CSK015 Knotting Crib Cards Print 10 x 15

CSK015 Knotting Crib Cards  Print 10 x 15

CSK015 Knotting Crib Cards Print 10 x 15 cm Laminated And supports the knot boards (CSK016) Clove Hitch (Boatmans knot, Peg Knot) (Hitch) Can be tied with one-hand. Not secure if strain is intermittent and inconsistent angle. Should be replaced by a more stable knot when you can. Adding a stopper

knot or additional hitches makes it more stable Paracord Bracelet (basic) 1. Set length Fold cord in half and tie cow knot through one side of the buckle. Pull taught, pass end through other half of buckle and set length. 2. Lock end Tie a simple knot underneath the buckle and ropes. 3. Weave #1 Cross the right over the ropes, the left over and through the loop. 4. Weave #2 Cross the left over the ropes, the right over and through the loop.

5. You should notice that the same working end always crosses over the top of the ropes and the other always pulls through the loop. Pull taught after each weave. Continue for full length. 6. Remove the inside from the working ends and melt. Warning: melted rope is hot Round turn and two half hitches

The design of this hitch it to take more wear and tear (friction) because of the double turn. The knot can take strain and is easily undone. Reef (Square knot) (Bend) Used for joining ropes together and a triangular bandage in first aid. Should be used on ropes of the

same diameter. Figure-of-eight (Stopper Knot) Widely used by sailors on running rigging. used to prevent the end of a rope slipping through small eye (fairlead). Bowline (Loop Knot) Rescue knot. Used to create a

loop at the end of a rope. One of the most useful knots. Overhand Knot (Thumb knot) (Stopper knot) Often difficult to undo when wet or on small rope. Stevedore Knot (Stopper Knot) This is just like the figure of eight knot but with an extra twist.

Heaving line knot / Multiple Overhand Knot (Stopper Knot) Used when a line is to be thrown ashore by adding weight to the end. Heaving lines are often 0.5-0.75 inch diameter and 80 feet long. They should float and be flexible. One of the most often tied loop knots. Difficult to undo when the knot has been under strain.

Cow Hitch (Larks Head) Made from two single hitches in different directions. Not very secure, a temporary fastening only. Rolling Hitch Similar to the clove hitch except used when there is a

strain at an angle on a round object such as a spar or thick rope. Fishermans Bend (Anchor Bend) If cow hitch is not secure, this is the opposite and most secure. Used by some sailors to attach a bot to a quay. For extra security

add a half hitch Sometimes used on a anchor (but add a stopper knot) Timber Hitch A temporary noose. The heavier or thicker the items the more twists are required. A half hitch is required to ensure the hitch lies in the correct direction and remains tight. Easy undone.

Highwaymans Hitch The knot was used by robbers to ensure a quick release of their horse and get-away. A single pull on the working end unties the knot, the standing part can withstand tension. Monkeys Fist The monkey's fist knot

is most often used as the weight in a heaving line. The line would have the monkey's fist on one end, an eye splice or bowline on the other, with about 30 feet (~10 metres) of line

between. Used for joining ropes that are different sizes (thickness). A popular knot as it is simple to tie and stronger than a reef knot. Sheet Bend (Joining)

Double Fisherman Knot Working end should be on opposite sides Blood Knot Fisherman Knot

It is compact and jams when tightened. It can also be easily tied with cold, wet hands. Fisherman Knot A wet rope should never be left in the open where it may freeze. If dirty it causes friction and extra wear. Tight

beds/folding weakens the rope. Put away clean and correctly. Rope Care Bowline On A Bight This knot forms a bowline (secure loop) in the middle of a line. Useful when you want a

non-slip loop but a free end is not handy or to provide two loops in the end of a line. This knot can be used as a sling or as a seat or bosuns chair in an emergency rescue situation. The two loops can be worked to different sizes if needed.

Alpine Butterfly Knot Used to form a loop in a rope without needing access to the ends. It is good to use in a tow rope when herringbone towing. Easy to undo even if it has been under load. Alpine Butterfly Knot alternate

method Grief Knot Gets it name from granny and thief knot. It unravels easily Granny Knot Can release easily and unpredictably

Thief Knot Has a tendency to come undone Reef (Square) knot Working and standing ends opposite each other, with both entering/exit from same loop

Reef (Square) knot Getting it wrong! Slip Knot A slip knot is a type of knot that can "slip" along the rope and can easily be untied by pulling one of the ends. This knot is easy to tie and commonly used in rock climbing, knitting, and securing loads on trailers.

Running bowline he running bowline is strong and secure. It slides easily and can be undone just as simply. Tying: Tie a simple bowline with a small loop and pass the standing part in the loop Overhand knot with draw-loop An overhand knot with draw-loop, is a knot in which the weight of the load the

rope carries depresses the loop sufficiently to keep it in place until the load item is placed in its location. When no longer required the free end may be pulled and draw the loop through and so release the load. Tarbuck The Tarbuck knot was

developed for use by climbers, and was primarily used with stranded nylon ropes . It is used when the rope is subject to heavy or sudden loads, as it will slide to a limited extent thus reducing shock. The

knot is non-jamming. Prusik A Prusik is a friction hitch or knot used to attach a loop of cord around a rope, applied in climbing, canyoneering, mountaineering, caving, rope rescue, and by arborists. A prusik made from cord does little or no damage to the rope it is attached to.

Sheepshank The sheepshank is a type of knot that is used to shorten a rope, or take up slack, or to take the strain off a worn piece of rope. This knot is not

stable. It will fall apart under too much load or too little load. Sheepshank The knot can be strengthened by adding clove hitch or a peg

Chain Sinnet (monkey Braid) A chain sinnet is a method of shortening a rope while in use or for storage. It can also reduce tangling while a rope is being washed in a washing machine. It is also used to make a think rope thicker for easier pulling or to make a loop handle. Whilst this hitch is used to gain

leverage (help tighten and provides 3:1 advantage) it also helps shorten and is a very easy knot to undue, even under load. Truckers Hitch

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