India Online INFORMATION NOTE December 2014 The name

India Online INFORMATION NOTE December 2014 The name

India Online INFORMATION NOTE December 2014 The name of the Company, its affiliates & management has been changed TRANSACTION SNAPSHOT India Online is a one stop shop tab application for students, focused on aggregating mock tests for national and other state exams. Business Model Students Students can log-in and buy specific test packages relevant to their exam Coaching Institutions upload questions with their customized BA dashboards and create, manage and price test packages for students India Online will offer this application free to students and will earn a 20-30% margin on each transaction India Online CAT IIT-JEE CPMT IAS AIEEE BANK PO RAILWAYS NDA Coaching Institutions 2014 2015 and Projected 2016 2017 Student Traction Revenues CONFIDENTIAL & CLASSIFIED Funding Requirement The company plans to raise $ ~2 Mn over FY 2014 and FY 2015. The funds will be utilized towards Investment in IT Infrastructure Funding initial business operations

National brand building .13mn 120 Lac 1.4mn 1200 Lacs 3.7mn 3000 Lacs Students Transacting on the Platform 6.4mn 5500 Lacs Approx Revenues in Lacs 2 MARKET OVERVIEW Exam Applicants - Currently Addressed Market Tablet Market In India CAT - The number of applicants for CAT in 2013 dipped to a five-year low 1.96 Lac JEE - Registered highest ever registrations for the JEE-2013 exams AIEEE - The number of applicants in AIEEE2012 were 1.3 million, in 2011- 1.1 million GATE - A total of 12,00,728 candidates registered for GATE 2013 and 9,84,855 candidates appeared for the exam CONFIDENTIAL & CLASSIFIED BANK PO - 7,51,032 candidates appeared for bank PO exam on June 17, 2012 Other State Exams The targets to cater another 5 lac candidates for miscellaneous state exams Total Target Students 14 Lacs 13 Lacs ~12 Lacs ~7.5 Lacs ~5 Lacs ~52 Lacs Tab Sales (Unit Lacs) 3.6 19 2011 2013 7.3 Mn Units

$2 bn The Indian tablet market size 33% CAGR forecasted Expected to growth rate for be sold by TAB sales till 2016 2018 Market Share (2012) 56.52% 22.53% 6.17% 12.84% 1.94% Samsung Apple RIM HCL Others The Indian Tablet market is buoyed by growing preference for tablets in education and enterprise sectors, according to a global research firm TechSci Research It is also expected that most sales will come from Tier 1 cities, although the Tier 2 cities which are also in the race for tablets 3 COMPANY OVERVIEW About the Company The Platform is compatible to Andriod, IOS & Windows 8 Systems 2011 CONFIDENTIAL & CLASSIFIED Management 2012 ~2 Crs. Total investment

made till date 2013 Platform development took a period of 18 Months Business USPs Incremental revenue incentives for business associates to reach a wider market at a very low fixed cost The students get to choose from a wide range of exam content providers and practice test papers at their convenience The BAs manage their inventory with customized dashboards Mr DG, currently the director of an IT company based out of Bhopal is the originator of the this concept. With 14 yrs in the IT industry his work spans in the areas of gaming, mobile, telecom, CRM, retail & finance. His last stint was in US as a director of a technology firm before he moved to set up his own venture in India. His experience includes working with firms such as IBM, Satyam, T-Mobile etc ranging from middle management to senior leadership positions. DG, holds an MBA from Symbiosis Pune & Masters in Computer Application from UP, University Team A team of 20 application developers are deployed to continuously upgrade and support the technology First App to provide largest question banks, test, packages on competitive examination and it's syllabus Each test provides topic wise analysis and nation-wide benchmarking for each student Large Inventory of content Future Avenues Growth otherof than question banks Collaboration with Online store for Local Business Associateswide range of educational content 4

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