New Parent & Scout Orientation Troop 420 St.

New Parent & Scout Orientation Troop 420 St.

New Parent & Scout Orientation Troop 420 St. John Roman Catholic Church Carroll District Baltimore Area Council Mission It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young people, and in other ways to prepare them to make ethical

choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential. The values we strive to instill are found in the Boy Scout Oath and Law. Scouting is A Values Based Program Aims Character Development To build self-reliance, selfdiscipline, self-confidence and selfrespect Citizenship To foster love of community,

country and world, along with a commitment of service to others and an understanding of democratic principles. Personal Fitness To develop social, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness and physical health that will stay with a Scout for the rest of his life. AIMS Are Delivered By Methods Ideals Patrols

Outdoor Programs Adult Association Advancement Personal Growth Leadership Development Uniform History of Troop 420 Chartered for 43 continuous years Actually older, but a break in the charter Sponsored by St. John Catholic Church, Westminster, Md.

20 Eagle Scouts since 2001 Cub/Boy Scout Differences A Boy Scout Troop is NOT structured like a Cub Pack We give the boys the chance to try and learn things, and make mistakes in a safe environment Cub/Boy Scout Differences An invaluable step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual. Robert BadenPowell Boys have more responsibility

Planning, packing, setting up camp, cooking, activities Scout is responsible for initiation of advancement Parents cannot sign off on items they have completed. Adult Leaders (SM, ASM, or Troop Leaders (SPL, ASPL, Troop Guide, Patrol Leaders) are the only persons in the troop that that can sign off individual items in your handbook. Troop Leadership Key Positions

Jack Lusby, Committee Chair Al Schultz, Advancement Chair Chris Joneckis, Scoutmaster Joey Dell, ASM Colin Scott, ASM Nick Wagman, ASM Joseph Worthy, ASM

SCOUTS LEADERS Charles Yodinse, SPL Brady Lowe, ASPL Evan Hill, ASPL Will Spaar, Troop Guide Hank Reinhardt Scoutmaster Emeritus Youth-Led Patrol Patrol group of scouts who operate as a team Patrol Leader

Is responsible for himself Is responsible for the well-being of his patrol members Is responsible for individual patrol members Communicates to patrol members This is a learning activity. Each boy will get their opportunity to lead and to learn how to lead effectively It is up to the patrol leader to take hold of and to develop the qualities of each boy in his patrol. It sounds like a big order, but in practice it works. Baden-Powell Scout Leadership Leadership Scouts elect their own major leadership

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) (entire troop) (yearly) Patrol Leader (each Patrol) (twice a year) Other positions appointed by Scout and adult leaders Leadership (positions of responsibility) is a major requirement to advance to Star, Life and Eagle Scouts must attend meetings and trips to learn and show leadership for rank advancement Plan accordingly with schedules Patrol Method The Patrol method is NOT one way to run a troop it is the ONLY way Robert Baden-Powell

BSA Policy Youth-Led Troop Dont Do Anything for a Scout that he can do himself -Baden-Powell The Patrol Leaders Council Runs the Show With the guidance of the Scoutmaster and his assistants, they plan the program, conduct troop meetings, and provide leadership among their peers. Monthly Meeting SPL, ASPL, PL, Scribe, etc. Annual Planning Meeting plan out the year Planning daily campout schedules, campsite layout

Not travel logistics, not money, not medicine Troop meetings The Scouts Organization Troop Youth Leaders

Senior Patrol leader - top youth leader in the troop. He leads the patrol leaders' council and, in consultation with the Scoutmaster, appoints other youth leaders and assigns specific responsibilities as needed. Assistant Senior patrol leader - fills in for senior patrol leader in his absence. He is also responsible for training and giving direction to the quartermaster, scribe, troop historian, librarian, and instructors. Instructor - teaches one or more advancement skills to Troop members. Junior Assistant Scoutmaster - Scout at least sixteen (16) years old who supervises and

supports other boy leaders as assigned. Patrol Leader - gives leadership to members of his Patrol and represents them on the PLC Assistant Patrol leader - fills in for the Patrol Leader in his absence. Troop Guide - advisor and guide to new Scout Patrols. Den Chief - works with a Cub Scout Den as a Guide. Quartermaster - responsible for Troop supplies and equipment. Scribe - the Troop secretary. Troop Historian - collects and maintains Troop memorabilia and information on former Troop members. Librarian - keeps Troop books, pamphlets, magazines, audiovisuals, and merit badge counselor list available for use by Troop members. Leave No Trace Trainer Certified as a LNT Trainer who trains & advises the Troop Webmaster Webmaster for the Troop Website

Troop 420 Scoutmasters Goals for 2011 -2012 1. Emphasize Boy Lead Troop 2. Strengthen Patrol Method 3. Develop Boy Leadership Implementing Goals 1. Emphasize Boy Led Troop More active role for the PLC More active role in planning yearly activities

More active role in campout planning More active role in advancement of scouts Implementing Goals 2. Strengthen Patrol Method Patrol cooking and menu planning Working through scouts and SPL Positions of responsibility that have expectations and are evaluated Leadership Development

3. Develop Boy Leadership - Training & Mentoring Main Job of Scoutmaster, ASMs, & selected adults Empowering Youth to be Leaders Start slow They will make mistakes

Maturity takes time, and different boys mature at different rates Youth Training: Troop - PLC After each PLC In Patrols/ Troop Campouts District 6 scouts DYLT trained Den Chief Training Council 1 scout NYLT trained OA training

Boy Scout Advancements Process by which a Boy Scout Progresses Advancement is a means to an end, not an end in itself Designed to help the Scout have exciting and meaningful experience Education and fun are key to advancement principles Growth the Scout achieves overcoming obtainable goals Scout through First Class Ranks focus on Scoutings basic skills Goal of BSA and Troop 420: every Scout achieves First Class in about 1 year,

Boy Scout Advancements Rank Advancements Scout Tenderfoot Second Class First Class Star Life Eagle Advancement Principles Personal growth is the prime consideration in the program Learning by doing - EDGE Method

Each youth progresses at his own rate A badge is recognition of what a young person is able to do, not just a reward for what he has done Advancement encourages Scouting Ideals Boy Scout Rank Advancement There are four steps in the Boy Scout Advancement Process: Learning

Testing Reviewing Recognition Scoutmaster oversees Scout advancement Learning - with anyone, including parents Testing - Only adults and scouts designated by the Scoutmaster may sign off on Rank Advancement requirements PL, ASPL, Instructors, Troop Guide, SM ASM, selected adults Rank Advancement Scout Advancement Reviewing Scoutmasters Conference

Board of Review Recognition Troop Meeting Court of Honor Quarterly Advancement Coordinator maintains records and arranges Boards of Review and Courts of Honor Keep records for your son as well. Merit Badges Approximatedly 110 Merit Badges Star, Life & Eagle require Merit Badges

Qualified Merit Badge Counselors must approve requirements that are laid out in the Merit Badge Book - no more no less Scout must obtain a Blue Card from Mr. Al or Scoutmaster before taking the merit badge Troop has many MB counselors, Wilderness Survival other exist in District and Council Merit Badges Some troop meeting have time for Merit Badges, but when other troop activities are

occurring scouts are expected to attend those activities. Meeting with Merit Badge Counselors should also occur outside of troop meetings have your son arrange the meeting Parents should volunteer based upon interests hobbies, occupations, to be Troop Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Counselors Outdoors Outcome Three Quarters of SCOUTING is OUTING

Improved Physical Fitness Growth in ability to take care of themselves A sense of communion with nature Greater appreciation for the outdoors Troop 420 has a trip each month except December June & July extended trips Summer Camps High Adventure trip each year Outdoors Advancement happens at

outings We have time for advancement Advancement is designed to be done outdoors Adventure happens at outings This is why the Scouts join a troop Scouting happens at outings Fun and companionship happens at outings Trip Guidelines Scout methods and youth leadership

SPL is in charge Mentored by SM, ASM and identified adults Adult Troop Guides Parents cannot attend Adults can attend, but in a role other than a parent an adult Separate camping areas when possible Adults formed into a patrol lead by example Youth Protection and STAND Protection Will have family camping trip, where parents are parents and camp as a family Trip Logistics Each trip has a trip description and,

Permission slip Form and payment are due on the specified date (typically no later than 2 weeks before trip) turn in forms and payment We dont want late submissions Payments Can use scout accounts for major trips Prefer checks payable to Troop 420 Some trips (e.g., high adventure, jamboree) require multiple payments and special agreements Trip Logistics

Forms Anyone attending (scouts, leaders, adults, etc.) must have a current medical form on file w/ troop Current completed one year from date of trip Parts A & B Part C (medical exam only needed unless activity is >72 hrs or considered strenous) Scouts - permission slip signed by parent Parents driving auto insurance information on file with Troop Medication - provide medication clearly labeled and suitably packaged (in original container and in ziplock bag) with completed Troop Medication Form to identified adult on day of the trip. Consider completing OTC Medication form

Parents Requirements Take BSA Youth Protection Training Take STAND Training Forms Auto Insurance Form Medical Form & Medication Form Talent Survey Merit Badge Counselor Application

Personal Gear Complete Scout Uniform Class A Class B shirt, other scouts shirts are good too Zipperpants convert into shorts are great Troop uniform exchange Check Gear Lists for season, adjust for activity Car camping vs. backpacking Everything (except sleeping bag and pad) should fit in one Duffel or backpack (you can wait on a backpack) Specific Gear Recommendations Good sleeping bag and ground pad

+20 should be OK (bags can be made warmer with inserts) Rain suit - Breathable is better - NOT PONCHOS Boots w/ ankle support is recommended mid tops THINK SYNTHETICS (NYLON) NO COTTON SOFT SMART WOOL SOCKS and clothes Personal Gear Buy large when possible if it wont affect the performance or health

MARK EVERYTHING WITH SCOUT NAME AND TROOP 420 Look for sales, closeouts, specials Check major outdoor stores, REI, CABELAS, CAMPMOR, Troop Committee Board of Directors

Supports the program Quality of adult leadership, finance, equipment, supports BSA policy, provides assistance, serves on boards of review Jack Lusby, Chair Troop Committee 7:00pm on the 3rd Monday of each month usually Decisions about the direction of the troop take

place Active participation in the troop committee will help you understand the Scouting program which can help you guide your Scout through the program Parents and Scouts of Troop 420 are encouraged to attend and join the committee. Troop Operational Policy Statement Primary Principles - Follow Scout Oath and Law Practical Considerations - Read by parents and scouts Medication Advancement

Conduct Fund Raising Monthly Dues Required participation in fund raising activities, For example - Tree Sales, Spaghetti Diner, Pizza Sales Opportunities for some monies to be applied to scout accounts popcorm, auction Subsidies Scouts who attend specified number of camping tips, troop meetings, and perform service hours quality for a subsidy on select trips Typical subsidized trips - Ski trip, Summer Camp, June and July trip Subsidy may apply to one parent as well as scout on some trips

Parents Requirements Be a Good Role Model Model the Scout Oath and Law in our own behavior Support youth development Let them continue skills at home cooking Get them to meetings & campouts Please have scouts gather & pack their gear -oversee this activity if needed Support youth leadership development Volunteer in the Troop Committee, Merit Badge Counselor, Driver

Let us know about concerns, suggestions, etc. I wish you all good scouting Q&A

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