H L T CH E A OR F C Y N WHAT ARE ELLS? ELL (English Language Learners) is defined as an active learner of the English language who may benefit from various types of language support (K-12)

57% of ELLs were born in the US 43% were born outside the US ELLs do not fit into simple categories diverse groups of varying ethnicities, nationalities, race, languages, and cultures DEFINING THE SOCIAL PROBLEM: ELLs in New York City graduation rates fall 20 percentage points below the rate for the Citys students overall

Only 7 percent of ELLs graduate on time and ready for college and careers ELLs are the fastest growing segment of the student population (highest growth occurring 7-12 grades) GATHERING EVIDENCE OF THE PROBLEM: Non-Native English speakers show a 4% proficiency on reading

portion of NAEP exam vs. 31% native speakers Non-Native English speakers ages 14-18 y/o were 21 percent less likely to have completed high school in 2005 City Statistics TOP 10 ELL Languages in NYC

IDENTIFYING THE CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM Where have schools and communities failed to support our large ELL populations in NYC? Why is NYC heavily impacted by ELL populations? What is the disparity between Native English Speakers and Non-Native speakers ELL? Use the Worksheet to Hypothesize Causes of the Problem Worksheet EVALUATING EXISTING PUBLIC POLICIES

In 1973, Keyes v. Denver - U.S. Supreme Court ruled desegregate of schools In 1974, the Lau v. Nichols - instructional program in which they can be given equal access to an education.

In 1978, Castaeda v. Pickard educational programming for ELLs to be: 1. based on sound educational research 2. implemented with adequate commitment resources 3. evaluated and proven to be effective No Child Left Behind Act (2001) PUBLIC POLICY ANALYST STEPS TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEM! 1 Define the Problem

2 Gather the Evidence 3 Identify the Cause 4 Evaluate an Existing Policy 5 Develop Solutions 6 Select the best Solution, (Feasibility Vs Effectiveness) DEVELOPING PUBLIC POLICY SOLUTIONS How would you change your own schools ELL graduation statistics? What policies would you put in place for teachers, students, parents, and administrators?

Develop Solutions - Click Here for Worksheet SELECTING THE BEST PUBLIC POLICY SO LUTION What solutions did your group decide would be best? Why would this solution be successful? Some Valuable Resources: Article 1: The Blueprint for ELL Success Article 2: Content Based Language Instruction

Article 3: Commissioner's Regulations NYC DOE Website ELL CITATIONS http:// www.ncte.org/library/NCTEFiles/Resources/PolicyResearch/E LLResearchBrief.pdf http:// www.p12.nysed.gov/biling/docs/DecRegPPPart154PDF.pdf http://aplusnyc.org/english-language-learners/

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