COMPOSITION SPACE An element of art, space refers to distances or areas around, between or within components of a piece. Space can be positive (white or light) or negative (black or dark), open or closed, shallow or deep and two-dimensional or threedimensional. Sometimes space isn't actually within a piece, but the

illusion of it is. MASS & VO LU M E COLOR HUE VALUE

SATURATION Maybe Art is a point of view- the angle from which we see the world. Perspective is an attempt to reproduce objects on a flat surface as they appear to the eye. Form is an element of art. At its most basic, a form is a threedimensional geometrical figure (i.e.: sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, etc.), as opposed to a shape, which is two-dimensional, or flat.

Form refers to the visible elements of a piece, independent of their meaning. For example, in Leonardo's Mona Lisa, the formal elements are color, dimension, lines, mass, shape, etc., while the feelings of mystery and intrigue the piece evokes are informal products of the viewer's imagination. But what does it mean? Meaning is a question of CONTENT, which includes: Subject matter

Context (social, political, and economic) Intention (artist) Reception or interpretation (of and by the viewer) Iconography and symbolism Aulus Metellus DOES IT ALL


ILLUSIONISM IDEALISM Title: Flower Piece with Curtain Artist: Adriaen Date: 1658

van der Spelt and Frans van Mieris Medium: Oil Size: 18 on Panel X 25" (46.5 X 64 cm)

Title: The Medici Venus Museum: Villa Medici, Florence, Italy Date: Roman Copy of a 1st-Century Medium: Marble BCE Greek statue Size: height 5' (1.53 m) without base Title: Charles V Triumphing over Fury, without Armor

Artist: Leone Leoni Date: c. 1549-1555 Museum: Museo Nacional del Prado Medium: Bronze Size: height to top of head 5'8" (1.74 m) The ESSENCE that is Abstraction I know I cannot paint a flower.

I cannot paint the sun on the desert on a bright sunny morning but maybe in terms of paint color I can convey to you my experience of the flower or the experience that makes the flower significant to me at that particular time. Georgia OKeefe November 1, 1930

The opposite realism: Nonrepresentational or Nonobjective Art No reference to objects from the physical world Only pure elements of design lines, shapes, forms, space, texture, color.

What does it mean? Title: Cubi XIX Medium: Stainless Artist: David Smith Size: 9'

Date: 1964 steel 5/8" X 1' 9 " X 1' 8" (2.88 x .55 X .51 m) DIFFERENCES IN NONFIGURAL STYLES NONREPRESENTATIONAL ABSTRACT

Public and Propagandistic Art Title: The Great Sphinx Artist: N/A Date: Dynasty

Source/Museum: Giza, Medium: Sandstone 4, c. 2613-2494 BCE Size: height approx. 65 Egypt Title: Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Source: The Mall, Washington, Artist: Maya Ying Medium: Black granite Date: 1982 Lin

Size: length 500' (152 m) D.C. In the end,does art, or the meaning of art, always comes down to a confrontation between an object and a viewer.?

SO, WHAT IS ART ??? I look forward to hearing your opinions!

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