The NHS in West Lancashire Tuesday 25 April

The NHS in West Lancashire Tuesday 25 April

The NHS in West Lancashire Tuesday 25 April 2017 Paul Kingan, Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Chief Officer 112,000 population 19 GP practices Three neighbourhoods: Ormskirk and Aughton Skelmersdale Burscough and

Northern parishes 163m Funding allocation 1,455 per person Merseyside from a West Lancs perspective Acute patient flows are largely towards Merseyside (Southport Hospital) - but also Greater Manchester (Wigan) Urgent Care Board (A&E and

Emergency Care) is North Mersey Cancer and end of life care Maternity and childrens vanguard Lancashire from a West Lancs perspective

County and district councils Public health and social care Third sector network Mental health, largely in Lancashire GPs in Lancashire

Regulated care sector in Lancashire Out of Hours GP and Walk in Centres Ormskirk site in Lancashire Edge Hill University Healthier Lancashire & South Cumbria West Lancs working across and influencing both areas Lancashire

Health and Social Care work Hospital work in Merseyside Our key focus is the Out of Hospital strategy Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence

of disease or infirmity World Health Organisation 1948 Features : LDP Strategy Integrated Services Neighbourhood teams Single point of Access Wider determinants of ill health Prevention and social prescribing

Early years health Health, Social care and multi-agency Strong third sector involvement Wellness as well as ill health Community Services Transformation Primary Care Transformation

Out of Hospital Strategy Building the future Together Community resilience and asset utilisation Mental health parity with physical health Targeting hotspot areas and health inequalities Risk Stratification

Health inequalities including Well Skelmersd ale Flexible workforce Maximising use of technology Catalysts:

New Community provider Well Skelmersdale GP Federation Some highlights 2017/18 Reducing medicine waste Spend 600,000 on medicine waste Launched campaign Being a Hoarder Is Out Of Order in November 2016

GPs now receive repeat prescription requests from patients and carers Reducing medicine waste the progress so far December figures show 189K reduction in cost compared to 2015 Seven per cent reduction in the number of items dispensed (minimising the waste) Users of Patient Access have increased by 75 per cent

Electronic Prescribing System (EPS) is increasing and we are third in the country at 66 per cent Reducing medicine waste Tackling medicine waste cannot be done alone, patients and carers play a massive part in this so Thank you All BEING A HOARDER IS OUT OF ORDER materials are available on our NHS West Lancashire CCG market stall, with a campaign refresh planned to launch over the coming months.

If you are a group who would benefit from some more copies of these materials, please order some today by speaking to Marco at the market stall Primary care co-commissioning The CCG has moved to level three primary care co-commissioning. This means the CCG has now more control over how funding is spent in primary care New primary care committee formed. GPs have no voting rights to avoid

conflicts of interest New lay member, Steve Gross Extended hours The CCG has extended hours so local residents have better access to GPs Thursday and Friday evenings from 6.30pm 8pm at the West Lancashire Health Centre (Ormskirk) Saturdays from 10am 4pm and Sundays from 10am to 2pm at the Sandy Lane Health Centre (Skelmersdale) To make an appointment to see an extended hours GP, contact your own GP practice

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) Every GP practice has a PPG January 2017, the CCG welcomed practice managers/PPG members to attend the first West Lancashire wide PPG meeting, with the second meeting taking place last week Chaired by patients, with attendance from Healthwatch and the CCG Sign up to your own PPG, by speaking to your own GP practice Sign up to West Lancashire wide PPG by contacting the CCG Falls car Launched six month pilot with

North West Ambulance Service, running until June 2017 The car responds to ambulance calls if a person has fallen Avoids unnecessary visits to A&E 62 per cent of people seen by the Falls Car stay at home Community health services and urgent care services Carried out a procurement process for local community health

services and urgent care services Selected preferred provider Virgin Care, who will start delivering the service from 1 May 2017 Services will still be provided as part of the NHS and FREE at point of contact Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee and NHS England remain assured of process followed Selected by Well North; a movement to unleash communities across the North of England

Skelmersdale was chosen to be one of the ten pathfinder sites Run by local people but led by the CCG Identified themes and agreed our ambition

Set up a mug club Get in touch! [email protected] Respiratory events

Free events held in community Help those living with respiratory conditions and those interested in good lung health With British Lung Foundation (BLF), Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust and the Breathe Easy Group West Lancashire Chronic pain Many people living with chronic pain in West Lancashire

Currently seen in primary care and hospitals but often have a broader need e.g. physical activity, nutrition and psychological Clinicians highlighting risk of patients becoming dependent on medication CCG recognises a specialist chronic pain service is needed Welcomed views December 2016 February 2017. Currently reviewing next steps Financial recovery plan Continue to face financial challenge Developed a public summary

of our financial recovery plan Shows many ways we hope to be more efficient Available from the CCG market stall today FLO Telehealth system named after Florence Nightingale Patients send in readings such as their weight, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturation levels from their own mobile

phone Monitored by heart failure specialists Keeps patients out of hospital and helps them manage their own condition at home Rally Round is a FREE online service that helps people Can add day to day tasks to the to do list around an individuals personal needs Text or email notifications allow everyone to stay in the loop Investment in voluntary, community

and faith sector CCG board has agreed to allocate 100,000 (recurrently) for the local voluntary, community and faith sector This is in recognition of the value this sector plays Details of next steps are still being worked up Thank you for listening. Are there any questions?

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