TOURISM PETER ROBINSON MICHAEL LCK STEPHEN L. J. SMITH 3 Tourism as Employer Learning Objectives

To understand the scope of the tourism sector as an employer To evaluate the skills required to work within the tourism sector To understand the roles, responsibilities

and structures that exist within tourism employment Working in Tourism A major employer in many nations Still evolving as a career choice Reputation for low pay, lack of career advancement Programmes in some nations to change status of tourism and hospitality careers Very few large employers Dominated by SMEs or even individual

business owners Trends in Tourism Jobs Increasing professionalism Continuing challenges Low pay with long hours in some cases Many jobs are seasonal only (both a weakness and a strength) Overwhelming percentage of firms are SME but employment is dominated by a small number of large enterprises

Some occupations becoming deskilled Rewards of Tourism Employment Location of job Chance to travel

Co-workers Making people happy Working in conservation, arts, community Chance to develop broad skill set Management of Tourism Organizations Structure often represented by organizational chart Larger organizations: more job specialization; less so in smaller

organizations Structure likely to change over time more staff, new challenges for organization Management of Tourism Organizations Balance in achieving goals, accomplishing immediate tasks, rewarding good employees Models

Scientific management or Taylorism Bureaucratic management Administrative management Operations management Management of Tourism Organizations Special challenges

Volunteer management Essential in many organizations Motivations and rewards are different than for paid employees Must recognize obligation to organization and clients/guests Can bring valuable perspectives to task Management of Tourism Organizations Special challenges Managing retention

High turnover common in tourism Give future employees a realistic job preview Make line managers accountable for staff turnover in their teams Maximize opportunities for promotion Ensure employees have a voice Provide flexible working hours and as much job security as possible General Skills Required for Tourism Employees

Personal effectiveness/good decisions Communication Teamwork Critical thinking Reflection

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