Welcome to LPSB Sixth Form Headteacher Mr Parsons

Welcome to LPSB Sixth Form Headteacher  Mr Parsons

Welcome to LPSB Sixth Form Headteacher Mr Parsons Category Leadership and Management Behaviour and Safety of pupils Quality of teaching

Achievement of pupils Sixth Form provision Rating Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding

Outstanding Outstanding Overall Effectiveness Outstanding Ofsted Inspection June 2015 A-level Results

Grade A* A*-A A*-B A*-C A*-E 2018

8% 28% 59% 82% 99% 2017 (8%)

(26%) (53%) (80%) (98%) Welcome to LPSB Sixth Form Director of Sixth Form Mr Edwards

LPSB Sixth Form A wide range of academic subjects An extensive and exciting enrichment programme Teaching in the Sixth Form is outstanding Students progress is carefully tracked and individual support provided Attainment is well above the national average

The leadership of the Sixth Form is highly effective Destinations 90% of students go on to university 32% of these go on to Russell Group universities Non-UCAS routes Deloitte, Civil Service Plenty of support UCAS Day, University and Careers Fairs, Careers Advisors, Post-18 Pathways coordinator

A Levels Year 12 Three A Levels Year 13 Three A Levels High academic standards

Classwork and homework 30 hours of study per week minimum High levels of effort from the start Most course content will be covered in the Autumn Term of each year

High expectations Attendance above 95% Excellent punctuality Dress code Courtesy, Common Sense and Cooperation Role models and ambassadors

Progress monitoring Assessment weeks Reporting Weeks Progress Review Meetings Flight Paths Two Parents Evenings 22/11/17 and 05/03/19

Go the extra mile! Welcome to LPSB Sixth Form Head of Year 12 Mr Cook Sixth Form Team Tutors

Head of Year Director of Sixth Form Sixth Form Attendance Officer Counsellor Post-18 Pathways & UCAS team

Sixth Form Facilities School building Sixth Form Study Centre Servery sQuid Independent Learning Areas Library

Opportunities Curriculum Extra-curricular activities Enrichment Charity work Subject Ambassadors Tutor time

Progress reviews Tutor-tutee interviews Ted Talk Tuesday Current affairs quiz Pastoral support Structured support ACUs Academic CatchUps

Tutor and Subject Trackers SF Late Detention red cards RSP Reallocation of Study Periods Some practicalities

Dress code Registration Vital role of parents Work-rate Attendance Next steps University Open

Days Work experience Michelle Duncan Friends of LPSB Thank you for coming! Drinks in the Refectory

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