SPORTS MARKETING Holiday Promotions Most teams offer Cyber

SPORTS MARKETING Holiday Promotions Most teams offer Cyber

SPORTS MARKETING Holiday Promotions Most teams offer Cyber Monday deals to help sell merchandise

The NHLs website offered a Cyber Monday deal with discounts on team branded merchandise

In this case, the Cosmos decided to focus on one specific item for their Cyber Monday promotion

The Blue Jays Cyber Monday promo encouraged fans to buy blank jerseys The Timberwolves encouraged

shoppers to buy early, offering bigger discounts for purchases earlier in the morning The Brooklyn Nets discounted several

ticket packages and offered no fees on single game ticket purchases The Jets opened

up their marketplace for special Black Friday promotional offers

Creative branding from the Grizzlies: Not a Black Friday sale but rather BLUE Friday in celebration of the team colors for their Holiday Pack sales promotion

Creative branding from the Phoenix Suns: Connecting their Black Friday promotion to the popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black (and launching the sale one week early)

Not all teams offer online specials some, like the Hartford Yard Goats, encourage fans to come visit the team store Daytona Int. Speedway offered Black Friday & Cyber

Monday specials Some teams will position their holiday ticket packages as stocking stuffer gift ideas

This Minor League Baseball team offers incentives for fans to spend more!

Others simply refer to them as holiday gift ideas, offering a number of

different purchase options Most Holiday Ticket Packs offer special purchase incentives such

as the Braves inclusion of a commemorative ornament The Nationals offered a Nutcracker ornament, available

exclusively through Holiday packages w/ limited availability It isnt just ornament giveaways that

are included in Holiday Packs to incentivize fans to purchase ticket plans

The Dynamo also included ugly sweater t-shirts as part of their holiday ticket pack sales promotion The Milwaukee Bucks w/ unique

giveaway in Holiday Packs with inclusion of an ugly sweater beanie hat Some collegiate packages allow fans to choose which

teams they want to include Another great way to tie into the holidays is to create a themed promo like this one from Purdue Make it an event: Creative holiday branding from the

Blue Crabs baseball club! The OKC Dodgers rewarded ticket buyers with a snow tubing eventgreat way to sell more ticket packages and create loyalty with existing fans Like almost any good sports marketing promotion,

spreading the word through social media is key! Creativity is key to grabbing the attention of fans like the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps FRESH CATCH Twitter post! The Gwinnett Stripers didnt limit their promotion to a single day, instead

launching a 12 Deals of December promotion on team-branded merchandise Nike will leverage Xmas Day games to generate buzz for NBA gear w/

the debut of these Earned Edition uniforms in 2018 Since 1997, Taylor

University's "Silent Night" game promotion has featured fans keeping quiet until the 10th point, an event that generates national publicity for the school Click here for a short ESPN video story about the promotion.

Could your school come up with a similar tradition for a home game? Sports Marketing Holiday Promotions

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1) Why do teams offer promotional discounts on products like tickets and merchandise?

2) Why do you think some teams might choose not to participate in sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 3) Why do you think teams build promotions with holiday-based

themes? 5) Do you think it is more difficult to attract crowds to sporting events during the holidays? Why or why not? 6) Review each of the promotional slides

included in this presentation. What makes each promotion unique? What were they trying to sell? What incentive were they giving to encourage consumers to purchase? 7) If your class was responsible for building a

holiday-themed marketing campaign for your high school athletics, what types of promotions would you offer?

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