The Meiji Restoratio n Photograph Interpretation / Compare

The Meiji Restoratio n Photograph Interpretation / Compare

The Meiji Restoratio n Photograph Interpretation / Compare and Contrast AIM: To understand the transition from feudal (old) to modern Japan. Do Now:

Explain how these images show a change in Japanese society. Figure A Figure B Cornell Notes: World History: Unit 7: Nationalism/Imperialism Your Reaction: Questions, Explanation

s, Ideas Notes from PowerPoint Lets Go Back In Time Tokugawa Period (1600-1868) Ruled by Shogun- Local leaders in Japan Rigid Social Structure Ruled by an Emperor, then

Shoguns, elite class were Samurai Himeji Castle: Built in 1600s Japanese Social Structure Emperor Shogun Daimyo Samurai Farmers Artisans Merchants

Geography of Japan What geographic features enabled Japan to pursue a policy of isolationism? What are some positives and negatives of the geography of Japan?

Fall of Tokugawa Shogunate Reasons for the fall: Western civilization had arrived and was threatening to gain power there. Matthew Perry US navy sails to Japan and demands that it open its boarders to trade. Samurai upset at surrendering to Westerners. The Last Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu

If Not The Shogun, Then Who? The presence of the West triggered nationalist unrest. Who will most of the people in Japan turn to for leadership? Why? Need a hint? Think back to the traditional social structure in Japan. People of all classes appealed to the

________ for support. emperor Emperor Mutsuhito, Meiji. Compare These Two Figures Do Now: 1. What are the similarities and differences between the two men? Emergence of the Emperor The Shogunate was defeated and a

new emperor named __________was Mutsuhito proclaimed. This period is known as the Meiji Restoration Meiji meaning ______________. enlightened rule Over the next generation the whole society and its institutions were transformed to serve the needs of _____________. modernization Emperor Mutsuhito,

Meiji. Changes During The Meiji Restoration Major Changes: Abolished feudalism Eliminated samurai armies Reformed education Created a centralized govt and encouraged loyalty to the emperor st

Japan's 1 Western-style constitution (1889) Adopted Western technology Opened up trade (ended isolation) Strains of Modernization Problems: Poor living standards existed in crowded cities Political differences led to instability and frequent assassinations of leaders Westernization

Constant questioning and debate about ______________ Upset Samurai class Need for raw materials Strains of Modernization Solutions: Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895 Russo-Japanese War 1904 Imperialism of Korea: Annexed in 1910 Final Thoughts Western technology ____________ was adopted which

allowed the Japanese to fully ______________ industrializ in less than 50 years. By thee end of the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese no longer feared that they would be _____________. imperialized Rather, they set out to practice imperialism themselves to obtain power andnatural ________ resources __________. Japan was quickly emerging as a world-class power using western technology

and methods while still maintaining its traditional cultural values. ___________ _________ This period was known as theMeiji _____Restoration _____________.

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