Election of 1824 Activity Use the QR Code

Election of 1824 Activity  Use the QR Code

Election of 1824 Activity Use the QR Code or Powerpoint link to access information on your candidate Complete the graphic organizer provided for your candidate Be prepared to share your research with 2 other classmates Election of 1824 Activity How similar are the candidates?

What matters most in a presidential election-issues or image? How do you think either the issues or image of these candidates influenced the outcome of the election? Andrew Jackson, I am given to understand, was a patriot and a traitor. He was one of the greatest of generals, and wholly ignorant of the art of war. A writer brilliant, elegant, eloquent, without being able to compose a correct sentence, or spell words of four syllables. The first of statesmen, he never devised, he never framed a measure. He was the most candid of

men, and was capable of the profoundest dissimulation. A most law-defying, law-obeying citizen. A stickler for discipline, he never hesitated to disobey his superior. A democratic autocrat. An urbane savage. An atrocious saint. James Parton, Jackson biographer ANDREW JACKSON The Age of Jackson To what extent was Andrew Jackson a champion of the Common Man?

Election of 1824 All candidates were Republican John Quincy Adams, son of a Federalist president, Secretary of State under Monroe; represented the interests of the Northeast Henry Clay of Kentucky, Speaker of the House of Representatives Andrew Jackson-a Senator from Tennessee and military hero from the Battle of New Orleans in the

War of 1812, drew Western support away from Clay William H. Crawford of Georgia was born in Virginia and hoped to continue the "Virginia Dynasty; Secretary of the Treasury Election of 1824 Andrew Jackson-99 electoral votes/152,933 popular votes John Quincy Adams-84

electoral votes/115,696 popular votes Because nobody had received a majority of votes in the electoral college, the House of Representatives had to choose between the top two candidates. Corrupt Bargain Henry Clay, the speaker of

the House of Representatives Clay forged an Ohio ValleyNew England coalition by throwing his support to Adams John Quincy Adams became President Adams named Clay as his Secretary of State Jackson and his supporters declared this a corrupt bargain; formed the Democratic Party

Election of 1828 . . Jacksons campaign began almost immediately after the corrupt bargain. It was managed by Senator Martin Van Buren of NY Created the Democratic Party from the remains of Jeffersons old party

Support came from: Northern farmers and artisans. Southern slave owners.

Farmers with small land holdings. Created a national committee that oversaw local and state party units. Mass meetings, parades, picnics. Election of 1828 . .

One of the dirtiest campaigns in American history Editor of Philadelphia Press documented Jacksons alleged murders of twelve men in duels Editor of Cincinnati Gazette reported on Jacksons gambling and cursing

Others labeled Jacksons mother a British prostitute who had married a black man by whom she had given birth to Jackson Opponents called his wife an adulteress and accused Jackson of being a wife stealer

Jackson blamed Henry Clay for much of the slander Election of 1828 . . Jackson: Female character never should be introducedI never war against females, and it is only the base or cowardly that do so.

Rachel Jackson: I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God than to live in that palace in Washington. Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams to become the seventh president of the U.S. Winning 178-83 in the Electoral College 800,000 more males voted in this election compared to the one in 1824. The Old Hero from frontier

Tennessee had defeated the incumbent president, son of a previous office holder. The elite were out and the people were in. Voting Requirements in the Early 19c Voter Turnout: 1820 - 1860 Campaigning on the Stump

The election signified that government was becoming more democratic. White male suffrage increased; property qualifications for voting dropped in most states Party nominating committees began

Voters chose their states slate of Presidential electors. Spoils system/Rotation in Office. Popular campaigning (parades, rallies, floats, etc.) Two-party system returned in the 1832 election:

Dem-Reps Natl. Reps.(1828) Whigs (1832) Republicans (1854) Democrats (1828) The Common Man/Jacksonian Democracy Andrew Jackson and his supporters felt they had won a victory over major corruption in 1828 The corrupt bargain had demonstrated

what was wrong with American society and politics: Corrupt elitists used the government for their own benefit at the expense of the common people Jacksonians insisted that they would have honest government for the benefit of all Inauguration Took the oath of office on March 4, 1829 at the age of 61. One of the most popular men ever

elected president of the U.S.; record numbers of people, between 15,000 and 20,000, came to Washington to see Old Hickory inaugurated. Inauguration Jackson came in mourning; In December Rachel Jackson had gone shopping

in Nashville and stopped to rest in a newspaper office. She read for the first time accusations against her; she fainted and would eventually die of a heart attack Jackson arrived in Washington wearing a black suit and black tie, a black armband and hatband that trailed down his neck in what was known as a weeper

Inauguration Inaugural address was vague Promised proper respect for states rights and a spirit of compromise over the tariff Promised to reform civil

service by replacing unfaithful or incompetent officers He noted that he had been elected by the choice of a free people Margaret Bayard Smith's account But what a scene did we witness! The Majesty of the People had disappeared, and a rabble, a mob, of boys, negroes, women, children, scrambling fighting, romping. What a pity what a pity! No arrangements had been made no police officers placed on duty and the whole house had been inundated by the rabble mob

The President, after having been literally nearly pressed to death and almost suffocated and torn to pieces by the people in their eagerness to shake hands with Old Hickory, had retreated through the back way or south front and had escaped to his lodgings at Gadsby's. Cut glass and china to the amount of several thousand dollars had been broken in the struggle to get the refreshments, punch and other articles had been carried out in tubs and buckets Ladies fainted, men were seen with bloody noses and such a scene of confusion took place as is impossible to describe, - those who got in could not get out by the door again, but had to scramble out of windows. At one time, the President who had retreated and retreated until he was pressed against the wall, could only be secured by a number of gentleman forming around him and making a kind of barrier

Robert Cruikshank, The Presidents Levee /All Creation Going to the White House Jacksons Presidency Spoils System Indian Removal Nullification/ States Rights/ Tariff National Bank Elect Andrew Jackson-The

Common Mans Man Your task will be to elect Andrew Jackson by organizing a political campaign rally. Your group (2-3) must create a campaign speech and two additional campaign products from the following list: Campaign song/rap/poem

Campaign poster/broadside Campaign buttons/flyers Your campaign must creatively address all of the following issues: Spoils system States Rights/Nullification and the Tariff The National Bank Indian Removal

Research sites www.thehermitage.com http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presid ents/andrewjackson / Works Cited Marszalek, John F. Andrew Jackson: Flamboyant Hero of the Common Man, 1998.

Murrin, John, et al. Liberty, Equality & Power. 3rd Edition

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