FOCI Bronze Medal Ceremony December 18, 2002 Jim

FOCI Bronze Medal Ceremony December 18, 2002 Jim

FOCI Bronze Medal Ceremony December 18, 2002 Jim Traynor Conference Room NOAA - 7600 Sand Point Way NE Seattle, Washington 98115-6349 Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations (FOCI) awarded DOC Bronze Medal On October 22, 2002, at the Inn and Conference Center of the University of Maryland University College, Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, awarded the U.S. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal to the NOAA FOCI Program. FOCI was cited "for scientific

achievements that have advanced fisheries oceanography and marine ecology and have contributed to building sustainable fisheries in the North Pacific." The award was accepted by Dr. Eddie Bernard, representing the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and Dr. Jeff Napp, representing the Alaska Fisheries Science Center. Each

organization received a wall plaque with a bronze medal and inscription. A local ceremony was conducted on December 18, 2002, in Seattle, Washington, to honor FOCI and its members. This is a record of that occasion. Agenda Welcome & brief history of FOCI - Allen Macklin, FOCI Coordinator Birth of the program - Bill Aron, AFSC Director (retired) & Eddie Bernard, PMEL Director A strong program - Art Kendall, AFSC FOCI Director (retired) & Jim Schumacher, PMEL FOCI Director (retired) Perspective - Gary Stauffer, AFSC RACE Director Award of Bronze Medals to PMEL and AFSC Eddie Bernard (representing NOAA OAR) awarding to Jim Schumacher & Phyllis Stabeno, PMEL FOCI Director Gary Stauffer (representing NOAA Fisheries)awarding to Art Kendall & Jeff Napp, AFSC FOCI Director Acceptances - Phyllis Stabeno & Jeff Napp Award of FOCI Bronze Medal certificates to honored guests - Phyllis Stabeno & Jeff Napp

Lunch Remarks - Ron Reed, PMEL FOCI Senior Scientist A FOCI biological timeline - Ann Matarese, AFSC FOCI Scientist Cutting of the cake - Jeff Napp & Phyllis Stabeno Congratulations from afar - read by Allen Macklin Recognition from Steve Hammond, PMEL OERD Leader - read by Ned Cokelet, PMEL Scientist Musings - Ned Cokelet Comments - Guests A bit of socializing before the ceremony (l to r) Kathy Mier, Liz Dobbins, Jeff Napp, Kevin Bailey, Chrissy Keliyanides, Colleen Harpold, Jennifer Lanksbury (l to r) Kimberly Bahl, Jay Clark, Mark Koehn, Annette Brown, Morgan Busby, Andre Buchheister (standing), Debbie Blood (striped sweater), Chris Baier, Susan Picquelle, Peter Proctor, Ann Matarese.

(l to r) Miriam Doyle, Debbie Blood (back to camera), Peter Proctor, Ann Matarese, Ron Reed (l to r) Gary Stauffer, Peter Proctor, Jim Schumacher, Colleen Harpold, Tony Jenkins, Jennifer Lanksbury, Cathy Ferrar, Tiffany Vance, ?, Dylan Righi, Annette Brown, ? Allen Macklin, FOCI Coordinator, explains some of the "numbers of FOCI" accrued since the start of the program in 1984: 52 = number of associate personnel 133 = number of FOCI personnel 179 = number of cruises 226 = number of FOCI seminars 447 = number of FOCI publications

Bill Aron (left), retired director of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, and Eddie Bernard (right), director of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, are the creators and "grandfathers" of FOCI. Amused participants (left to right) Jeff Napp, Phyllis Stabeno, Eddie Bernard, Joyce Gearhart, Sarah Hinckley, Cathy Ferrar, and Colleen Harpold enjoy Bill Aron's anecdotes. Art Kendall (left) and Jim Schumacher (right) are the retired directors ("fathers") of the AFSC and PMEL FOCI components, respectively. Gary Stauffer, AFSC RACE Director, has provided consistent support that has stabilized FOCI. Presentation of the Bronze Medal Eddie Bernard (center left) and Gary Stauffer (center right) present the DOC Bronze

Medal to Jim Schumacher and Phyllis Stabeno (left) and Art Kendall and Jeff Napp (right), the respective retired and current FOCI directors of PMEL and AFSC. Phyllis Stabeno and Jeff Napp awarded individual certificates of recognition (below right) to 125 vested members of the FOCI program. Below left, Jim Schumacher receives his certificate from Jeff Napp. Participants sampled foodstuffs from various trophic levels of the ecosystem! MENU An assortment of gourmet submarine sandwiches Varietal chips

Assorted beverages And Chocolate-vanilla Bronze Medal cake with butter cream frosting l to r: Eddie Bernard, Jim Schumacher, Phyllis Stabeno, Jeff Napp, Art Kendall, Bill Aron The Future of FOCI Physics: (l to r) Dylan Righi, Carol Ladd, Peggy Sullivan l to r: Eddie Bernard, Jim Schumacher, Phyllis Stabeno, Allen Macklin, Jeff Napp, Gary Stauffer, Art Kendall, Bill Aron Invitees

*Alexander, Vera *Alvarez-Flores, Carlos Anderson, Jim (photo) Aron, Bill *Ault, Jerry Bahl, Kimberly Baier, Chris Bailey, Kevin *Balsiger, Jim Bernard, Eddie Blood, Debbie *Boeing, Wiebke Bond, Nick *Brodeur, Ric Brown, Annette Buchheister, Andre *Bunn, James Busby, Morgan

*Canino, Michael *Cartwright, Rachael *Ciannelli, Lorenzo Clancy, Tim Clark, Jay *Coe, Jim Cokelet, Ned *Dagg, Mike *Dark, Tom Deliyanides, Christina *DeMaster, Doug DeWitt, Carol Dobbins, Liz Dougherty, Dan *Dowgiallo, Mike Doyle, Miriam Duffy-Anderson, Janet

*Dunn, Jean *Eaton, Bart Erickson, Ron Ferrar, Cathy *Floering, Bill *Fornalski, Jeff *Gallagher, Mike Gearhart, Joyce *Gray, Judy Hadden, Carrie *Hammond, Stephen Harpold, Colleen Hermann, Al Hester, Richard *Hickey, Barbara Hinckley, Sarah *Hofmann, Eileen *Houde, Ed

Jenkins, Antonio *Johnson, David *Jorgenson, Elaina Kachel, David Kachel, Nancy Kendall, Art *Klawitter, Dan Koehn, Mark Ladd, Carol Lanksbury, Jennifer Lind, Angela *MacDonald, Erin Macklin, Allen Matarese, Ann Mccauley, Kitty Megrey, Bern Merati, Nazila

Mier, Kathy *Mueter, Franz Napp, Jeff Nelson, Russ *Olla, Bori Overland, Jim *Paakkonen, Jari Panidis, Justin (photo) *Parker, Bill *Pautzke, Clarence Picquelle, Susan * unable to attend Proctor, Peter Porter, Steve Reed, Ron Righi, Dylan Rodionov, Sergei

*Roskie, Earl *Royer, Tom *Rugen, Bill *Rugen, Lisa *Salo, Sigrid *Scavia, Don Schumacher, Jim Sites, Bill Spillane, Mick Stabeno, Phyllis Stauffer, Gary Sullivan, Peggy Theilacker, Gail *Turner, Beth *Tyler, Al Vance, Tiffany *Vinter, Bev Wang, Muyin

Wilson, Matt Wood, Kevin *Wooster, Warren

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