NW-PULSE @ NW Biology instructors Conference 2016 In

NW-PULSE @ NW Biology instructors Conference 2016 In

NW-PULSE @ NW Biology instructors Conference 2016

In pursuit of unity: creating shared vision and aligning outcomes
George Fox University
Jeffrey Duerr, James Smart, and Laura Hartley

VISION To identify, support, and assess a shared vision of learning outcomes for undergraduate biology majors.
MAIN GOAL To collectively establish program learning outcomes and map current curriculum to those

Share V&C philosophy and rationale.
Invite a PULSE ambassador to come
speak to faculty about V&C.
Agree to align program outcomes with
V&C competencies.
Create curriculum map to examine where
and how learning outcomes are present
in current curricula.

.Collegiality within program, shared sense of
calling & care for students, PULSE
network & resources.

.Dominant barrier to adoption of V&C is
lack of recognition by some faculty that
V&C mandate is even necessary.

Dean of Arts & Sciences attended PULSE
workshop to learn how best to support
biology faculty during this time of change.
University Provost committed to curricular
and pedagogical innovation.
PULSE coach/Ambassador practical
advice and encouragement.


Presently, assessments include
written student reports through which
student competency may be
End of course surveys are under
Development of departmental
assessment as part of the University
assessment program.

Our hope is that documented improvement
in student learning will act help persuade
skeptics and inspire further action by early


Established learning outcomes for
second semester of General Biology
Added two inquiry-based group
projects to General Biology laboratory.
Converted 50% of Cell Biology
laboratory to inquiry-based projects.

1. 1. Implementation of all V&C core
concepts and competencies in our
introductory majors course.
2. 2. Development and deployment of
reliable assessment tools to gauge student
mastery of core concepts and

This work was supported in part by an NSF RCN UBE award # 1345033.

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