Architecture M. Ryan Academic Decathlon 2005-06 Architecture The

Architecture M. Ryan Academic Decathlon 2005-06  Architecture  The

Architecture M. Ryan Academic Decathlon 2005-06

Architecture The art and science of designing and constructing buildings Architecture Architects: specialists in designing structures

Architecture One of the early architectural developments was the use of the post-and-lintel method A beam is placed horizontally across upright posts.

Architecture Ancient Greek Orders (styles): composed of a shaft, capital, and base. (click me) Architecture Entablature: the top of an order; includes the architrave, frieze, and cornice. Architecture Other key developments include the arch,

Architecture the vault, Architecture and the dome (my personal favorite). Architecture The arch was a purely Roman invention. An arch is often made up of small stones called voussoir and a large central stone called a

keystone. Architecture A series of columns is called a colonnade. A series of arches is called an arcade.

Architecture The arch, vault, and dome are variations of the same concept that allowed for greater height

and more space inside a building. Architecture The Romans were great engineers. They developed concrete as a building material,

which was used in building aqueducts, baths, and other public works projects. Architecture Flying Buttress: external arch that counterbalanced the outward thrust of the high,

vaulted ceilings. Architecture During the Industrial Revolution, many new materials were developed: glass-- Crystal Palace

(1851) Architecture and wrought iron: The Eiffel Tower

Modern Architecture Antonio Gaudi: Spanish architect no flat surface or straight lines (organic)

Modern Architecture Antonio Gaudis most famous building: La Sagrada Familia Modern Architecture

The 1st skyscraper was made in St. Louis, MO by Louis Sullivan who coined the expression form follows function. Modern Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright: American architect; carefully considered the environment where

the building was to be constructed. Falling Water More Wright Modern Architecture Steel and concrete

are the favored materials for commercial type construction. Wood and brick are the favored materials for

residential construction.

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