Which one of these is the oldest structure?

Which one of these is the oldest structure?

Which one of these is the oldest structure? What similarities do they share? A Identify the 3

buildings B C Greeks 2000B.C. 300 B.C. History of Athens

Pericles led Athens during its Golden Age. Greek culture reached new heights under his leadership. Pericles had a great influence over

Athens. Pericles Three Goals for Athens The Olympian of Athens Pericles: Leader during Athens Golden Age Ruled 20+ years Magnificent orator Reputation for scrupulous honesty Deepened and extended the city reforms.

Patron of learning and the arts Masterminded the construction of the Parthenon. Set Athens on a collision course with Sparta that would ultimately lead to its ruin. Pericles Three Goals Pericles Three Main Goals were Strengthen Athenian democracy

Maintain and strengthen Athenian empire Glorify Athens through public works Word of the Day *Democracy* Definition: A GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED BY ITS CITIZENS EITHER DIRECTLY (Athens had a direct democracy) OR THROUGH

REPRESENTATIVES (We have this in the USA, it is called a REPUBLIC-a form of government in which power rest with the citizens who have the right to voted and select their leaders). Greek Styles in Art Greek Sculpture Figures were graceful, strong and perfectly formed. Their

faces showed neither laughter nor anger, only serenity. Sculptors tried to capture grace of the idealized human body in motion. Classical Art Standards *Values of order *Balance *Proportion GREEK ART ANALYSIS 1. The Charioteer was created

almost 300 years before Nike. How has the artistic style changed during that time? 1. Which one shows more movement? Spartans and Athenians Go To War

Peloponnesian War Sparta declared war against Athens in 431 BC Pericles, who led Athens, believed that so long as Athens avoided land battles they could wait for an opportunity to strike from the sea. Sparta marches towards Athens Sparta conducts a

scorched earth tactic by destroying everything to Athens. Spartans and Athenians Go To War Sparta Edge Gains the Plague in Athens kills 33% to 66% of the

population in 415 BC. Defeat of Athenian fleet at Syracuse in 413 BC. Spartans and Athenians: War War Brings Political Changes After 27 years of war, Athens lost its empire, power and wealth. Athenians lost confidence in democratic

form of government due to lack of strong leadership. The Athenian Assembly changed political program Philosophers Search for Truth Philosophers: wisdom Lover of Thinkers who questioned all in

the pursuit of wisdom. Two assumptions of philosophers The universe is put together in an orderly way, and subject to absolute and unchanging laws. People can understand these law through logic and reason. Lovers of Wisdom Philosophers Search for Truth

Socrates 469 399 BC Believed the unexamined life not worth living, and his teachings forced people to think about their values and actions. Executed in 399 BC for corrupting the youth of Athens. Jacques-Maret David

painting Death of Socrates Plato: Student of Socrates Plato 427 347 BC Studied under Socrates and wrote numerous works, including, The Republic. Founded a school known as The Academy.

Aristotle: Student of Plato Aristotle 384 322 BC Studied at Platos Academy, and invented the method of arguing according to rules of logic later applied to most sciences.

Teacher to Alexander the Great Philosophers Impact *Aristotle, Plato and Socrates impacted Western Ideals because they encouraged individuals to use reason and logic Horrible History-Im a Greek Closure:

Your ticket out the door List the characteristics of a Greek art and architecture

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