NAVY CREDENTIALING & NAVY CREDENTIALING OPPORTUNITIES ONLINE (COOL) Functional Lead Commander, Naval Education and Training Command PURPOSE To provide program overview of the Department of the Navys Credentialing Program and Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) website. Provide Program Review BACKGROUND Oct 04 - National Defense Authorization Act 2005 Directed joint DOD/DOL study of standards for the certification of members of the Armed Forces Sep 05 - Joint DOD/DOL StudyOutlines 6-step process for developing credentialing program. Navy Credentialing processes follow DOD/DOL guidelines Jan 06 - National Defense Authorization Act for 2006 Authorizes the expenditure of appropriated funds for service-members to pay for commercial credentials. Feb 07 USD Memorandum for the

SecretariesAuthorizes use of appropriated funds for credentialing enlisted (Active/Reserves) Mar 07 ASN Memorandum Follow-on memorandum as a result of USD authorization. Extends authority to Dept of Navy. Sep 07 OPNAVINST 1540.56 Signed 06 Sep 2007. Provides guidance and authority to commence funding of credentials. July 09 USD Memorandum for the SecretariesPermanent authority for use of appropriated funds for credentialing Officers & enlisted (Active/Reserves) Feb 10 ASN MemorandumPermanent authority for use of appropriated funds for credentialing Officers & enlisted (Active/Reserves) and directed. Jun 11 OPNAVINST 1540.56a Updated 17 Jun 2011. Provides further guidance and authority for funding of voluntary credentials May12 USD Memorandum for the

SecretariesDirected the establishment of a DOD Credentialing and Licensing Task Force (in support of White House Veterans Employment Initiative (VEI) Oct 13 National Defense uthorization Act for 2014Requires all Services to establish redentialing programs modeled off of Navy COOL. Oct 14 National Defense Authorization Act for 2015Requires all Services to fund for credentialing expenses (Navy has been doing this since 2007) Oct 15 National Defense Authorization Act for 2016 Requires all Services to fund only to fund credentials that are 3 r d -party ccredited, within 3 years of NDAA FY16 Oct 16 National Defense Authorization Act for 2017 Expanded NDAA FY16 3 r d -party accreditation standards to now include accepted Government standards Oct 17 National Defense Authorization

Act for 2018 provide flexibility in the requirements for participation of service members in a program to help them obtain credentials. Oct 18 National Defense Authorization Act for 2019 Expanded certification attainment beyond just related to Military training POLICY HIGHLIGHTS OPNAVINST 1540.56b Program is discretionary. Payment of expenses and fees is not an entitlement. Program is not retroactive. Program is focused on the Enlisted and Officer Force, both Active and Reserve Components (less Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)). Eligibility is based on a member working in their current or former job, rating, and collateral duty to which an approved credential has been mapped. Navy COOL may fund credentialing opportunities for Sailors who hold an academic degree or completed semester courses, even if their job, NEC, or collateral duty is not directly mapped to that credential. Additionally, funding opportunities may be available for Reservists in their civilian occupation. If you served in a other Service, you may be funded for the certifications related to your other Service training. If you earned and maintained a certification before you entered the Navy, you may be eligible for payment of recertification or maintenance fees for that certification. Eligibility criteria of both Navy and vendor must be met.

Member is issued one government voucher per certification attempt. If member fails, subsequent certification tries are at the expense of the member. Member must have 6 months remaining on the current service obligation (certain waivers may be authorizedsee OPNAVINST 1540.56b para 4b. Members are allowed refresh or recertification opportunities provided eligibility criteria is maintained. 4 Key Methods to Fill Credentialing Gaps Credential Exam Objectives Military Training Gap Learning Study Materials/ Vendor Training On-theJob Training Military e Learning COOL IS FOR: Sailors who want to know what civilian credentials relate to their jobs and how to Education, Career and Transition Counselors providing guidance on

Navy Recruiters who want to show potential recruits the opportunities for Employers and Credentialing Boards interested in how military training and obtain the credentials. education, professional growth, and career requirements and opportunities. professional growth and civilian career preparation available through Navy service. experience prepares Sailors for civilian credentials and jobs. 6 RESPONSIBILITIES Members Commanding Officer has oversight of application process, eligibility, and members certification status. Credentials Program Office oversees and manages the certification vouchers. Reimbursement is the exception and will be accomplished when the vendor does not accept government vouchers. Credentials Program Office is responsible for data collection and statistics. Command Leadership Team has responsibility to inform the Sailor of the opportunities available, but the Officer/Sailor has ultimate responsibility for their own progress and achievement. 7 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Workforce Professionalization - expand the professionalism of the

Navy's Military Enlisted Force (Active, Reserve) through the mapping of every Rating/Position to Government and private-sector standards -- will improve personal and professional readiness Navy COOL website has experienced over 765 million hits since site launch June 2006 (averaging 5.0 million hits per Month) With 100% operational availability Average time on website per visit is 18+ minutes Program Office has received thousands of feedback emails from Sailors in CONUS, on ships, and overseas, to include isolated areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Africa and Kuwait. 98+ percent overwhelmingly positive feedback. Voucher management and distribution has been successfully operating for 13 years for the Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF) (IAW DOD 8570.1M and SECNAVINST 5239.2) and 12 years for the rest of the enlisted Navy workforce. Over 183,000 combined CSWF & Discretionary exams have been processed Oct 2007 Oct 2019 8 COOL WEBSITE HITS 8,000,000 FY 20 6500000 6,000,000 4,000,000 2,000,000 0 O FY

19 7,000,000 6,000,000 5,000,000 4,000,000 3,000,000 2,000,000 1,000,000 0 J D N F M A M J J A S 6,630,000 5,960,0006 ,010,0006,160,000 5,730,000 5,340,0005,240,0005,350,000 5,240,000 4,980,0004,880,0004,750,000 31 30

31 31 28 31 30 31 30 31 31 30 Sailors in all 84 Ratings have applied for voluntary certification exam funding: ABE, ABF, ABH, AC, AD, AE, AG, AM, AME, AO, AS, AT, AWF, AWO, AWR, AWS, AWV, AZ, BM, BU, CE, CM, CMDCS, CMDCM, CS, CSS, CTI, CTM, CTN, CTR, CTT, DC, EA, EM, EM(SS)NUC, EN, EO, EOD, ET, ET(NAV), ET(NUC), ETR, ETV, FC, FCA FT, GM, GSE, GSM, HM, HT, IC, IS, IT, ITS, LN, LS, MA, MC, MM, MM(NUC), MME, MM-ELT, MN, MR, MT, MU, NCC, NCR, ND, OS, PR, PS, QM, RP, RS< SB, SO, STG, STS, SW,TM, UT, YN, YNS 9 NUMBER OF EXAMS REQUESTED 1,500 FY 19 1,274 1,184 1,128 983 1,000

500 670 641 318 536 384 415 742 500 0 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 FY 19 564 Requests for Navy-Funded credentialing exams showing steady interest. Trends consistent with prior years. 10 COOL METRICS VOLUNTARY Funded certification opportunities, by Fiscal Year: Fiscal Year Total opportunities

Funded Funded for Reservists FY09 16,090 226 FY10 13,818 183 FY11 19,885 509 FY12 17,257 330 FY13 14,670 530 FY14 15,568 434 FY15 13,787

541 FY16 10,657 278 FY17 7,531 233 FY18 7,309 253 FY19 8,775 248 FY20 550 14 hose Sailors who have completed their voluntary certification opporOf those Sailors who have completed their voluntary certification opportunities

95.0% pass rate FY08 95.8% pass rate FY09 96.3% pass rate FY10 94.2% pass rate FY11 95.3% pass rate FY12 94.6% pass rate FY13 92.6% pass rate FY14 92.6% pass rate FY15 91.8% pass rate FY16 91.8% pass rate FY17 90% pass rate FY18 90% pass rate FY19 90% pass rate FY20 (National average pass rate is roughly 70-85%) EAOS Demographics 2015 2016 28.07% 0.07% 2.06% 25.21% 7.27% 15.63% 21.69% 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Navys Credentialing Program also manages processing of mandatory Cybersecurity Workforce credentialing opportunities (funding provided via NAVIFOR) . Pass rate for CSWF credentials is roughly 85% ~ on par with the National Average. 11 NO LIMIT TO LOCATION

GEOGRAPHY OF THE 182,571 EXAMS FUNDED 12 CREDENTIALING OPPORTUNITIES - NOT LIMITED TO CONUS Sailors OCONUS, on afloat and air units, and isolated locations are attaining credentials 191 Surface Ships/platforms 83 Submarines 363 Air Squadrons/platforms Overseas locations include: - FOB Shield, Baghdad al-Rusafa - Camp Alamo - Afghanistan - Naval Support Activity Bahrain - Navy Expeditionary Combat Forces Central Bahrain - Commander U.S. Naval Forces Central Command - Camp Doha, Kuwait - Mobilization Accounting Ops HOA Djibouti Africa - Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, Africa - Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba - Naval Station Rota Spain - COMFLEACT Chinhae Security Det - COMNAVREG Korea - COMNAVREG SW Asia - Naval Stations Naples, Gaeta, and Sigonella Italy - Naval Base Guam - USEUCOM Stuttgart Germany - JMF Saint Mawgan UK - NIOD Digby UK - Naval Station Pearl Harbor HI - Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center Fwd Afghanistan - Naval Stations Yokosuka, Atsugi, Sasebo, Iwakuni, Okinawa, and Misawa Japan 39.9% of the Navy-funded credentialing exam users are stationed at OCONUS and deployable surface, subsurface, and airborne units. (Over (Over 3,132 3,132 ship/shore ship/shore commands commands received received funding) funding)

13 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How can Navy COOL impact recruiting? Local Navy Recruiters were given a brief on Navy COOL one local recruiting station reported that content on the Navy COOL web site directly contributed to 50% of their new contracts in a 3 month period. Many recruiting stations are using Navy COOL as part of their Delayed Entry Program (DEP) retention strategy How can Navy COOL impact transition? Navy COOL can be a great resource in researching U.S. Dept of Labor (DoL) recognized equivalent occupations to your rating, as well as preparing for eventually leaving the Navy by attaining credentials that will meet your employment goals. 14 CREDENTIALING TIES & GROWTH Ties: Voluntary certification exam funding for ALL Navy active duty and enlisted Navy reserve personnel Mandatory certification exam funding for Cyber IT/Cyber Security Workforce (CSWF) personnel (enlisted, officer, DoN Civilian) Growth: More and more Navy Learning Centers/courses are finding that their courses directly align to civilian certifications. A few Navy schools allow their students (or recent grads) to voluntarily take the civilian cert exam, for example:

METC Pharmacy Training Medical Education & Training Campus (METC), the first class of Pharmacy techs through the new command, had a 100% pass rate on their PTCB certification exam on April 22, 2011 Navy Diver (ND) Mixed Gas Dive school allows their students to apply for Mixed Gas Diver certification upon passing Navy course final exam. The student submits their dive log to the certification agency and earns the cert based solely on passing the Navy course (no civilian exam required). Navy Basic Instructor Course matches 100% towards CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer certification. 15 ENHANCEMENTS TO NAVY COOL Expanded Analysis & training gap data Navy COOL Chat Navy COOL App (iOS): Navy COOL App (Android): Crosswalk of ratings and designators to other uniformed services equivalent MOS/AFSC Inclusion of appropriated DoN civilians (FY-17) DONCIV COOL

On-line Study Guides Larger Assortment of Downloadable Marketing Media (Posters, Fliers, Fact Sheets and Briefs) Learning and Development Roadmap (LaDR) Icons and bookmarks Navy Bibliography for Advancement for every rating Inclusion of Officer Funded Credentials 16 COOL ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND PRESS Selected as an ASTD, OPTIMUS, Workforce Management, Training Top 125 (twice), and HCMD award recipient. Contributed to Navy being recognized by ASTD 2011 as #3 training organization in the Nation. Contributed towards Center for Information Warfare Training award of NETC Training Excellence Award Submitted for: Conference Board's -- Work Life Leadership Council 2010 Moving into the Future Award; Recruiting Excellence Award

Credentialing staff has personally briefed over 88,000 Sailors, to include the recent World-wide Education Symposium, each of the annual Navy Counselor Symposiums, and Council of College and Military Educators (CCME) . Integrated into Navy Recruiting (ENRO) and NRD/CNRC Briefings etc. Collaborative efforts continue with USA/USAF/USMC and USCG. There is now a DON COOL landing page to select Navy COOL, Marine Corps COOL or DON Civilian COOL. NAVY Cool Briefed USD P&R, which resulted in permanent authority for services to establish credentialing programs. 17 CONTACTS Navy Credentialing Programs Functional Lead Commander, Naval Educations And Training Command Navy Credentialing Programs Director Navy COOL Michael Talley Bruce Alberque Thomas Seith Stanley Person David Adkins Program Director Asst. Program Director Projects Manager

CSWF Program Manager VOL Program Manager Chad Hulsizer Purchasing Agent Keith Boring (850) 452-6683 / 6664 dsn: 459-6683 / 6664 [email protected] George Mullen CSWF Sr. Program Analyst Steve Robinson CSWF Program Analyst Jason Druhl CSWF Program Analyst Kevin Redmond VOL Sr. Program Analyst Jeffrey Winters VOL Program Analyst Stacey Frantz VOL Program Analyst (850) 452-6324 / 6664 DSN: 459-6324 / 6664 [email protected] 18 END 19

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