Please stay for a cup of tea or

Please stay for a cup of tea or

Please stay for a cup of tea or coffee after the service. Next Week Members who require prayer meet in the chapel after the service. Wed 9:30am Ladies Bible Study in the Hall. 5 Nov Thurs 9am Ladies Bible Study in the hall. 6 Nov 4pm Prayer Meeting @ the Church, held in the Chapel Friday 3-4pm Prayer Meeting in the Village of 7 Nov Happiness Chapel to pray for our country and its leaders and world situations. Youth Programmes 5:30-6:30pm G63 (Gr 1-5) 5:30-7pm Junxion (Gr 6-7) 7:30-9:30pm Revamp (Gr 8-12) Sat 6:30 for 7pm Fun Quiz Night 8 Nov Kidz Church Will Dawn Centre (Gr 5 & below) Teen Church Chapel (Gr 6 & above) Sunday 9 November 9am Service Preaching: Pastor Brian Dennison 6pm Service New Series Pastor Chris Anderson Prayer & Praise Requests: Dee Mitchell bad fall, fractured pelvis. Minnie Phielix Mel Kleinhans Talk on Israel Ronnie Baker Hall, VOH, Saturday November 8 @ 9am Pat Munro from Mdoni is coming to give a talk on Israel and share her life changing experience. Quiz Night Any companies, or individuals willing to donate prizes for Quiz Night small or big prizes please speak to Jo Snell 0731528757. ? Fun Quiz Night @ the church Saturday 8 November 6:30 for 7pm Tickets are R90/person, includes dinner Tickets are available form the office. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Muriel Schutte 3rd Hannah Ovidi 3rd Colleen Elliott 4th Kids Church during the Holidays We need teacher and helpers. Chat to Nicola Elliott or Monique Whelan. Suggested Mission Statement from our Leadership Panorama weekend. Margate Baptist Church exists to GLORIFY GOD Through EVANGELISM-DISCIPLESHIPFELLOWSHIP-WORSHIP By being a family where grace and love is unconditional, corporate worship essential, unity non-negotiable, and endeavouring to share Jesus with our community central. Office: Youth Office: 039 312 0245 [email protected] [email protected] 039 312 1177 Senior Pastor: Childrens Pastor Chris Anderson Intern: 082 3833733 (having a hope thats good for both now and later) Hebrews 6:18-20 Monique Whelan 072 842 4022

Youth Pastoral Interns: Meghan Aereboe JP Momberg 073 240 7021 072 711 8878 Youth DUTIES: - 9Workers November Sarah Paxton Donne de Door Duty: Chris Allen / Mark Hannaway / Yvonne Wet Serfontein / Linda Hansell 076 637 2890 071 885 7237 Tea Duty: Young Adults (Olivia Lukes Group) Lock up Duty: Marion Jones-Craig Saturday 29 November Good food and fun entertainment.. EXPENSES MONTH / SEPT 72 778 113 365 YTD JanSept 2014 1 087 527 1 018 010 Lockup Duty TODAY Pieter Theron SURPLUS SHORT 40 587 69 517 BANK DETAILS Margate Baptist Church Standard Bank, Margate Acc No. 053273036 Branch No. 05752840 WELCOM To Our Family 2 November 2014 S 9 AM Family Service & Communion Pastor Chris Anderson 6 PM Evening Service New Series TAKING HOLD OF HOPE What is it? (Colossians 1:27) Christ in you SALVATION Jesus is alive!.. RESURRECTION Romans 10:9 What does it do? (Hebrews 6:19,20) Church Family Christmas Lunch INCOME Sermon Notes: Anchors the soul Guides us through Ensures our safe arrival HOPE IS A PERSON JESUS IS OUR HOPE __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ _ There are BIBLES in the cupboard at the back of the church. Please put them back at the close of the service. There are also cushions for the chairs, under the stairs at the back of the church. -

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