Welcome to VHA Boost Mobile Authorized Retailer Agenda

Welcome to VHA Boost Mobile Authorized Retailer Agenda

Welcome to VHA Boost Mobile Authorized Retailer Agenda Why Boost Mobile For consumers For commission For your business SPG Sales Portal How to register on the Sales Portal How to make a sale/activate on the SPG portal Coachs corner on maximizing new activation sales

The VHA Dealer portal How to make an order on the portal How to Create an RMA Reporting + Eureka payments Marketing Marketing resources Coachs corner on effective marketing Coachs corner on maximizing replenishment transactions Communication

Eureka training WHY BOOST MOBILE? Boost Mobile for your customers Get more unlimited: 3 unlimited rate plans to choose from (average user = 1.2GB data) More simplicity: Pick any phone on any plan Peace of mind: New phones come w/ 1 year warranty & option for insurance Get Paid:

No charge backs! New Activation pay-out: (based on rate plan chosen at point of sale) Timing Up front (guaranteed)

$30 $44.99 75% $45+ 75% 1st month top NA 25% up (get paid more for Boost & Virgin Mobile plans $45.00 and higher)

Replenishment: 5% for Boost & Virgin Mobile top-ups (ex: take $20,000 in payments & earn $1,000) Handset Margin: Average $28 per box & up (ex: purchase handset at $72 wholesale & sell it for $99.99 retail) Boost Mobile for your business (Commission plan effective June 1st) New Activation commission on $45 plan & a android smart phone (without any add-ons)

Item Activation Handset Margin Payment (5%) TOTAL $ Upfront Month 1 Total payout

$33.75 $11.25 $45 $28 - $28

$2.25 $2.25 $4.50 $64 $13.50 $77.50

Earn more money upfront Get paid for the Activation, Handset, Add-ons, & Top- up Peace of mind w/ warranty support & RMA options WIN with Boost Mobile! SPG Sales Portal How to Register for the SPG Sales Portal

print Prepaid Group will auto-register new locations for the SPG Sales Portal ND Email Authorized Retailers the Login Credentials for the newly created PG Sales Portal account. (check your email on file w/ Boost Mobile, & check spam junk mail folder in case it cannot be found in your inbox) sit: ww.boostmobilesales.com Things to Remember The Store Manager Login is used to set up and maintain

users (e.g. Store Employees) on the Sales Portal (store manager login will not have access to activate phones) Upon registration, you will receive an email letting you know that you are ready to get started, how to set up users, & change passwords using your Store Manager Login. Add additional users so that there is access to activate and go into customer accounts Activating Boost Mobile Devices via Sales Portal Step 1:

Log in to the SPG Sales Portal at www.boostmobilesales.com Step 2: Move your cursor over Activate and select Boost Mobile Activation. NOTE: Only Individual User accounts are able to perform an activation using the Sales Portal. Step 3: The activation landing page appears.

Activating Continued Step 4: Enter the equipment identifier information: Enter the ESN or MEID (for iPhones MEID can be entered in HEX format) Devices with a removable UICCID SIM will require the 20 digit UICCID entry Step 5:

Click the Start Activation Process button. The Choose Your Number screen appears. NOTE: When activating a previously activate Boost Mobile device, your customer will need to pay a $10 reactivation fee. Service will NOT be active until amount has been paid. Step 6: Step 7: Enter the requested information for creating a new number:

Enter the desired service zip code or reference phone number. Click the Search button. Additional options appear below for selecting the area code and prefix. Activating Continued Step 8: Click Continue. The Choose Your Plan screen appears, Click to select the tab corresponding with the desired payment frequency (pay by the month or pay by the day). The plan options are displayed below.

Step 9: When processing the customers activation in the Choose Plan Screen the You May Be Eligible for Handset Insurance popup screen appears. Step 10: The Personal Information Section appears. Enter the following information in the Personal Information section: First Name Last Name

Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City State Zip Code Email Address Confirm Email Address Activating Continued Step 11: In the Preferences section, select the desired language

from the Language drop-down menu. Step 12: In the Create Your Account PIN Section, type the account PIN in the Account PIN field. - Click Continue button. - Skip the next & proceed to the the Review Your Selections Sections NOTE: NOTE: The

The pin pin should should not not have have repeating repeating or or consecutive consecutive digits digits or

or be easy to guess be easy to guess Activating Continued Step 16: Click the Continue button. A summary of the payment information appears. Then once information is

confirmed The congratulations screen appears. Post Activation Steps *Very Important* To begin processing additional new activations, you will need to close out the browser window and repeat the complete process starting with Step 1. Once you have closed the browser window, move your cursor over Activate and select Boost Activation to activate additional handsets.

For additional information on activating a Boost Mobile Phone Please visit: https://www.boostmobilesales.com/boost-sales-port al/docs/Activate%20Boost%20Mobile%20Devices%2 0via%20Sales%20Portal%20070611.pdf VHA Dealer Portal VHA Dealer Portal -Place orders from anywhere with internet -Track status of an order

-See availability of inventory -See & apply available credits -See invoice & transaction history -Create an RMA -See recent communications & news -Make wallet loads, Pay NSFs, deposit additional funds into your ePay account -Commission reporting How to Make an Order on Dealer Portal

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyTR1WBzjCc&feature=player_embedded How to Create a RMA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWjTU7hL3Ms&feature=player_embedded Commission Reporting Eureka Payment Portal Registering for the payment portal 1) Log onto the VHA Dealer Portal www.vhacorp.com

2) Select the store location to apply a payment 3) Click on Eureka > Make Eureka Payment > Add New Card 4) Select Debit Card Brand type & enter in your Debit Card info 5) Click on Add Card > Enter Billing Address & Total amount to add 6) Click Submit Payment & wait for Payment confirmation pop-up 7) An email confirmation will be sent to your registered email! http://youtu.be/N1C3PmTbglU Click here for the training video: Eureka Payment Portal Enables you to: Save trips to the Bank Increase your available credit to process

payments Pay for NSFs, Wallet Loads, or Security Deposits Access at anytime If you have any questions, concerns, and/or comments, please contact your Inside Account Manager at (800) 404-3063. Marketing

Growing Your Business Websites You Need To Know for Marketing SPG Ad Builder SPG Goods VHA Marketing Marketing Initiatives Creative Requests VHA Payment Rewards Card Program SPG Ad Builder Link www.spgadbuilder.com

Purpose: This website will allow you to create and/or download SPG approved marketing materials to help your business drive traffic Flyers Direct Mailer pieces Posters Transit Ads Radio Scripts Note: If you would like to create any new materials, you will need approval from your SPG Rep and/or contact your VHA Account Manager allow at least 6 weeks for an approval

SPG Ad Builder Link www.spgadbuilder.com How to get access: Click on the REGISTER button and complete registration form. Only SPG Authorized Retailers will be granted access allow 2 business days. SPG Ad Builder Link www.spgadbuilder.com Simply click on the Ad Builder icon to begin!

Print-on-demand allows you to order directly from SPG SPG Ad Builder Link www.spgadbuilder.com Simply click on the Ad Builder icon to begin! Print-on-demand allows you to order directly from SPG SPG Goods Link www.spggoods.com Sprint Prepaid Goods is your official source for Boost Mobile and Virgin merchandise and retail marketing support.

Displays Signs Shirts Promo Items Many more marketing items SPG Goods Click Register and complete form to get access to the

site. It will take 2 business days for processing. SPG Goods Stop traffic with promotional items that are available on the SPG Goods site.

Displays Signs Shirts Flex Blades Banners

Tents Promo Items Many more items VHA Marketing VHA offers marketing campaigns that are subsidized to help our dealers grow their business. We promote marketing campaigns through email and your VHA Account Managers. Here are just a few of the marketing initiatives to bring traffic into your door: Tent Events

Direct Mail Flyer Distribution Sign spinners And More! VHA Payment Reward Card Program Youve got a new customer signed up! Now what? Keep them coming back, and get

a referral from them with the VHA Payment Reward Card Program. Link: www.vharewards.com Register by completing the form to get access to the site. It will take 2 business days for processing.

VHA Payment Reward Card Program The VHA payment reward card program encourages customers to come back to your location to top-up. Kit includes: 1,000 Loyalty Reward Cards with customize dealer info (name, address, phone. The design on card changes periodically) 1 Boost Mobile Stamp 1 Black Inkpad 1 Payment Reward Card Holder All orders submitted and paid through the ordering website will be processed within 3-5 business days. After the order is processed, you should

expect to receive your kit within 5-7 business days shipped via UPS Ground. VHA Payment Card Program Messaging on card: Front side - Free gift or accessory provided by dealer on 3rd monthly payment Back side Quarterly promotional messaging Popular handset selling points, Boost Mobile referral program, and much more (promotional messaging & art work update quarterly) Cost: Pricing is based on the VHA Advantage

Level and total kits ordered in the calendar year 2014. The system will reflect what tier they currently are on when signing in on the home screen. VHA continues to look for opportunities to grow your business. We value your feedback and concerns. Email [email protected] Communication

Get the 411 VHA and Sprint Prepaid Group provides great newsletters to dealers with updates on all promotions and best practices. The most current newsletters can be found via the Dealer Sales Portal. VHA Prepaid News Updated on the 1st of each month w/ latest promotions, updates, & current wholesale & suggested retail handset pricing The Beat Newsletter brought to you by SPG Two editions during the month. Typically one at the beginning and another towards the end. VHAdvisor Best Practices for dealers updated during the 1 st week of

each month Updates via Email There will be times during the month where SPG or VHA have updates to promotions or operations. VHA will notify dealers within 48 72 business hours of any changes that will impact our dealers and their customers.

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