Title I Part D Annual Caseload Count 2019

Title I Part D Annual Caseload Count 2019

Title I Part D Annual Caseload Count 2019 for year 2019-20 State Agency ProgramsHHS and Dept of Corrections, Part D Programs Introduction to State Agency one day count Introduction: When the grant year begins in July, allocated funds are within the Title ID, Subpart 1 allocation for State Agencies to prepare application online on the portal, NDE How was this grant allocation decided? From the previous year, a survey one day count process was used to

generate funds nationwide, and then each state has a Title I Part D funding formula criteria for state agencies, 2 in NE. The process involves a one day count of school locations in HHS on the same day (having 20 hours of weekly regular program instruction), and school locations in Dept of Corrections one day that students receive 15 hours of regular education. Process of Annual Count So then what happens? The Title office contacts each state agency administrator with a form from USDE

for collection. State Agency Notification Accomplished by e-mails to the state agency administrators Collaborative efforts with SEA, and the 2 state agencies for any questions State Agency Initial Steps State agency receives notification that a count is due into NDE. The state agency administrator sends the USDE caseload form to the schools. The count is to be taken from any school

day within January to December, not counting week-ends or holidays. The count form is due into NDE Title I D Coordinator on Dec 5 with an audit period of 30 days until Jan 5. How the State Agency Counts Students All directions are included on the form. Agencies can consult with NDE, Title ID Coordinator on the specific forms regarding accurate completion The schools count how many different (unique) students were in the school receiving 15 hours of weekly regular ed

instruction during one designated day by each agency. The agency sets the date not NDE for the collection date. The count age is for students ages verified on the count chosen day for the Annual Count for Title ID, Subpart 1. All information is entered on the form by the school. The form is approved by the principal and the state agency administrator. The administrator mails or e-mails form to NDE, Title I D State Coordinator. Complete Age Verification form Agencies need to verify the ages of the youth counted. A spreadsheet document is on the Title I Part D website to

enable correct age verification This is completed by using a code for the students name (privacy). The names of the students are not sent in on the form. The school keeps that information to match the code. A birthdate is recorded next to the code for the student Students who are under 21 years of age for whom state is providing free education. The youth is enrolled in 15 hours of instruction for adult correction. And 20 hours of regular program of instruction, and not from federal funds. Students are counted for one day per agency decision on the date.

Communication The agency, school and NDE communicate regarding any questions The state agency verifies the information received is correct-school location, youth ages, and other answers Why double check the school question?the state agency needs to assure that students are attending the correct hours per week for program of regular instruction to earn credits. After forms are signed off by the agency administrators, there is a 30 day audit period. NDE then submits the data by Jan 15th to USDE per e-mail and letter. (instructions are sent annually to NDE from USDE).

Records Retention After completing the count and verification form, submit and approve by the responsible administrator of the state agency. The state agency keeps the paper forms for 7 years= spreadsheet and count form Any questions, contact Pat Frost, Title I Part A Consultant, and Title I Part D State Coordinator @ 402 471 2478 Resources

The Annual Count: Understanding the Proc ess and its Implications--all information found on http:// www. neglected-delinquent.org Toolkit (PDF) (MS Word) o Tool 1: Annual Count Requirements Checklist (MS Word) o Tool 2: Annual Count Process Checklist (MS Word) o Tool 3: Annual Count Timeline Template (MS Word)

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