Using positive praise alongside the sanction system. Why

Using positive praise alongside the sanction system. Why

Using positive praise alongside the sanction system. Why did we bring in the Vivos? Inconsistencies with pupils receiving praise No real goal for pupils to aim for Not enough emphasis being placed on positive praise for pupils. To promote positive behaviour 101,742

What to give Vivo points for Creative Thinker Exploring ideas and solutions. Effective Participator Joining in and helping others.

Independent Enquirer Reflective Learner Processing information. Setting yourself goals. PAIGNTON PRIDE see

below Team Worker Listening to others. Self Manager Organising and taking personal responsibility.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills Paignton Pride Point An Award for displaying British Values Respect for others Being helpful Showing

initiative Being prepared Good manners Being a good Academy citizen How many points do I give?

Never more than 5 for one transaction unless agreed by HXW / Zia or is a special event. I point per category being achieved Use them to motivate all pupils consistently When not to give them. When pupils ask for them! To counteract negative behaviour If pupils are trying to bribe you / are begging!!! E,g Ill be good if you give me some vivos

S Case studies (Geographers love them!!) Factor Attendance BC Visits Uniform Faults Vivos Pupil 1 CR Pupil 2 AM

V BAND E BAND 96% 100% 23 0 14 1 152 71

Making it easier to give out vivos Online site available to all Academy staff Also on an App Reward on your smart phone or tablet What is the value of a vivo? It varies between each good depending on how we buy them and if they are free to us! The Academy are subsidising the bigger items

What do the points go on? Making things easier for you. 60 staff are using the online app not SIMS Used it at home a fair bit and it is for sure a better system I think it is fantastic. The students love it and it is not really much hassle to put on (much better than praise points with the phone app, I do my Vivos all in one go,

usually on a Wednesday during Bake off!) Great for offsite lessons and activities, you can reward points on the go. It's great and easy to use!

I LOVE IT! And the app, oh how I love the app. It's all really easy to use and I have it on my screen during the lesson, meaning that I just tick students off as I go and then click the magic reward button at the end of the lesson. I really like it I have been using the Vivo app.

Vivo App for iphone/ipad is excellent, use it as often as I remember Really easy to use accessible and convenient it's instant! Quick and easy to do on my mobile. So much simpler to do during or at the end of a lesson. Really easy, quick and the students enjoy being able to see the Vivo's added to their account from my phone/ipad. Instant rewards using Vivo App has has very much helped to motivate students, having a positive impact on progress, learning and outcomes. Only been using a very short time - but I love that it is so easy! It is quicker and easy to find a group It is really easy to use and quick to give instant feedback. I use it all the time. I'm finding it pretty good using the VIVO App on my phone/ipad

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