eleven-time New England champions Percussion Ensemble Hand Bell Ensemble Choral Group Theatrical and Musical Productions .

Dover High School athletics participate primarily in the NHIAAs Division I classification. Providing a program with 14 boys and 15 girls sports consisting of up to 49 teams at the reserve, junior varsity and varsity level Fall- Golf, Spirit, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Soccer, Football, Volleyball Winter- Swimming and Diving, Spirit, Alpine Skiing, Gymnastics, Hockey, Basketball, Indoor Track, Bowling Spring- Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Softball, Baseball, Tennis .

At any one time up to 40 clubs are active at Dover High School. These provide an opportunity to develop leadership, collaboration and communication skills. Student Government- Student Council, Class Governments Community Service- Interact, Key Club Academic Focus- French, Latin, World Art, Granite State Challenge, Robotics Personal Interests- Gaming, Yoga, Frisbee, Ink Spot . Get Involved- The message we preach from

day one is the importance of building a connection to the school. Students involved in activities outside of the classroom are the most successful!

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