Solar Energy 1 Solar paybacks Helps the environment:

Solar Energy 1 Solar paybacks Helps the environment:

Solar Energy 1 Solar paybacks Helps the environment: No carbon dioxide (Global Warming) Gain independence from utility

grid, be self-reliant Cost of electricity is set, which means your electricity bill does not depend on the price of fuel. 2 Saves money (In the long term)

Solar drawbacks Not a constant supply of electricity Need a backup source of electricity High initial investment Need space to put the panels. Not a constant supply of hot water Need a backup source for

heating water. 3 There are two main types of solar panels : Photovoltaic solar panel Electricity Solar thermal panel Heats water

4 Solar power (Electricity) There are two types of power systems: 5

Stand-alone power (Off power grid) 6 Stand-alone power (Off power grid) When utility power is not available,

such as at a cabin site or remote ranch When power bridging is required (such as during power outages) When there is a desire to store power (a desire for independence) Requires batteries 7

Power grid systems (Hooked to your existing electricity) 8 Power Grid-tied systems Operate in parallel with and are

interconnected with the electric utility grid Allow you to collect a credit (money) for electricity when you produce more than you use. Does not require batteries 9

Solar hot water: A more accessible and affordable approach to solar energy 10 Two types of solar hot water collectors:

Flat plates - Less efficient so more panels are needed, but cheaper Vacuum tube panels - More efficient so not as many panels are needed. More expensive than flat plates 11

Flat plate panels Flat-plate panels are less costly, but more panels are needed. Wahweap campground shower/laundry 12

Flat plate panels are basically an insulated box with a glass cover; copper or aluminum fins collect the heat, which is delivered to the storage tank by circulating fluids. 13 Vacuum heat tube panels

Evacuated tube technology is the most efficient, able to gain higher temperatures and still have good heat production under light to moderate cloudy conditions. A typical house with 4 people would require one 30-tube panel. No water goes through the tubes themselves. 14

Here, mounts for evacuated tube panels are installed on the roof of a S. Utah home. The panels will heat all domestic water for this home, and supply the heat for most of the radiant floor. Any extra heat will be dumped in the hot tub. 15

16 Uses for solar-heated hot water Radiant floor heat hot water for household use Swimming pools/hot tubs Snowmelt

17 Radiant floor heat Concrete floors provide an excellent storage

medium, so a large solar storage tank is not needed. 18

19 Hot water for household use Flat-plate panels create hot water for showers for visitors to the

campground at Snow Canyon State Park. 20 Snowmelt

PEX for radiant snow melt being installed on a driveway at Suncrest above Draper. Snowmelt is closed-loop system, circulating glycol, just like a solar system. 21 Swimming pools

This pool is located at 7,000 ft in the Ogden Valley,and reached 80 degrees in May. 22 What youll need inside your home for your solar hot water system

23 Here, the solar storage tank rests next to the water

heater 24 At this offgrid cabin, the power system and the heating

(radiant floor) systems share a closet. 25 Solar power and

thermal on the job 26 Backup power system for KRCL radios broadcasting hub in Salt Lake City

27 Large off-grid strawbale estate in Colorado; Thermomax mounts can be seen at right. The solar thermal includes 4 Thermomax evacuated heat tube panels, producing about 200,000 BTUs a day.

28 The Gunnison (One of the coldest towns in the United States) Municipal Swimming pool boasts 48 panels, which heat the water to 86 degrees. 90% of the heating for this pool will be created by these solar panels year round, at 83

29 degrees. 30 Wahweap laundry/shower center Lake Powell, 24 panels

31 Grid tied system in Cache Valley The homeowner is a spunky 85-year-old

woman 32 Bigelow home in SLC, remodel of older home; two collectors look like the skylights below.

33 Seven solar collectors provide all this radiant heat for this Wanship home 34

Cabin in the Monte Cristo area Power box under the porch houses the inverter 35

Cabin near Ant Flats, Weber Co. Panels are pole mounted 36 Evacuated tubes provide heat for a

Sedona, AZ, home 37 Flat plate panels heat a pool in New Harmony 38

An isolated cattle ranch is powered by solar near Logan 39 Deer Creek Reservoir Solar powers an isolated station for Qwest

40 The same wireless relay station, disguised as a rock! 41

Helpful web links: (Solar Energies Industries Association) (a PDF brochure on hot water heating) ECTR/tprdhw.htm (an independent comparison of solar thermal

panels, Fla. Solar Center) (Solar Rating and Certification Corp.) (North Carolina Solar Center) 42 CFA 1. What two types of energy can we get

from solar panels? 2. Which type of solar energy is more affordable and cost effective, electricity or hot water? 3. If you lived in a remote area that did not have electricity, which type of solar power system would you need? What does this system require that the other

system does not need? 43

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