CEO Report (Summer 2017 NABC) July 19, 2017

CEO Report (Summer 2017 NABC) July 19, 2017

CEO Report (Summer 2017 NABC) July 19, 2017 Bahar Gidwani Since Kansas City Finances Stable Membership Flat Tables Played Down Progress Made on Tech Other Areas Normal Since June

Outreach to Stakeholders Started Data Gathering CRM Selected Other Small Changes Finances Stable $0.5MM gain in first half Cash balance around $7MM Expenses better than budget ($299K) Didnt spend all tech budget BOD didnt use full budget

Offset partly by increase in exec area Revenue worse than budget ($102K) Member revenue up vs 2016, due to price increase, but down vs budget Club and tournament table counts down Membership Flat 95 member increase versus December Range across districts from up 3.0% to down 3.2% New member retention rate remains around 60%

2% increase in member revenue 6K new members in first half 30% of renewing members chose 3 year plan Average age of members = 72.1 years Tables Played Down Club table count is down about 3% Tournament table count is down about 4% Kansas City NABC table count was 13% below forecast On-line table count up about 6% Many tournaments earned less than

expected or lost money Progress Made on Tech Progress on replacing Masterpoint Engine and ACBLScore Completed alpha test On track to finish by end of year Upgraded/Improved:

ACBL Live FinancialTRAX NABC Seeding TourneyTRAX Improved security and infrastructure Other Areas Normal Hired Director of Operations No National Recorder hired, yet Only other open positons are in field supervision $700K raised via Longest Day

CEO transition completed during June and July Outreach to Stakeholders Stakeholder Number Contacted Board Members 24 District Presidents 2 NBO Leaders 6 ACBL Staff 17

Club Managers & Teachers 8 Pros & Committee Members 6 Partners, Suppliers 7 Players, former Board Members 5 Started Data Gathering Employee survey (Appendix A) Supported Club & Teacher Survey (not shared) Gathered data on district financials

(Appendix B) Began collecting data on tournament financial performance (not shared) Created list of possible projects and questions to study (not shared) 3 Questions for HQ and Field Staff More than 70 employees responded Good news: Most employees feel they are fairly paid Most employees feel they can express concerns Concerns Field employees are not as happy with pay as HQ

Female staff are not as comfortable expressing concerns as are men Only moderate conviction that ACBL is on the right path for success Results were shared with all employees Full details are attached (Appendix A) Club Manager & Teacher Feedback With support from staff, Club Committee surveyed ~5,000 Club Managers and Teachers. About 10% responded. Selected results (full survey is available from the Committee) The Teacher & Club Owner Overall Experience is sound and has upside ACBL Management daily operations serves teachers and Club owners well

The Board of Directors appears out of touch and aloof from this group Units and Districts vary greatly in their engagement and support of teaching, recruiting and supporting clubs The current system is disjointed and uncoordinated on prospect development, recruiting, & teaching The aging teachers and club owners demographic influences efforts to grow and to recruit younger players. Efforts to teach bridge in a school setting are missing in action or lacking traction. Analyze District Financial Data Goals: Understand flow of funds within ACBL Provide districts with ratios they can use to improve their

internal financial management Uncover best practice ideas and opportunities Next Steps: Seek help from district treasurers to complete initial analysis Extend to Units and analyze overall tournament financials Start to create templates and financial support tools for the ACBL community The initial summary is attached (Appendix B) Selected CRM Chose Microsoft Dynamics

Well-respected product, competitive with Salesforce, Oracle, etc. on both price and capabilities Compatible with existing software products Requested bids from multiple integrators Sought input and approval from Finance Committee Other Small Changes Initiated several finance area changes Use Canadian and Mexican currency for

our operations in these countries Reduce our cost to manage our investments Negotiated a $2MM line of credit (at no cost to ACBL) Expanded search for National Recorder Initiated one sponsorship and one partnership deal

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