Sales and Marketing Tools Sales and Marketing Tools

Sales and Marketing Tools Sales and Marketing Tools

Sales and Marketing Tools Sales and Marketing Tools Travelers has created an array of printed and online tools that you can use to sell this new home product. One-stop resource for information about all of the tools:

Agents have told us they want electronic tools in addition to printed materials we listened! E-postcards Downloadable Brochures Most pieces are customizable and all printing costs are free! Benefit from professionally designed marketing tools that can be integrated into your existing marketing campaign. Travelers Home Consumer Brochure This brochure offers a high-level overview of Travelers Home Insurance. Focuses on the importance of customized coverage and working with an independent agent. Tips for Use

Leverage centers of influence relationships with realtors, mortgage brokers and banks. They can present the brochure to potential customers during real estate transactions that involve insurance. Use the tent card at local realtors, mortgage brokers, banks and home sales centers. Send out the brochure in annual mailers to customers in preparation for account reviews. Door Hanger and Tent Card The tent card and door hanger mirror the messaging in the product brochure Travelers Home Insurance is just right for you because its custom-built by an independent agent. The door hanger is imprintable and

the tent card has a business card slot Tips for Use Hire a local student for a few hours each week and canvas local neighborhoods with the door hangers. Use the tent card at local realtors, mortgage brokers, banks and home sales centers. Use the tent card on tables at home shows or seminars. Customizable Drop Ad This attention-getting drop ad can be customized with your logo and contact information and then printed free of charge!

Tips for Use It can be used in local publications (inserted into newspapers) to advertise your agency. Use the drop ads as handouts at home shows. Work with local realtors and mortgage companies to have the drop ad included in informational packets. Use the drop ad in direct mail campaigns tri-fold it and send it to prospects in the mail. Place the ads on the windshields of cars parked at local home shows. E-Postcards Postcards can be customized with a choice of

four images and four different messages. There is no postage needed and setting up the message is quick and easy! Tips for Use Use the Thank You template to welcome new customers for all lines of business. Account Rounding Auto Account Rounding Home Send these postcards to existing Travelers customers to let them know they can save if they insure their home and auto together! Account Review This postcard can be used with existing customers to remind them of the importance

of an annual insurance review. Downloadable Brochures Electronic brochures make it easy to send product information via email. Its also fast and free! This brochure is customizable with your agency information. Tips for Use Target potential or existing customers and send them this brochure via email. Use the brochure with online home insurance quotes or proposals. Post the brochure on your agency Web site. Travelers Home Platinum Plus Brochure

This brochure offers an overview of the Platinum Plus product and is geared toward high-net-worth audiences. Tips for Use Provide brochure to local realtors who cater to highnet-worth customers. Target high-net-worth ZIP codes and include the brochure in a direct mail campaign. Form relationship with local financial advisor and discuss the benefits of the Travelers Platinum Plus program. Provide marketing materials to advisor to share with potential customers. Platinum Plus Customizable Ad This drop ad can be customized with your logo and

contact information. Tips for Use Use in local high-net-worth publications including playbills, community newsletters and newspapers. Target high-net-worth ZIP codes and use as a directmail piece. Platinum Plus Folder This folder is a great way to present Platinum Plus marketing pieces to prospects, or to present policy documents to new or existing customers. The folder has a slot for your business card. Tips for Use Create marketing packets that include a brochure,

customized drop ad and other materials about your agency. Local realtors or other centers of influence can provide the packets to potential customers. Present account review documents in the folder, along with a product brochure. Use with existing customers or present proposals to prospects.

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