The End 1 | rant 10 Things I

The End 1 | rant  10 Things I

The End 1 | rant 10 Things I Wish I Learned In College Or just before I had to learn the hard way I didnt know them.

Wayne Odom Software Development Project Lead at Turner Industries Group, L.L.C. Graduated From LSU in 2002 in Computer Science Have Interviewed More Software Developers and DBAs Than Can Be Remembered 4 | Software at Turner

Software at Turner Heavy Industrial Constructor. Turnarounds, Maintenance, Fabrication, Heavy Equipment, Man Power, Services Our planning teams require lots of highly adaptable software solutions to getting information. 5 | Dont Take Notes

Dont Take Notes All Sides at Alt titles Alternative Titles. 10 Things Any IT Pro Should Know 10 Things I Wish I Learned Before That Embarrassing Interview 10 Things Wayne Thinks Are Important 7 |

Why do this talk? Catalyst For This Talk Ive interviewed a lot of people in the last 2 years. Developers & DBAs I have a few younger family and friends graduating. I personally experienced learning what I didnt learn in college the hard way. Just my opinion

Just My Opinion Could be wrong about a lot of it. Probably most helpful to those wishing to stay in Baton Rouge. Seems to work out so far. I do realize colleges dont seem to care about getting a job. All about learning. I would like to see a variation of this talk as a college course. 9 |

10 Things Summary My 10 Things Very Quickly

10 | I Wish I Learned Practical Communication Skills I Wish I Learned Resume Writing, Interviewing I Wish I Learned Regionally Significant Topics I Wish I Learned To Research Constantly. I Wish I Learned Basic Project Management I Wish I Learned Design First I Wish I Learned Design Patterns I Wish I Learned More On Testing

I Wish I learned about user id from the first I wish I Learned Not to Re-Invent the Wheel. Communication Skills 1. I Wish I Learned Practical Communication Skills 11 | Vocal Communication Common Speaking Situations Speaking in a Meeting

Non-Tech Speaking Abstraction of Implementation Details Dont have to kill with tech vocab even with other technical people. 12 | Ways To Gain Experience Ways To Gain Experience Your University Public Speaking Course LSU Continuing Education Public Speaking

Baton Rouge Toastmasters Organization for developing public speaking through practice Volunteer To Speak At User Groups They love volunteers. If at all possible get the experience outside of a class. Much more valuable. 13 | Email Communication Email Communication

Do not talk like you text. No emoticons or acronyms. LOL ;-) Email helps you document change requests. Email helps you clarify and be clear in requirements. Email will CYA Day to Day Email Re-Forward Gets Slow Movers Reacting 14 | 2. Resume Writing, Interview, Negotiation

2. I Wish I Learned Resume Writing, Interviewing 15 | Universities Purpose Isnt to Get a Job Universities Purpose Isnt To Get a Job We just learn sciences. Most of us go to work when were done. Why not offer to teach it? Resume Writing

Resume Writing Tailor the resume to the job description. Do not submit the same resume to every job. If your experience is short dont fill it in to make it longer. Dont include Chilis School projects if experience short. Top half of page one is most important. 17 | Interview

Interviews Most stay clueless about this for years after school. Developers are on average so bad at interviewing its hard to qualify their abilities. Interview Tips Interview Tips Research the people interviewing you.(Linkedin, Facebook)

Shirt, tie and slacks with no cargo pants. Preferably a suit. Bring copies of your resume.(especially if you go through a recruiter) If you usually get a haircut get a haircut. Be early. Follow up. Dont expect a response immediately.(ever) 19 | People Brush Up Before Interviews

Dont Just Barely Brush Up Before Interviews Q: So have you used MVC any? A: No, but Ive read about it. Q: Oh ok, whered you read about it? A: Well I noticed it on a bunch of job notices including yours. Q: Did you try it out? A: No, but Im willing to learn. *awkward embarrassing moment.* - KNOW IT

20 | Every day is an Interview Everyday is Potentially an Interview 21 | Turners Process

Turner Interview Process All of our developers interview candidates. Id never interviewed someone. Makes you a better developer because you get used to the process and can better articulate what you can do when you have to interview. 22 | Be an interviewer not just interviewee Be an Interviewer

If you intern or arent involved in the process it doesnt hurt to ask if you can be involved in interviewing. 23 | Basic Technical Interview Skills For an interview Be Able To Code Without these:

24 | Drag and Drop Copy / Paste Inellisense The Internet Any language will typically do.

Luckily when I started interviewing people I found out I wasnt the only one who couldnt C# Class We Use On Candidates What Percentage Of Devs Cant Do This? public class PersonClass { public PersonClass(string firstName, string lastName)

{ this.FirstName = firstName; this.LastName = lastName; } public string FirstName { get; set; } public string LastName { get; set; }

public string FullName { get { return this.FirstName + ", " + this.LastName; } } }

Be able to talk about code. Properties, methods, interfaces, members 25 | SQL Join Or This? SELECT A.[ID], B.[Job] FROM [FirstLongNameTableOMGITSSOLONG] A join [SecondLongNameTableOMGWraparound] B on A.[ID] = B.[ForeignID]

where B.[Job] is not null 26 | Regional Topics 3. I Wish We Learned Regionally Significant Topics I wish I got to learn more about development where I planned on living. We dont go to school to get a job but it should be explored in university. Couldnt Louisiana schools teach more about

development in Baton Rouge & New Orleans? 27 | Where to get regional info. Where To Get Regional Information Careerbuilder, Monster,, Linkedin If its in Baton Rouge look at big local company websites. Turner, BCBSLA, Enta, Amedisys, Shaw, C&M, Ameritas, The State of Louisiana.

What are they hiring for? If Sparkhound, Antares, Envoc, and other IT specific companies/consultants are hiring for a skill then its in big demand. 28 | Networking Just a Little Networking Goes A Long Way Networking at .NET user groups, SQL Saturday. Learn local names in your industry.

Ex. People speaking at this event. Learn a few big names in your industry Ex. Microsoft Community: Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, Phil Haak, Juval Lowey, Damien Edwards 29 | Research Constantly 4. I Wish I Learned To Research Constantly.

You must stay up to date in software development if you want to advance professionally. Things change fast. 30 | Stay in Touch With Development Ways to Stay in Touch Magazines Visual Studio Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Microsoft Certified Professional

Magazine, Code Magazine Microsoft Channel 9 Events Videos Get on User Group Mailing Lists Blog Subscriptions Free Email Newsletters Aggregators like reddit, slashdot, Facebook Likes, Twitter Following 31 | Make Time

Make Time Its like physical fitness. Hard to make time You have to set aside time for staying in touch. Monday Morning For 30 Minutes Whats New 32 | Project Management 5. Basic Knowledge of Project Management The first thing that happens as a developer is

people want you to estimate. To me this is one of the most important of the 10. No matter where you go there are project managers. Cockroaches. 33 | PMI PMI Style Project Management Read Chapter 2 & 3 of Ritas guide

34 | 5 Project Groups in PMI Project Management 5 Project Groups in PMI Initiation - Project Charter, Stakeholders Planning Can We Cook The Elephant, How? Execution Produce the Scope. Monitoring & Controlling How are we doing? Changes? Back to planning.(iterative) Closing Confirm Documentation, Sign off.

Maintenance 35 | Terms Important to Devs Terms Important to Developers First off: Scope Creep, Gold Plating

36 | Development Methodologies Popular Software Development Methodologies Waterfall Were all familiar with this. Agile Development focus on iterations. Scrum Extreme Programming

Prototyping Development Methodologies arent necessarily project management methodologies. 37 | Change and Communication Management Change Approval Management & Communication Plan Should be very important to developers Prevent Scope Creep, Gold Plating

Prevent Desk Drops by PM & Managers. They will creep their own projects and blame development later. Prevent Gold plating includes small things like using a jquery auto load dropdown instead of a text box.(Ill contradict myself on this) 38 | Design First 6. I Wish I Learned Design First

39 | Developers Like Jumping In Developers Like To Jump In We like to build as we go. Its why we like Agile so much. 40 | Prototypes always end up in production

For Example: Prototype in to Production Prototypes are necessary but often end up in production. Developers fall in to a trap of creating prototypes that magically become production code. This approach fails in larger systems. Prototypes are simulations to identify basic requirements. Architecture shouldnt be married to prototypes. 41 |

Design The Software First Design it first Would you build a building or bridge without blueprints? We should write complete functional & technical specifications. We should get 100% sign off of specifications Design Patterns

7. I Wish I Learned Design Patterns Design Patterns - general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem. 43 | Why teach patterns? Why Teach Patterns in School? A common language for building that developers can all relate to. Can be a whole series of talks on its own.

Design Patterns Design Patterns & Principles Book: Design Patterns Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software Gang of Four Design Patterns Book: Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns and Practices S.O.L.I.D

Book: Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns 45 | SOLID: Single Responsibility Principle Single Responsibility Principle 46 | Architectural Patterns

Architectural Tools & Patterns Currently Popular MVC / MVVM / MVP Separation of Concerns Service Bus & Service Oriented Architecture Communication between applications Data Warehousing (Data Mart), ETL Extract, Transform, Load 47 | Testing

8. I Wish I Learned More On Testing 48 | Types of testing.whatd you do in college? Common Types of Software Testing Unit Testing (usually as far as it goes in school) User Acceptance Testing Test Driven Development Test First Quality Assurance Groups & Departments

Whole groups of these people exist. 49 | Identity 9. I Wish I learned about user id from the first I wish I learned form the start to always consider identity. When I was in school I never thought about this in the software we wrote. I have yet to work on anything that didnt involve:

Active Directory SQL Server Citrix & Portal Type Implementations OpenID Fast easy way to share information with websites. With modern devices a distributed identity is always required to my knowledge.

50 | Dont re-invent the wheel 10. I wish I Learned Not to Re-Invent the Wheel. Using Tools & Libraries Jquery 3rd party Control Venders Infragistics, Telerik, Dev Express. Dont write your own grid. Using ORMs, Scaffolding Tools Entity Framework, Nuget

Reporting Tools rather than writing your own. The point is look for mature products before you write your own. A product being mature and supported is important. Can easily become gold plating. Be careful 51 | Over

52 | Over Thank You! [email protected] Any Questions? 53 | 2 Cents

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