How to Talk About Girl Scouts RECRUITMENT Types

How to Talk About Girl Scouts RECRUITMENT Types

How to Talk About Girl Scouts RECRUITMENT Types of Events Back-to-School o Meet the Teacher o Stock the Locker Community Events SU Registration Nights Staffing a Recruitment Event Experience and peers from other councils express that, TWO PEOPLE

at minimum, are needed for a successful recruitment event! Recruiter Tool Kit You may want to have: a. One-sheets on why GSs b. Pencils or other giveaways c. Girl activity example d. Sample of Uniform piece e. Sign-in sheet f. Table display g. Table cloth h. Signage/Pop-up banner Additional Support

Greeter Offering Directions Set-up/tear-down Girl craft/activity Why Girls & Society need Girl Scouting Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to Take on leadership positions Advocate for themselves and others Embrace new experiences & overcome failure Have strong female networks

Care about social injustice Set ambitious goals and think about their future Have higher levels of civic engagement Have attained undergraduate education (38% vs 28%) Have a higher household income ($51.7K vs. $42.2K) Government: Girl Scouts represent 58% of women in the 114th Congress 75% of current female senators 5 of the 6 female Governors Every female Secretary of State in U.S. History

Business: Girl Scouts Represent more than half (52%) of women in business Are more likely to have a business degree Science: Girl Scouts Represent nearly all American female astronauts who have flown in Space The DNA of a Girl Scout Girl Scouts are MORE LIKELY to: Set ambitious goals and think about the future

Be more financially literate and negotiate for themselves Advocate for herself and others Self-identify as a leader and take on leadership roles Im a Girl Scout! Practice empathy & emotional intelligence Care about (and take action against)

social injustices Be more solution oriented and less likely to be a bystander Embrace new experiences and overcome failure Core of the Girl Scout Experience Fun & Play! Inclusive Sisterhood Girl Scout Leadership Experience Supportive Adult Promise & Law

Regular & Progressive Experiences New Experiences 8 Girl Only Safe Space Outdoors Frequently Asked Questions How do members sign up for Girl

Scouts? Join Now or Volunteer Today on our home page. What if a parent asks me about the time commitment? Answer them with a question, How much time do you have to give? How can someone be involved without being a troop leader or having a daughter? Community Advocate! They can share info about GS in their community, with the support of our

Recruitment team. How do I respond to a question I dont have the answer to? Always know you can refer people to the council. How am I supported as a volunteer? Other leaders in your community, new leader/age level training, and your council support team. Fun Talking Points Share your personal connection to Girl Scouts. Why is it a passion for you? The Cookie and Fall Product Programs teach girls valuable skills and provide them a way to earn credits to participate

in other fun activities. Promote the great things happening at your school and in your neighborhood. Point out all of the events Girl Scouts can do together from camp to field trips with local organizations and more all listed on our website! Questions? Ideas?

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