But I Found It on the Internet... It

But I Found It on the Internet... It

But I Found It on the Internet... It Has to Be True! The Computer as an Educational Tool: Productivity and Problem Solving

Richard C. Forcier and Don E. Descy Today 1. Introduction 2. Problem

3. Solutions? 4. Questions/Comments Internet Stages 1969:

Military/Research 1986: Higher education/Research 1991: General education: Using the Internet Finding things/Publishing Credibility

The Problem (1) Web publishing Anyone can do it.

No screening Ill-informed/Pranksters Bad examples The Problem (2) Naive

users Believe it is filtered Believe it is accurate Confuse it with library material

Solutions? Understand the problem User guidelines Use Web review tools

Luck Understand the Problem Educate users about potential problems and solutions

User Guidelines Author, producer, site publication, purpose, date of publication, arrangement, intended audience, coverage, writing style,

reasoning, references... User Guidelines (2) Author Is author known in field?

Affiliations listed? Address, mailto, homepage? Creator or compiler? Whos Who, Whois, finger User Guidelines (3)

Site Is URL clearly noted? What can you find out about site?

Ending suffix: .edu .com .net .mil .au .ca .gov .us Does information/site fit? Try deleting right to left Sites to Visit

1. city-mankato.us Is Mankato a real place? Are the advertisements real? Is this a real city?

How can you tell? Sites to visit? 1. www.whitehouse.gov 2. www.whitehouse.net 3. www.whitehouse.com (X)

Which was real? 1. www.dole96.com 2. www.dole96.org (Neither presently online)

User Guidelines (4) Publication Single page/series? Author, collection, organization?

Abstract, full text, presentation? Where published/presented? User Guidelines (5) Purpose

Inform? Advocate position? Stimulate discussion? User Guidelines (6)

References Well documented? Current references? Links to other sources? Links to referenced work on

same or other servers?

ARIES (Mar. 21Apr. 19): Your well-being is assured. There should be some positive news regarding real estate or an investment. You may have to cope with work overload, but colleagues are willing to assist. TAURUS (Apr. 20May 20): You're in a do-or-dare mood and want to persuade loved ones to support a

project. With the harmonious moon in your sign, you should have extremely positive news and unconditional support. User Guidelines (7) Intended

audience Coverage Writing style/reasoning Spelling, grammar, etc. ...

Web Review Tools (1) Reputable organizations Named reviewers Honest reviews

READ any introductory material! Web Review Tools (2) Yahooligans Safe site for students

Huge database of sites Screened and checked yahooligans.com Web Review Tools (3) Argus

Clearinghouse Rates, reviews sites and lists 15 checks Uses Info/Library Pros www.clearinghouse.net

Online Tools (1) Information Quality WWW Virtual Library (T. Ciolek)

www.ciolek.com/WWWVLInfoQuality.html Online Tools (2) Kathy Schrocks Evaluation

Guides (Kathy Schrock) school.discovery.com/schrockguide/ Sites to Visit (1) Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow Torches www.sci.tamucc.edu/~pmichaud/

toast/ Feline Reactions to Bearded Men www.sree.net/stories/feline.html

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches Feline Reactions to Bearded Men Sites to Visit (2) RealAroma

First Human Male Pregnancy www.malepregnancy.com

RealAroma First Male Pregnancy Credibility Page

Dons credibility page The Solution (?) Educate users about potential problems and solutions

Triangulate! Comments and Questions?

Presentation available at: descy.net

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