SCT EC Material Stephen Haywood Rutherford Appleton Lab

SCT EC Material Stephen Haywood Rutherford Appleton Lab

SCT EC Material Stephen Haywood Rutherford Appleton Lab Introduction General End-cap End-cap contributions from: Paul Bell, Jason Tarrant, Ian Wilmut and Brian Anderson, Jeff Bizzell, Richard Brenner, Tim Brodbeck, Pawel Bruckman, Janet Carter, Colin Dabinett, Katharine Dickinson, Peter Ford, Martin Gibson, Harry Gulliver, Nigel Hessey, John Morris, Koichi Nagai, John Noviss, Val OShea, Luis Sospedra, Tony Weidberg, Patrick Werneke Barrel: Alessandro Tricoli GeoModel: Pat Ward, Grant Gorfine, Moustapha Thioye Stephen Haywood SCT Material 2

Jan 2008 Guiding Principles TDR: To x-calibrate Ecal and InDet, look at E/p; need to understand X0 at O(2)% of its value. Specify volumes by mass and effective radiation length density. Sometimes G4 volumes need to be shifted to avoid clashes and allow them to be alignable. Try to identify every component Look for objects 1cm3 or 1 g Material is more important at lower radius and easier to determine Try to retain reasonable spatial precision, but small objects or those at large radii smeared Shape is not important (for objects << 1 X0). Composition is important factor of 3 variation in X0. Location of transverse radius important at O(1)% level. Stephen Haywood SCT Material 3

Jan 2008 Web Note Summary Info Summary Plots Pat Ward Stephen Haywood SCT Material 4 Jan 2008 Methodology Observed sub-detectors being constructed Weighed sets of components where possible very complicated spreadsheets, documents & many drawings E.g. Disk spreadsheet: 10 sheets, some 100 r 15 c Extracted masses from CAD Did not have as much time as would have liked. Raw Info (Eng) Model (AT & SH) G4 Geom Description (PW) Attempt to weigh SCT in TRT inconsistent, so ignored.

Workshop: 1. Alessandro & Stephen check Pat has correctly implemented Model 2. Alessandro & Stephen explain Model to RAL Engineers Stephen Haywood SCT Material 5 Jan 2008 End-cap 6 Regions: 1. Modules done by Peter Kodys 2. Disks & Services 3. Support Cylinder & Services 4. Support Structures (ITE & Front/Rear Supports) 5. External Radial Services 6. External Cryostat Services & PPF1 Surprises: ITE glue: estimate 0.5 kg, measure 1.2 kg; ITE Assy weighs 6.3 kg RTE glue: estimate 70 g, measure 510 kg; Pad weighs 1.2 kg OTE glue: OTE-A weighs 2.1 kg, OTE-C weighs 3.2 kg Araldite on Airex hard to control Stephen Haywood SCT Material

6 Jan 2008 End-cap Mass Component Mass (kg) Modules 24 Disks & Services 33 Support Cylinder, Services & OTE 57 Other Support Structures (ITE, Front & Rear Supports) 23 External Radial Services, including STFT & RCT 41

External Cryostat Services, including CCTs 47 PPF1s 35 Total 259 Stephen Haywood SCT Material 7 Jan 2008 Checks Some comparisons between measurements & CAD estimates

Discuss with Engineers Check spreadsheets on separate occasions small mistakes found Consistency checks Component Estimate (g) Measure (g) Diff (%) Comment RCT Spacers 79 74 7 Fittings added? RCT 11370 10590

7 Complex Assy PPF1 Mounting plate 142 139 2 Simple metalwork Monophase Cooling 193 182 6 Complex pipework with connectors Disk

3390 (from components) 3440 1.6 Scale Model to give measured mass Stephen Haywood SCT Material 8 Jan 2008 PPF0 in VP1 thanks Bill Stephen Haywood SCT Material 9 Jan 2008

Model vs G4 Geom Description Comparison between expected and implemented total material 0.6 Not totally trivial to extract X0 from Model see next 0.5 X0 vs 0.4 Model (no PPF1) G4 0.3 0.2 Integrals agree to 0.5% 0.1 0

0 2 0. 4 0. Stephen Haywood 6 0. 8 0. 1 2 1. 4 1. 6 1. 8

1. 2 2 2. SCT Material 4 2. 10 6 2. 8 2. 3 2 3. 4 3.

Jan 2008 Stephen Haywood SCT Material 11 Jan 2008 80 70 X0 integrals 60 50 Mass 40 Model G4 30 20 10 0 Modules

Discs Cylinder Ass Structures Ext Services Differences between association of volumes. X0 not directly proportional to Mass due to Composition Solid angle Stephen Haywood SCT Material 12 Jan 2008 Difference between EC-A & EC-C Component

EC-A (kg) EC-C (kg) Half-Diff (%) Comment Support Cylinder 11.0 10.4 3 OTE adhesive 2.1 3.2 26 Poor quality Airex for EC-C ITE 6.5

6.1 3 Different adhesive coverage LMT Cooling Clamp ? ? Sum 19.56 19.64 Stephen Haywood SCT Material 0.2 13

Jan 2008 Uncertainties Sealant: 400 g estimated for STFT; could be wrong by factor of 2-3 Coolant: Vapour fractions uncertain; total estimate 6 kg Omissions: Some identified recently; too small to be worth effort to change Hard to estimate numbers. So guess: In Tracking Volume: <5 kg on 140 kg, i.e. <4% Total EC (including PPF1): <10 kg on 260 kg, i.e. <4% Stephen Haywood SCT Material 14 Jan 2008 Model Stephen Haywood SCT Material

15 Jan 2008 Stephen Haywood SCT Material 16 Jan 2008 Mass Composition Numbers Dimensions Location 6 spreadsheets ~10 Sheets 1-3 Volumes/sheet Stephen Haywood SCT Material 17

Jan 2008 Pats Plots Stephen Haywood SCT Material 18 Jan 2008 Modules / Disks / Cylinder Services/ Ext Services Stephen Haywood SCT Material 19 Jan 2008 Fixed Vtx / Smeared Vtx / Scan / z Scan Stephen Haywood SCT Material

20 Jan 2008 Modules / Cylinder Services Stephen Haywood SCT Material 21 Jan 2008 CSC-03 vs TDR Its got worse ! Difficult/tedious to understand changes. It is what it is. Only issue is for future: what tends to get underestimated? Difference between CSC-03 and ID TDR 1.2 1

Delta X0 0.8 Pix 0.6 SCT 0.4 TRT Ext Services 0.2 Sum 0 -0.2 0 0.5 1 1.5

2 2.5 3 -0.4 Eta Stephen Haywood SCT Material 22 Jan 2008 Conclusions Believe Model is a good description of reality G4 Geom Description is a faithful representation of the Model

Description good to a few percent All effort in vain if Pixels have not done at least as good a job We have not looked at SCT (B+EC) Services beyond PPF1 Stephen Haywood SCT Material 23 Jan 2008

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