U.S. General Services Administration Planning for SmartPay Transition

U.S. General Services Administration Planning for SmartPay Transition

U.S. General Services Administration Planning for SmartPay Transition August 2017 presented by Debbie Lewis-Manni Kathy Windsor SmartPay Transition The current GSA SmartPay 2 (SP2) Master Contract (and DoDs Tailored Task Order) expires November 29, 2018 The program currently offers four business lines: purchase, travel, fleet, and integrated The SmartPay 3 (SP3) Request for Proposal was posted February 1, 2017 Vendor proposals were due March 22, 2017 Contracts are not to exceed 13 years (base + options) SP3 Master Contract will expire November 29, 2031 The Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) is the Travel Card Program Manager for all DoD Components 2 SmartPay 3 Transition Schedule (Notional) SP3 WG TO Review Completed (06/15/2016)

GSA Releases Draft SP3 RFP for Industry/Agency Comment 06/10/2016 ( Comments due from CPMs 07/06/2016) Consolidated comments sent to GSA 07/13/16. DTMO responded to GSA 09/28/16 for clarification on one submitted comment 80 s1 th r on te m as 19 6 M 1 20 t o f ou n e ; 8) un se tio 01 J lo ira c p -2 ) . P2 ct ex 29 18 t S tra m 1- 20 (1 0- er ll ou on fro

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ac (SP f TO itio TO t o ns ed eip tra or ec p ail f r elo d T s o ev ar ay o d Aw r d t D da PC rt ta Do len A/O )S ed 0 ca cts at DC a 1 t n n, cip in nti ith co gto r ? A : w to hin c 7 P

as 17 1 RF ntra ule) 20 , W 20 Co hed ug um er r A sc Fo mm 3 117 off - Su 22 0 k ue AZ Kic riod er 2 x, ct nd ni ra Pe mm tio oe ont on Su ita lic Ph r C etiti ded

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of aste os 24 M op e pr P3 r du ?S ro ts ffe 7 en m 3O 1 0 m SP r 2 a co M P RF SP3 WG Formed May 2015 Reviewed Master Contract Submitted Comments to GSA Oct 2015. Started Tailored Task

Order (TO) Review J A S A M J J F M O N D J A S A M J J F M O N D J A S A M J J F M O N D J A S A M J J F M O N D Transition Management Phase Transition Planning Phase Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q3 Q4 Q2 Q1 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 FY19 FY18

FY17 FY16 SP3 Presolicitation posted 17 Jan 2017. GSA comments to industry posted 31 Jan 2017. Final RFP posted 01 Feb 2017 to FedBizOpps 3 DTMO Responsibilities Develops requirements for and manage the DoD tailored task order Provides guidance, policy, and overall management of the DoD travel card program Serves as a liaison with GSA, the travel card vendor, and DoD Component Heads/Component Program Managers (CPMs) on travel card related issues Meets regularly with the CPMs to discuss and make critical decisions concerning travel card administration within DoD Ensures travel card program training materials are made available throughout DoD 4 Keys to Preparation Plan now for transition Keep up-to-date on transition activities Keep travelers, cardholders and management (top-to-bottom) informed of transition timelines/actions Valuable resources - DTMO and your CPM - http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/govtravelcard.cfm - RSS Feed APC Toolkit

- http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/rssCat.cfm?id=49 - DTMO GTCC transition updates - DTMO Dispatch - http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/dispatch.cfm - GSA SmartPay website FAQs - https://smartpay.gsa.gov/ 5 Ongoing Transition Preparedness Maintain and update CPM/APC profiles in the SP2 cardholder EAS - Name, work email address, phone, hierarchy level - Add newly appointed CPM/APCs and remove departed Maintain and update hierarchies (IBA and CBA) - Utilize Aging Analysis Reports to review the ratio of cardholder accounts to hierarchy level - Roll-up/consolidate lower level hierarchies with few cardholders to the next higher level hierarchy if possible - Review hierarchy level names and update for organization name changes - Close out hierarchies no longer needed Do not transition revoked CPMs/APCs or closed hierarchies to SP3 6 Ongoing Transition Preparedness Maintain and update cardholder and account listings - Name/name change, work email address, mailing address, phone, SSN for IBA split-disbursement, hierarchy level - Remind cardholders that it is their responsibility to keep their

profile information up-to-date - Remind cardholders to register for CitiManager access - APCs review EAS Returned Mail Reports and contact cardholders to update mailing addresses - APCs review personnel losses reports and separations reports to close, deactivate, or transfer accounts - Review infrequent traveler reports and close accounts as specified by your Component - Do not transition closed accounts to SP3 7 Ongoing Transition Preparedness Ensure Centrally Billed Accounts (CBAs) remain in good standing - Reconcile, certify, and pay CBAs promptly - Schedule and review CBA Aging Analysis Reports and CBA Delinquency Reports Aggressively address delinquent accounts - Monitor payments, process transfer transactions, resolve negative balances, and pay applicable prompt payment fees - Zero out and close CBAs no longer needed - Make sure all CBA out-of-balances are corrected - All CBAs will be reconciled to zero, closed, and new account numbers issued under SP3 8 Ongoing Transition Preparedness

Ensure Individually Billed Accounts (IBA) remain in good standing - Schedule and review mandatory IBA reports to include the IBA Aging Analysis Reports and IBA Delinquency Reports on your Components cycle date - Use GTCC Regulations format letters to inform cardholders of 61+, 91+, 121+ delinquencies and suspected misuse - Pull credit balance reports to advise DTS DTAs of cardholders with credit balances (possible DUE U.S.) - Require cardholders to maintain their accounts and clean-up any past due or out-of-balance situations - Provide guidance with disputes, transfer transactions, and negative balances - All IBAs will be reconciled to zero, closed, and new account numbers issued under SP3 9 Ongoing Transition Preparedness Make sure appointments and training certificates are current Provide DTMO liaisons CPM appointment letters, revocations, and updates Ensure APC appointment letters and training are current and maintained at the Component Ensure cardholder training and Statements of Understanding (SOUs) are current - Cardholder 101 Training required with initial application and refresher training every 3 years - APC Mandatory Training required with refresher training every

3 years 10 Ongoing Transition Preparedness Know your Points of Contactand stay in touch - CPM and APCs - DTS DTAs - Legal Counsel (if applicable) - Labor Relations (if applicable) - Vendor Pay (CBA) - Systems (TAC Helpdesk, DTS CBA Recon, DTS, Etc.) 11 Questions 12 GSA Starmark Logo

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