REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW Final Exam: In Class: Part

REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW Final Exam:  In Class:  Part

REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW Final Exam: In Class: Part A: Reading During Exam Week:

Part B: Dictation (Writing) Part I: Translation MC Part II: Comprehension Short Answer Part III: Responde Latine MC Part IV: Questions on a Passage (Potpourri)

Part V: Grammar Part VI: Prefixes and Derivatives Part VII: Sententiae Antiquae Part VIII: Culture MC UBI EST CAECILIUS?

Quis est, quid significat et quid potes dicere de rebus? Ubi omnes deos et deas habitant? Who predicted the will of the gods by looking at the entrails of sacrificed animals?

A. haruspex B. quaestor C. imperator D. centurio This type of soldier would hold the symbol of the legion, the

aquila. He is known as the A. B. C. D. cornicen

centurio aquilifer optio Hint: Remember when we heard about Horaces road trip?

Minervas sacred bird is the A. B. C. D. dove

peacock owl eagle his/her Greek counterpart? The poet Vergil wrote an epic poem, in 12

books, about Aeneas travels from Troy to Latium in Italy. This poem is called A. B. C. D.

The Odyssey The Iliad The Argonautica The Aeneid When the Romans expanded into new territory, the native inhabitants were

introduced to Roman beliefs and customs through a process historians call A. B. C. D.

industrialization Romanization divide and conquer the way of the ancestors ?

Quis? ? Cur? ?

Quomodo? ? Quot? Quot digites

vides? ? Qualis? ?

Ubi? ? Quo? to where?

? Quando? Derivatives elucidate

A. B. C. D. to be lucky to make clear

abundant holding fast 1. lux- light 3. laudo- praise 2. caedo- cut down 4. do- give

incredible A. B. C. D.

truthfulness boldness unbelievable healthful 1. credo- trust, believe 3. copia- plenty 2. creo- create

4. cresco- grow belligerent A. B. C. D.

beautiful warlike happy pleasant 1. bellum- war

2. bella- beautiful 3. beata- blessed 4. scribo- write tenacious A.

B. C. D. talkative easily taught holding fast (persistent)

truthfulness 1. taceo- to be silent 3. teneo- to hold 2. neco- to kill 4. talis- such

copious A. B. C. D. bright

easily taught captive abundant 1. clarus- bright, famous 3. copia- plenty 2. canis- dog 4. caput- head

sedentary A. B. C. D. nothingness

unmoving disturbing sleepy 1. sol- sun 3. sedeo- sit 2. silentus- silent

4. solus- alone Her fear showed through her pallid expression. a. pale b. bright c. angry

d. red The mans belligerent behavior forced the event staff to call security. A. B. C.

D. hostile gracious calm docile

The irate customer demanded his money back. a. scared b. happy c. angry d. confident

Many comment on the seeming depravity of politicians today. a. immorality b. virtue c. devotion d. laziness

It was imperative that secret agent Perry accomplish the mission. a. unexpected b. optional c. unimportant d. required

Billy expressed his ardent love for Sandra through song. a. sarcastic b. artful c. burning d. difficult

The DVD player ejected the movie. a. drew b. sent out c. saw d. left

Eva was forced to relinquish her toy to Victoria. a. give up b. pay for c. reclaim d. renew

Some people feel that an alien invasion is inevitable. a. unavoidable b. impossible c. irrelevant d. intollerable

The thieves faced the possibility incarceration. a. the death penalty b. imprisonment c. a long drive d. community service The science classroom was filled with noxious

fumes. a. pleasant b. mouth watering c. harmful d. dark To propel is to push

A. B. C. D. forward into

over out To convene is to come A. B. C.

D. behind apart ahead together

To intervene is to come A. B. C. D. through

between around near To circumscribe is to write a. inside b. around

c. behind d. for To extract is to pull a. out b. before c. into

d. under To abduct is to take a. into b. away c. over d. along

To postpont is to place a. near b. after c. in front d. above

To descend is to climb A. B. C. D. down

up on along To subject is to throw A. B.

C. D. at back under away

To antedate is to come A. B. C. D.

before after near between To contradict is to speak A.

B. C. D. for against with

to An introvert could be described as someone who is turned A. B. C.

D. back within aside over

To import is to carry A. B. C. D. out

into across beneath To replay is to play A. B.

C. D. among again for near

An inference that does not follow from the original statement is called A. quid pro quo B. status quo C. non sequitur D. ipso facto

We approved the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. A. B. C. D.

rules election items to discuss treasurers report The art collector said that he had a bona fide

painting by Picasso. A. B. C. D. genuine

forged priceless detailed The president delivered his address ex tempore. A.

B. C. D. with great emotion carefully on the spot

with detail The former chief executive officer was considered persona non grata by the stockholders. A. B.

C. D. a successful person an honorable person an uncompromising person an unacceptable person

The manager approved the memorandum that all employees received. A. B. C. D.

schedule raise reminder discount As a professor emeritus, Dr. Smith held many

awards and honors. A. B. C. D. well-deserved

with greatest praise forever fake The scoreboard on the baseball field read: Red Sox against Cardinals. A.

B. C. D. c.f. vs. id.

etc. The director invited Mr. and Mrs. Smith and others to perform the scene as they wished. A. B. C.

D. q.v. et al. ibid. ad lib.

To avoid careless mistakes on the Latin final, I urge you to festina lente. A. B. C. D.

hasten slowly beware the parties come, see and conquer strive for the stars The coach asked the team to report at 8 in the morning.

A. B. C. D. p.m. A.U.C.

a.m. Q.E.D. The Olympic motto urges competitors to be compete faster, higher and strong. The Latin for this is A.

B. C. D. citius, altius, fortius ex libris excelsior

cogito, ergo sum When buying used cars, smart shoppers should remember the phrase A. B. C.

D. cave canem caveat emptor carpe diem quid pro quo

A writ of habeas corpus may be requested in matters of A. B. C. D.

education law medicine commerce After graduation from medical school, Xavier could call himself a bone fide doctor.

A. B. C. D. genuine intelligent

inexperienced disillusioned Realizing that pronounced the foreign visitors name wrong, I apologized for the slip of the tongue. A.

B. C. D. sub lingua ad lib. mea culpa

lapsus linguae Practice I see the girls. A. B. C.

D. puella puellam puellas puellis

This woman is pretty. A. B. C. D. hic

ille haec illa The soldiers chase the men. A. B.

C. D. vir viros virorum viro

The sailor sailed to the island. A. B. C. D.

ab insula ex insula in insula ad insulam We will conquer the enemy A. vincemus

B. vincere C. vincebamus D. vincimus The boys walk very quickly. A. B.

C. D. celerius quam celerrime celerrime celebres

The children snuck into the kitchen as silently as possible. A. B. C. D.

quam tactissime tacite tactissimus taciti The consul is not able to see his son.

A. B. C. D. video videre

vidi vidit After many years he saw his brother. A. B. C.

D. post multos annos ante multis annis multus annus multi anni

At the eighth hour, we all went to dinner. A. B. C. D. octavam horam

octavas horas octav hor octavis horis The students in the back are not able to hear the teacher. A. audire

B. audio C. audiunt D. auditus The slave arrived at the second hour. a. secund hor b. secundam horam

c. dus hors d. dubus hors Who is waging war? A. B. C.

D. Qui Quot Cur Quando

Why are you crying? A. B. C. D. Quem

Cur Quis Ubi We hurry to the town. a. ab oppido b. oppidum

d. ad oppidum d. ad oppida This man is taller than that man. A. altus B. altissimus C. altior

D. alter The soldier, armed with a sword, bravely attacked the enemy. A. B. C.

D. gladiis gladium gladi gladius

The boy holding the apple is the teachers pet. A. tenens B. tenet C. teneremus D. tenui The soldiers, having followed their general,

were ready for battle. A. B. C. D. secuti

secuta secutas secutos The Roman senators stand under a tree. A. B.

C. D. sub arboribus sub arbore prope arborem inter arbores

The girl wanted to sit down. A. B. C. D.

volunt volat volebit volebat The children do not want to go to bed. a. nolunt

b. non vult c. nolle d. non volumus Come, Marcus! A. B.

C. D. venit venite veni veniunt

Go away, you pesky kids! A. B. C. D.

abire abeunt abite abi Boys, do not run around the garden! A.

B. C. D. non currere nolite currere noli curit

non cucurri sing. pl. 1st Decl. Case

(f.) Nom. via Genitive viae Dat. viae Acc.

viam Abl. vi Nom. viae Genitive virum Dat.

vis Acc. vias Abl. vis NOUNS

2nd Decl. (m.) (n.) amicus atrium amic atri

amic atri amicum atrium amic atri amic

atria amicrum atrirum amics atris amicos atria amics

atris 3rd Decl. (m./f.) pater patris patr

patrem patr patrs patrum patribus patrs patribus

magns PREPOSITIONS Accusative Ablative

ad per sine

ante post in (in/on) circum

prope de contra

super sub in (into/onto) trans pro

inter a(b) cum e(x)

VERB CONJUGATIONS 1st: porto, -are, -avi, -atus: to carry 2nd: teneo, -re, tenui, tentus: to hold 3rd: vinco, -ere, vici, victus: to conquer 3rd io: capio, -ere, cepi, captus: to take 4th: scio, -ire, scivi, scitus: to know

VERB TENSES 1.Present: is/are ____ing; does _____ 2.Imperfect: was/were _____ing; _______ed 3.Future: will/shall ______ 4.Perfect: has/have _____ed; did ____; ___ed

5.Pluperfect: had _____ed 6.Future Perfect: will have _____ed Indicative CONJUGATING VERBS Present Tense: stem (+/- thematic vowel) + personal ending

(o, s, t, mus, tis, nt) Imperfect Tense: stem + thematic vowel + ba + personal endings (bam/bas/bat/bamus/batis/bant) Future Tense: stem + thematic vowel + future tense endings (bo, bis bit, bimus, bitus, bunt)

(am, es, et, emus, etis, ent) Conjugations 1 & 2, bo, bi, bu. Conjugations 4 & 3, first an a and then an e. (e is a sign of the future in 3rd, 3rd io and 4th conjugations) CONJUGATING VERBS Indicative

Perfect Tense: 3rd P.P. + perfect tense endings (i, isti, it, imus, istis, erunt) Pluperfect Tense: 3rd P.P. + pluperfect tense endings (eram, eras, erat, eramus, eratis, erant) Future Perfect Tense: 3rd P.P. + future perfect tense endings (ero, eris, erit, erimus, eritis, erint)

SUBJUNCTIVE VERBS: THE ALTERNATE DIMENSION Port-keys or worm holes: ut, tam/tantus/adeo, question words without a ?, (sometimes qui/quae/quod too!) Present Tense: stem + vowel + personal endings (Clem eats clams in Siam.) Imperfect Tense: infinitive + personal endings

Pluperfect Tense: 3rd P.P. + isse + personal endings (issem, isses, isset, issemus, issetis, issent) Perfect Tense: 3rd P.P. + eri + personal endings (erim, eris, erit, erimus, eritis, erint) Translate the same way as indicatives!

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