List of Features SOLUTION 2 Cloud HRMS designed

List of Features SOLUTION 2 Cloud HRMS designed

List of Features SOLUTION 2 Cloud HRMS designed to manage entire employee lifecycle on single platform Open APIs Complete HRMS Employee Login MIS Affordable 2 Feature Listing 3S Attendance and Leave Recruitment Payroll 3 Travel and Loan Employee Self Management Reimbursement Service

Compliance Management Performance Appraisal HR Analytics 3S (Scalable, Safe & Secured) Great Support Our family (Employees) helps you in delivering benchmark support Web Based & SAAS Cloud computing gives you power to operate software from any location without hassle of maintaining servers Open APIs Let software do the talking Helps to integrate any biometric devices, ERP, accounting solutions as far as APIs are available GPS Location Get exact location of on field employees while they mark attendance Mobile App Have power to access data on the move,

Secured High grade 256bit SSL Encryption and Distinct subdomain for each customer for better security 4 Recruitment Raise Requisition Job Openings Provide controls to designated people for raising requisitions Multiple HR can be provided access Post job opening directly to website or share with consultants Provide separate access to consultants for fulfillment of positions 5 Resume Bank

Customize Interview Finalization of Candidate to Collect series of Employee Process Candidate Resumes and shortlist from available pool Promote employee referral program Defined multiple mode of interview and schedule interview at convenience Assign a panel of members for interview Review Feedback from interview panel Share the offer letter to candidate Easily have data migration done from Candidate to Employee with

generation of employee ID Employee Self Service 6 1 2 3 4 5 Access to Employee Provide individual s Asset Tracking Map different assets like Document Library Salary Attendance access to employees,

mobile, laptop etc to individual employees 6 7 8 9 Travel and Reimburseme Raise travel claims and nt submit expenses online Leaves Get Social Employee Directory Let Employees download Integrate seamlessly Provide employees their respective payslips with biometric device to access to upload their and calculate TDS on view punch in and respective documents proposed investment punch out and raise like ID Proof, Address regularization and

Proof, and store them correction request from securely system 1 0 Helpdesk View Birthdays and Raise a ticket against a Apply and cancel leaves Search entire company Special Occasion of your particular department against each leave employees with contact colleagues for resolution codes details Define Flexible Holidays Loan Management Customize Loan Options Have different variants of Loan based on Eligibility criteria EMI or Tenure Have Flexibility of setting Loans based on Tenure or Fixed EMI or Rate of Interest Contracts

Store all relevant documents from Employee against a particular loan for processing of application 7 Travel and Reimbursement Travel and Reimbursement Claims Let Travel and Reimbursement Claim be different as per accounting policies. Different Eligibility as per Employee Set different eligibility based on Grade/Pay Cadre, Designation, Department, Categories of Employee Multiple Proof Submission Submit multiple bills like hotel, taxi, Boarding pass, tickets against a particular travel to track expenses incurred in each trip Advance Claim Raise advance claim approvals and amount to make your travel plan Set different Reimbursement Claims Submit different Reimbursement bills for each month like Petrol Allowance, Gifts, Team Lunch/Dinner, Client Visit 8 Attendance and Leave 1 2

3 4 5 Shift Management Define Multiple Shift like Flexible or Time Based, Assign as a one time Shift or Rotational shift to each employees Attendance Have freedom to mark attendance, Correction or Regularization from within the system with GPS tracking Attendance Policy Customize Late coming, early going, Half Day, Full Day policies branch wise. Comp-Off and Overtime Policy Set different policies Overtime and Comp-Off Holidays and Week Off Set Different holidays and Week Off as per each location. Have Flexibility to define or override rules based on employee 6 7 8

9 10 Leave Code Set Multiple Leave Codes and allocate to each location. Have Flexibility to set Paid and Unpaid Leaves Leave Rules Define Leave Rules based on each location, Employee Hierarchy, Frequency of Credit Sandwich Rule and Partial Sandwich Set Leaves based whether wanted to have Full Sandwich Applicable or Partial Sandwich for Week Off and Holidays Leave Instances and Encashment Set Maximum and Minimum Leaves availed as per leave codes, Set Rules for Leave Encashment Leave Carry Forward and Probation Define Rules based on whether leaves should be yearly carry forward and whether wanted to grant in probation or not. 9 Payroll Management Salary Structure

Salary Heads Customize and design your Salary Heads Create your own formula for defining Salary Structure.PaySlip Loan/Salary Advance Have Flexibility to define multiple Loan Arrears/Bonus types Generation /Incentive Creativity is the key to Release Arrears, Bonus success in the future. and Payout variable component within or outside Salary 10 Compliance Management Provident Fund (PF) Profession Tax (PT) Monthly ECR Online Upload Txt File

PT Form 5, PT Summary and Statement Employee State Insurance Monthly ECR Online Upload Excel File Income Tax (TDS) ITNS 281- Online Payment Form No 24Q/Form No 27A Quarterly eTDS Return 11 Labour Welfare Fund Contract Labour XXV82(2), XXIV Rule 82(1),III Rule 21(4A) Minimum Wages Act, V Rule 18 Other Compliances Maternity Benefits LMNO Rule 16(1), Apprenticeship Act APP2,ER-1 Rule 6 (Employment Exchange), Factories Act Performance Appraisal KRA,KPI, Goal

Setting Define KRA,KPI Employee wise, Designation wise, Have Flexibility of Employees or Managers defining their own KPIs or for Team. Evaluation Have Self, Team, Peer and External Evaluation Appraisal Review Performance Summary, Define weightages, Unit of Measurement for each KPI and have target set for predefined period Employee Have 180* or 360* appraisal Scorecard process and integrate seamlessly with Payroll 12 HR Analytics Reminders Get well notified in advance for Probation confirmation, Compliance report submission, Appraisal Due dates, Customized Reports Employee Information, Attendance, Leave and Processed Salary. Design your flexible reports

Department, Grade/Pay Cadre Analyse Expense outflow against each department, designation, Grade/Pay Cadre Salary Revision History Check salary revision history of all employees disbursement of fixed and variable Salaries 13 Organization Structure Organization designation hierarchy, Reporting managers Hierarchy Location wise Manpower Hierarchy Extras Users and Role Management Create your own new Role and assign the page wise access to individual with read only or editable access 14 Contractor Management Access to worker and Contractor/Sub Contractor management Email Notification Set your own customized email notification with alerts Easy Imports/Exports

Have power to import data or export data as per requirement Thank you GET IT IN TOUCH Address Phone Social Media A-8, Safal Profitaire, Opp. Ramada Hotel Corporate Road, Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat Direct Line: +91 79 3959 3940 [email protected]

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