We develop sustainable solutions for Today and tomorrows

 We develop sustainable solutions for  Today and tomorrows

We develop sustainable solutions for Today and tomorrows pest management Green/natural chemistries Novel chemistries/techniques Management strategies Resistance management, use of inputs Threatened beneficial populations Training and extending knowledge Support pollination services and biodiversity Agricultural production stability and resilient Iowa State University Curriculum Constant re-assessment of course & content that Allows students to explore & grow

Critically assess & evaluate information Excellence in fundamentals Student & employer interviews, outcomes assessment inform process Challenge students, faculty on relevancy Technological changes continue to impact teaching Research experience required? Iowa State University Engagement outside the academy CALS research program is critical to partners and stakeholders Relationship building Communication/marketing is key including active delivery

Our partners include state, agricultural, environmental, federal & private agencies Requires appreciating cultures Iowa State University Moving Forward Apply what agricultural sustainability more broadly to the Iowa landscape Incorporating broader goals, that engage broader segment of society farm, citizen, wildlife and resource health. Societal expectations on our states land and natural resources increasing; Sustainability offers multiple benefits Natural habitats (prairie, forests, wetlands, and riparian) offer benefits: Refugia for a variety of wildlife Recreation Managed for economic benefits

Mulitple benefits increase value & breadth of our research programs offer broader societal engagement. Gives our research broader relevancy Monarch butterfly workgroup & Consortium Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy Resistance Management Prairie STRIPS Iowa State University

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