REVALIDATION Graham Scott Editorial director, RCNi November 2015

REVALIDATION Graham Scott Editorial director, RCNi November 2015

REVALIDATION Graham Scott Editorial director, RCNi November 2015 1

Why revalidation? PREP has become discredited Care scandals at Mid Staffs and elsewhere No assurance to the public that nurses and midwives are keeping their knowledge and skills up to date Key changes

Requirement to write reflective accounts based on feedback you receive, your CPD or events in practice Reflective discussion with another registrant Confirmation from your manager that you have complied Whos affected? Every nurse and midwife on the NMC register thats

680,000 people Everyone re-registering with the NMC from April 2016 Students need to start preparing now... Six steps to revalidation 1. Practice 2. Continuing professional development (CPD)

3. Reflective accounts and discussion 4. Appraisal 5. Confirmation 6. Revalidation Step 1: practice 450 hours in practice every three years

All practice that involves a nursing or midwifery qualification counts, including unpaid work Those with a dual registration as nurses and midwives still have to complete 900 hours (450 in each profession) Step 2: CPD 35 hours of CPD every three years

At least 20 must involved learning with others CPD must be linked to the Code Concerns about nurses access to CPD Step 3: reflection Collect and review feedback positive and negative from managers, patients, students and colleagues

Reflect on this feedback and enhance your practice Write at least five reflective accounts every three years Have a reflective discussion with another registrant in the 12 months before your re-registration date Step 4: appraisal Employers asked to link appraisal systems to revalidation

The aim is to improve the quantity and quality of appraisals involving nurses and midwives Lack of clarity around the self-employed and those who receive an inadequate appraisal (or none) Step 5: confirmation The person who supervises you will confirm you are

complying with the Code and revalidation requirements You will record the name and where appropriate the NMC personal identification number of your confirmer Step 6: revalidation Revalidation will take place every three years, when you re-register with the NMC

60 days notice Self declaration of good health and character Online only via the NMC website Audit The NMC will carry out spot-checks, some at random, others based on a risk assessment

Those selected will have to provide evidence of their CPD and practice hours They will have to provide the name and NMC PIN of the person with whom they had their reflective discussion, and details of their confirmer (if different) New NMC Code

1. 2. 3. 4. Prioritise people Practise effectively

Preserve safety Promote professionalism and trust Prioritise people You put the interests of people using or needing nursing or midwifery services first. You make their care and safety your main concern and make

sure that their dignity is preserved and their needs are recognised, assessed and responded to. Prioritise people You make sure that those receiving care are treated with respect, that their rights are upheld and that any discriminatory attitudes and behaviours towards those

receiving care are challenged. Practise effectively You assess need and deliver or advise on treatment, or give help (including preventative or rehabilitative care) without too much delay and to the best of your abilities, on the basis of the best evidence available and best practice.

Practise effectively You communicate effectively, keeping clear and accurate records and sharing skills, knowledge and experience where appropriate. You reflect and act on any feedback you receive to improve your practice.

Preserve safety You make sure that patient and public safety is protected. You work within the limits of your competence, exercising your professional duty of candour and raising concerns immediately whenever you come across situations that put patients or public safety at risk.

You take necessary action to deal with any concerns where appropriate. Promote professionalism and trust You uphold the reputation of your profession at all times. You should display a personal commitment to the standards of practice and behaviour set out in the Code.

You should be a model of integrity and leadership for others to aspire to. This should lead to trust and confidence in the profession from patients, people receiving care, other healthcare professionals and the public.

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