Healthy Lives Fairer Futures Josie Murray @PublicHealthStR For

Healthy Lives Fairer Futures Josie Murray @PublicHealthStR For

Healthy Lives Fairer Futures Josie Murray @PublicHealthStR For Annual General Meeting of the Committee of the Faculty of Public Health in Scotland 2nd November2017 Consultation Q1

15 Groups & 11 individual responses Advocacy Subgroup Long listed

82 respond A Call To Action to Improve Scotlands Health (n= 84) 10 Added 1 Removed (n=93)

Survey of priorities (n=54) & ranking of criteria (n=8) 19 ranked priorities We launched a consultation at the FPH Scotland conference Nov 2016 January 2017

The advocacy subgroup longlisted priorities based on the feedback from the consultation in February 2017 The long list was circulated to membership and friends via electronic survey in March 2017, along with prioritisation criteria

Fine tuning Q2 The advocacy subgroup used the ranked prioritisation criteria and voting to identify the top 12 priorities Priorities of a similar nature were merged to create 10

priorities Evidence and feedback were sought, two further priorities were removed. Production Q3 Reformat Rewrite

Re-edit Rewrite Final edit Graphic Design Graphic redesign Launch Q4 20th September

Third Sector Partners Child Poverty Action Group Glasgow Centre for Population Health ASH SHAAP Re:Attachment SAMH

Mental Health Foundation Other supporting activity Successful media campaign Successful social media campaign Document distribution to all MSPs Opportunities to join in

Abundant! Acknowledgements Authors and experts:

Syed Ahmed Eleanor Anderson Raj Bhopal Claire Cameron

Pauline Craig Margaret Douglas Emma Fletcher Neil Hamlet Katy Hethrington Jackie Hyland Gordon McLaren Chris McGuigan

John ODowd Lorna Watson Hester Ward CFPHS Advocacy Subgroup:

Nigel Calvert Rebecca Campbell Simon Capewell Julie Cavanagh Sheila Duffy Oliver Harding

Kirsty Licence Graham Mackenzie Gerry McCartney Josie Murray Jenny Wares Mark Weiss Previous members

Sara Davies Emily Tweed BIG THANKS To you Summary The Context

The Process weve been through The Priorities weve identified The Challenges ahead Contact Josie Murray

07972 250 693 [email protected] @PublicHealthStR Josie Murray Facebook

Josie Murray LinkedIn Questions

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