Graphic Organizers Rational Visuals Makes difficult concepts easy

Graphic Organizers Rational Visuals Makes difficult concepts  easy

Graphic Organizers Rational Visuals Makes difficult concepts

easy Info easier to recall Ideas from larger to smaller Interrelation ship of complex ideas (Fountas and Pinell, 2001) Guideline

Teacher models graphic organizers Teacher shares thinking Students create independently or in cooperative groups

Visuals CSCOPE Connection Academic Vocabulary Mastery of TEKS Ex: 4.1 the student solves problems by collecting,

organizing & displaying data Kagan/Tate Technology (Tate) Drawing & art work (Tate) Assigning Roles (Kagan)

Class Made Charts/Anchor Charts Rationale: Charts created with students helps make student s learning and thinking permanent and visible. Builds on earlier learning Serves as a reference guide Clarifies new concepts learned Enhance structure and organization Guidelines: Created with teacher/student interaction Centrally located to be easily visible when originally created. Then the chart will be relocated to a reference binder for easy access . CSCOPE Connection: 3rd grade Unit 1 Place Value Brainstorming: What do you know about Place Value? Task Cards

Place Value Mat Foldable/Thinking Map Academic Vocabulary Kagan/Tate Strategies: o Graphic Organizers o Movement o Justify o Visuals o Manipulatives o Games o Time-Pair-Share

o Round Robin o Literature 4 Problem of the Day Rationale: Problems of the Day and Problems of the Week are used to encourage students to explore, investigate, and hypothesize-all of which appeal to their inquisitiveness. Their active engagement in problem solving provides them with opportunities to develop their mathematical skills and understandings. Posted work serves as a reminder of successful problem solving methods and a jumping off point for further in depth exploration. C SCOPE Connection:

Underlying processes and mathematical tool. The students applies grade level Mathematics to solve problems connected to every day experiences and acti8vities in and outside of school Guidelines: Must be posted and highly visible Created to have multiple solutions Positive environment where mistakes can be made Opportunities for students to present multiple solution

Students are encouraged to use mathematical vocabulary Kagan/Tate/Brain Discussion Brainstorming/Discuss Graphic organizers, Semantic Maps, and Word webs Reciprocal Teaching and Cooperative Learning AllWrite Round Robin Time Pair Share Visualization and Guided imagery Home Area Rationale

Guidelines This area provides easy access to math materials. The Home Area along with set routines and clear directions enables students to self-sufficient and mathematical explorers. Having all materials readily available peaks their interest and gives them a sense of accomplishment as a they do most of the work on their own. Students should be able to complete the challenging tasks independently while the teacher is focusing on guided groups. - An area where supplies are kept - Can be placed on desks or tables

- Arranged in groupings to allow for interactions -Familiar with routines -Tasks are clear and readily - Students take ownership in creating a safe learning environment (students help generate expectations) Tate Kagan -Fan and Pick- students can review previously

learned vocabulary Quiz Quiz Tradestudents can check each others word problems / basic skills Rally CoachHeterogenous grouping to help problem solving strategies - Summarize - Solve and Reflect -Connections -Visuals -Writing

- Explaining - Music CSCOPE - Academic Vocabulary -Performance Indicators -Spiral Review - Essential Questioning MATH CONNECTIONS

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