Potter College of Arts & Letters Cierra Waller,

Potter College of Arts & Letters Cierra Waller,

Potter College of Arts & Letters Cierra Waller, Student Services Coordinator Jordan Ray, Academic Advisor #HeadForTheHill What is Potter College? Foundation of every degree at WKU We encompass Visual and Performing Arts Humanities Social Sciences Written and Oral Communication

Interdisciplinary majors Engage outside the classroom performances, exhibits, student orgs, guest speakers, events What is Potter College? By the Numbers 12 Academic Units 34 Majors 40 Minors Generates almost 1/3 of total credit hours PCAL faculty provide a large portion of the FLSA opportunities Largest provider of Honors College courses and

enrollment 11 of the 35 University Distinguished Professor recipients are from PCAL (6 from HIST) Pop Culture is 1 of only a few major programs in the country SJB has been ranked nationally as 1 of the top 5 journalism schools in America PCAL Academic Units

Art Communication English Folk Studies and Anthropology History School of Journalism & Broadcasting Modern Languages Music Philosophy and Religion Political Science Sociology Theatre and Dance

PCAL Student Organizations Art Art Guild, Print Club, Clay Club, League of Sculptors Communication Lambda Pi Eta, International Association of Business Communicators, Communication Ambassadors English The Ashen Egg, Chess Club, English Club, Film Club, HOLAS, Sigma Tau Delta, Writing Project, The Zephyrus Folk Studies and Anthropology Lambda Alpha, Anthropology Club, Folklore Club History Phi Alpha Theta, History Club, Classics Club

School of Journalism & Broadcasting AdFed, Kappa Tau Alpha, National Press Photographers Association, Society of Professional Journalists, WKU Multicultural Journalists, WKU Storm Team, WKU Chapter of Radio/TV Digital News Assoc. PCAL Student Organizations Modern Languages Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Russian clubs.

Music Performance Ensembles, Big Red Marching Band, Basketball Pep Band, the Symphony, Opera Theater, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Steel Drum Band Philosophy and Religion Theta Alpha Kappa Political Science College Democrats, College Republicans, Amnesty International, College Youth in Government, Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society Sociology Sociology Club, Criminology Club Theatre and Dance Alpha Psi Omega, National Dance Ed. Org., National Honors Society for Dance Arts QUESTIONS? www.wku.edu/pcal #HeadForTheHill

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