Gender Issues and Offending WALT: Explore why Sociologists

Gender Issues and Offending WALT: Explore why Sociologists

Gender Issues and Offending WALT: Explore why Sociologists have ignored women in research on crime. Invisible Female Offenders Heidensohn (1989) Believed that previously sociological researchers had been male dominated, ignoring the role of women in crime. There are four reasons for women being ignored in Sociology 1)

2) 3) 4) Male dominance of offenders. Male dominance of sociologists. Gender Blind research. Women being invisible in crime statistics. Male Dominance Of Offender

Offenders found guilty of, or cautioned for, indictable offenders: by sex and type of offence in 2006 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 eft

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Offenders Women's Role in Society Education Sex Role Theory and Gender Socialisation Sex-role theory is concerned with gender socialization and the different roles of men and women in society. Womens traditional roles involving caring for partners, children and dependent elderly relatives, combined with responsibilities for house work and family management, and often paid employment. Gender characteristics such as being more

emotional, less competitive, less tough and aggressive, and more averse to taking risks then men. These combine to make many women both more afraid of the risk-taking in crime, as well as giving them fewer opportunities then men to commit crime. McRobbie (1978) Believed that teenage girls were less likely to commit crime because they were more likely to spend time in their bedrooms rather then going out. Therefore they had no opportunity to commit crime. Questions

1) How could the internet have made this research out of date? 2) What other ways are there to criticise this research? 3) How could you support this research? Male Dominance of Sociologists 1) What similar beliefs might these sociologists have on crime? 2) How might this effect their research into criminal activity and their representation of gender? 3) Why might males sociologists find it difficult to research

female offenders? Women Being Invisible In Crime Statistics Females Males Chivalry Thesis The chivalry thesis suggests that a male dominated criminal justice system means women are treated more leniently then men.

Evidence for the chivalry thesis: 1) According to the Home Office, women are consistently treated more leniently by the law, with first offenders about half as likely to be given a sentence of immediate imprisonment. 2) Female offenders are generally regarded by the police as a less men, and are therefore more likely to benefit from more informal approaches to their offences. Evidence against chivalry theory 1) Women who commit serious offences are likely to get much more severe punishments then men. Carlen (1997) Thought this was

because women were seen to be guilty twice firstly for their crime and secondly for failing to be a good women. 2) Women are more likely to be put in custody then men while waiting charges. Police Stereotyping Means that women are less likely to get caught for crimes they do commit then men. Invisible Crimes 1) What types of criminal activity would you most commonly associate with women?

2) Why might some of these crimes become dark figures of crime? 3) Why might some victims be less likely to report a crime if it had been committed by a women. Write a paragraph explaining Why females have been underrepresented in Sociological Research. Research/ Statistics Concepts and

Theories Why women are Ignored in sociological research on crime Key Terms News Stories/ Films

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