National School Breakfast Week March 5-9, 2018 [Add

National School Breakfast Week March 5-9, 2018 [Add

National School Breakfast Week March 5-9, 2018 [Add your district s information here] EMPHASIZE THE LEARNING CONNECTION School breakfast helps kids perform their best at school its proven! Use this to your advantage when communicating with administrators and parents during NSBW

2018 PROMOTION GOALS Increase participation and visibility for our school breakfast program Educate parents and students about the importance of school breakfast as it relates to academic success Get students excited about making healthy choices at breakfast with a fun theme COMMUNICATING NUTRITION STANDARDS

NSBW is the perfect time to promote healthy menu options at breakfast Keep parents informed of the fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and low-fat dairy offerings Send an infographic home Update your menus Attend a PTA meeting Post on Facebook STUDY YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA Use social media to spread the word to parents, students, and administrators! Ask your school districts communications office about

policies and where to send your posts Remember to have parents fill out a media release if youre publishing photos of kids Use the hashtags #NSBW18 and #schoolbreakfast @Schoolnutritionassoc @SchoolLunch IDEAS & TIPS Hand out brainteasers, riddles, and

activity sheets to students during breakfast to wake up their brains for the day. Decorate the cafeteria with I School Breakfast merchandise like posters, balloons, student giveaways, and even aprons for your staff! Participate in SNAs 2018 meme contest. Students can create

their own school breakfast meme for social media! IDEAS & TIPS Organize a raffle in the cafeteria with a fun prize like a bike or an iPad. Poll thethe students

on their favorite Poll students on their breakfast Servefoods. the most favoritefoods. breakfast popular menupopular items during Serve

the most menu NSBW! items during NSBW! Ask students to translate school breakfast-themed emoji sentences, and to create their own! Use them on signs, and online to engage your audience. RESOURCES REPORT CARD Visit to

access all of the free resources, like: 10+ Page toolkit of ideas and tips Downloadable artwork and logos Activity sheets for kids (in Spanish, too!) Social media tools and cover photo Customizable press release and proclamation .and much more Q&A

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