UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) 24

UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) 24

UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) 24 October 2017 NDIA Expeditionary Warfare Conference Updated: 20 October 17 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Purpose / Agenda Purpose: To provide current and future overview of II MEF while addressing operational challenges and conceptual engagements. Agenda: II MEF Overview Mission

Task Organization MAGTF Across the ROMO Global Engagement MEB and MEU Operations Current and Future Operational Challenges Conceptual Engagement Where Can You Help What Matters to Us UNCLASSIFIED 2 UNCLASSIFIED II MEF Mission The MEF remains our most capable MAGTF and is and will remain capable of conducting major operations in the littorals, ashore, and inland. Marine Corps Operating Concept, Sept 2016 When directed, II MEF deploys and is employed as a Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) in support of Combatant Commander

(CCDR) requirements for contingency response or Major Theatre War; with appropriate augmentation, serves as the core element of a Joint Task Force (JTF); prepares and deploys combat ready MAGTF to support CCDR presence and crisis response; and supports service and CCDR initiatives as required. UNCLASSIFIED 3 UNCLASSIFIED II Marine Expeditionary Force II MEF is Home to over 40K Marines and Sailors deployed worldwide. Postured both at forwarddeployed locations and at home, to rapidly respond to crises or contingencies around the globe across the full Range of Military Operations (ROMO). Tailorable and scalable.

UNCLASSIFIED 4 UNCLASSIFIED MAGTF Capabilities Across the ROMO Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces (SPMAGTFs) Theater Security Cooperation Marine Expeditionary Unit Marine Expeditionary (MEU) Brigade Marine Expeditionary (MEB) Force (MEF)

NEOs Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief Mid-Intensity Partner and Prevent Conflict Counterinsurgency Joint Forcible Entry Crisis Response Contingency Ops Major Combat Operations Integrated with Combatant Commander Theater Campaign Plans UNCLASSIFIED 5 UNCLASSIFIED

II MEF Globally Engaged II MEF is globally engaged in every Combatant Command and is poised to respond to crisis. Bold Alligator 17 UK Supporting Arms Ex SYRIA Individual Augments Elements of II MEF ROMANIA/NORWAY: BSRF MSR-E Weapons Tactics Instructor Course GEORGIA Advise and Assist

AFGHANISTAN Advise and Assist TM Mountain EX Integrated Training EX MEU & VMM Hurricane Relief, PR HONDURAS/BELIZE/PERU/DOMINICA Theater Security Cooperation, Hurricane Relief, Water Purification JAPAN Forward Presence KUWAIT + UAE Enablers SPAIN/ITALY/AFRICA Theater Security Cooperation BAHRAIN Close Air Support

IRAQ CI/HUMINT DET Afloat Pacific Tactical Air Integration TOTAL II MEF ASSIGNED FORCES ~ 42,000 TOTAL II MEF SUSTAINED/DEPLOYED ~ 7,000 UNCLASSIFIED 6 UNCLASSIFIED 2d MEB and MEU Operations 2d Marine Expeditionary Brigade Supports MARFORAF w/ready joint capable task force (JTF) Crisis response in support of combatant commands

On going: BOLD ALLIGATOR 17 Recent exercises : JUDICIOUS RESPONSE 17, MPFEX 17, COLD RESPONSE 16 24 Marine Expeditionary Unit USCENTCOM Inherent Resolve USEUCOM Hurricane Relief Ops 26 Marine Expeditionary Unit Pre-deployment Work-Up Hurricane Relief Ops 22 Marine Expeditionary Unit USEUCOM Odyssey Lightning USCENTCOM Maritime Security Ops UNCLASSIFIED 7 UNCLASSIFIED II MEF in 2015 PRIORITIES 1. Global Force Management (GFM) 2. Crisis response (2d MEB)

3. MEF Warfighting MEF Warfighting GFM UNCLASSIFIED 8 UNCLASSIFIED CMC FY 19-23 Force Management Plan (FMP) FORCE MANAGEMENT PLAN FY 19-23 Goal A ready-force postured in accordance with SecDef, CJCS, and CMC guidance, satisfying NMS objectives, JSCP objectives, and Theater Plan requirements, and managed/allocated in a manner that facilities readiness and Force Development. CMC FY 19-23 FMP Classified Document released in May 2017 Revises the threat focus Changes previous Service priorities and focus as they relate to: OPLANs/CONPLANs MAGTF Warfighting

Training and Exercises Readiness These institutional efforts (MOC and FD 2025 Initiative) were spurred by a critical selfassessment that revealed that the Marine Corps is not organized, trained, equipped, or postured to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving future operating environment. CMC Senate Testimony, May 24, 2017 UNCLASSIFIED 9 UNCLASSIFIED II MEF in 2019-2023 PRIORITIES 1. MEF Warfighting 2. Global Force Management (GFM) 3. Crisis response (2d MEB) GFM MEF Warfighting UNCLASSIFIED

10 UNCLASSIFIED Operational Challenges Manpower Readiness and Funding Equipment and Capabilities II MEF is actively engaged in all the operational challenges; from supporting concepts, providing expertise to numerous conferences, working groups, and wargames. We provide significant input throughout the POM process, and support experimentation that leads to solutions. UNCLASSIFIED 11 UNCLASSIFIED Conceptual Engagement II MEF is incorporating the MOC, LOCE and emerging EABO concepts within its training and exercises. Supporting MCWL experimentation initiatives.

Providing critical feedback to CMC and other appropriate naval organizations. UNCLASSIFIED 12 UNCLASSIFIED Where can you help? Cost effective live, virtual and constructive training support from the individual Marine to MAGTF commanders Develop/enhance kinetic and non-kinetic capabilities to penetrate complex A2/AD threats to gain and maintain access Develop resiliency within our networks to counter ability of adversaries to signifantly degrade or deny our ability to C2 Engage in providing solutions to distributed C2, fires, mobility, sustainment and force protection Simplify naval, joint, SOF and coalition interoperability Simplify integrated ISR architecture UNCLASSIFIED 13

UNCLASSIFIED What Matters to Us Operational Excellence Readiness Standards Dignity & Respect Operational Excellence - Mission Focused - Lethal, Relevant, Professional - You Can Count on Us Readiness - Ready Marines/Sailors - Ready Machines - Ready Families Standards - Marines/Sailors First - MOS Proficiency Always

- Protect What Youve Earned Dignity & Respect - We All Earned our Eagle, Globe & Anchor - Golden Rule - Core Values - One Team, One Fight UNCLASSIFIED 14 UNCLASSIFIED Questions UNCLASSIFIED 15

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