2018 February PAW September Paw PRINTS Prints From

2018 February PAW September Paw PRINTS Prints From

2018 February PAW September Paw PRINTS Prints From the Principals March 16 & March 30 Will be School Days to makeup Bad Weather Days! Desk The second semester is well underway and our teachers and students are working daily to increase growth and ensure that learning is taking place. It is imperative that students are present each day. Check-outs and absences can have a negative impact on your childs education. We hope to see all of our students for the full instructional day to help them achieve success. I am amazed at the teaching and learning that is taking place in our classrooms. Our faculty and staff put in their greatest efforts every day to help all children succeed. We thank you for your continued support at home and are thankful for your partnership, as --Lori we work to move each of our Little Jags toward their Harrell educational goals. Kindergarten Daily Review: Sight Words Independent Oral Reading Writing sentences with correct punctuation Counting to 100 Subtraction/Addition All Sight Words North Pike Elementary 1052 Jaguar Trail 601-276-2646 First Grade Language Artsau/aw Inflected endings ed, -ing R controlled vowels Contractions Past, present and future tense verbs Using liking verbs (am, is, are, was, were) MathComparing and ordering numbers I more, 1 less 10 more, 10 less Adding with 10s and 1s Cat in the Hat play- February 23 Valentines Day Party- February 14 Second Grade Nurse Notes Denise Owen, RN February Is American Heart Month: Are You at Risk for Heart Disease? During the month of February, Americans see the human heart as the symbol of love. February is American Heart Month, a time to show yourself the love. Please remember that you are an example to your kids. Cardiovascular disease (CVD)including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressureis the number 1 killer of women and men in the United States. It is a leading cause of disability, preventing Americans from working and enjoying family activities. CVD costs the United States over $300 billion each year, including the cost of health care services, medications, and lost productivity. Try out these strategies for better heart health. You'll be surprised how many of them can become lifelong habits! Plan for prevention!!!! Work with your health care team Manage your Diabetes Monitor your blood pressure Dont Smoke Get your cholesterol checked Exercise Regularly Eat a healthy diet Maintain a healthy weight Together, we all can prevent and manage heart disease, one step at a time!!! **Check the class Homework Letter (front & back) each Monday for Spelling words, skills to study, important dates, and homework/school information. **Read with your child each day and encourage them to take AR tests. **Study Math facts each day using flash cards or computer games. We appreciate your help! Music Notes 1st Grade Program Go Fish! will be Friday, March 9 8:30 program Addison, Davis, Reynolds, Smith 10:00 program Alldredge, Campbell, Lewman, Miller Kindergarten Program A Barnyard Moosical will be Friday, April 27th 8:30 program Ellzey, Embry, Paulk, and Sticker 10:00 program Beard, Hughes, Kessler, and Ryals Parents, please take the opportunity to visit our NPSD website and click on Departments (top dark blue bar)-then click on Federal Programs and review our District Title I Parent Involvement Plan for 2017-2018. If you ever have any questions please contact our Federal Programs Director, Loren HarrisAssistant Superintendent, at 601.276.2646 Kim Phillips, FSD North Pike School District Phone 601276-3129

Fax 601-2762867 4 Tips for Keeping Your Food Safe and Your Family Healthy Hand washing and cleaning. Frequently clean hands, surfaces and utensils. Separate raw and cooked food. Prevent bacteria from spreading from food to food. Chill food fast. Cold temperatures help keep bacteria from growing. Cook foods to a safe temperature. Kill bacteria by cooking foods properly. Third Grade Language Arts----We are working on putting commas in the correct place. Please be sure to read with your child every night. Mathcontinue to study multiplication facts and DIVISION facts. We are continuing to work on fractions and also learning geometry. Make sure both sides of math drills are completed each night. Library News Every time students come to the library they have time to check out wonderful books to read. There is nothing more heartwarming than when a child finds that "just right book" and leaves the library hugging it or smiling from ear to ear. Please ask your child what they are reading and even have them read to you. Sharing a good story is always a wonderful thing! That said, please encourage your child to return their books on time. If they haven't finished reading that great book they may renew it for another 2 weeks. There are no fines for late books but if a book is lost or severely damaged we ask you to please pay the cost of the book so we may replace it. Make sure to encourage them to take their AR test too! AR WORDS READ this year so far 61,456,285 words. AR points for the month of January 2,774 pts. Important Dates Tuesday, February 13 Spring Picture Day Wednesday, February 14 Classroom Valentines Party Friday, February 16 2nd 4th Grade Attend HS Play at SW Tuesday, February 20 Progress Reports Friday, February 23 Kindergarten 1st Attend Play at the State Theatre Friday, March 9 1st Grade Program *Friday, March 16 Bad Weather Make-up Day *Friday, March 30 Bad Weather Make-up Day Fourth Grade Math: We will continue working with fractions, and we are adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators, as well as putting answers in simplest form. After that we will be working with improper fractions and mixed numbers. Students will learn how to convert from one to the other along with how to add and subtract mixed numbers. Science: We are starting on Cycles and Patterns in Space. Be on the lookout for study guides and notes. Reading, Writing, and Language: READ! READ! READ! We cant say this enough. Students are reading and responding to text through writing. We are working on various types of writing essays with opinions, compare and contrast, informative, and short responses. Currently, we are working on ordering adjectives and then, prepositions. Social Studies: Look for projects to come home for black history month and womens history. Study guides and notes are in your childs MS History sleeve. Please check your childs binder for their HomeFun and important papers going home weekly. Also, many students still need new pencils and other supplies. C.L.U.E. Crew Counselors Corner 3-4th CLUE Field Trip to Baton Rouge is Tuesday, Feb. 20th Theresa Brumfield Im thankful everyone made it through all the cold February is Black History Month. Students can celebrate by weather that weve had. There have been circumstances checking out some great books! out of our control that has caused us to miss school; sickness and snow days. Hopefully that is all past us We're celebrating Read Across America Week! February 26 because testing will start before long. Our teachers are March 2 marks Read Across America Week. Students, teachers, working hard to get our Little Jags ready for spring and class guest readers will celebrate at NPES by reading their testing. Please have your child present at school all day favorite books all week long. If you would like to be a guest reader so that he/she doesnt miss any instructional time. We please contact me at [email protected] are thankful to have such great parents!!! The chief I have in a long life to be..choose You lesson can choose tolearned be anything you want Happy Reading! is that kind! the only way you can make a man Mrs. Nieman trustworthy is to trust him; and the surest way to make him untrustworthy is to distrust him.

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